Internet Trolls

So I got called a “fatty” by someone on Instagram today.


And now, before I go any further, this is not some lame attempt to fish for complements or whatever. It was a bogus remark by a troll on the internet. I deleted it. But not before I went to the guy’s page, andddd it was all shirtless bathroom mirror selfies with his face scribbled out. So there’s that…


I wasn’t really hurt. I was just sorta miffed. Frankly, I was disappointed in humanity that people would seriously be so cruel. Calling a former “anorexic” fat? Who does that?

And I was going to just Shake it Off, a la, Taylor Swift, but I actually thought it was a great opportunity for reflection. That, and when the comment came in, I was writing another piece on what recovery has taught me, so I decided to practice what I was literally preaching. I needed to #AllowMyselfToFeel

Because back in the early stages of my recovery, a comment like this would have derailed me. Sent me into a tail spin. Gone all Britney Spears, circa 2007.

But not this time.

Sure, maybe I was a little stung by it. I mean, come on…no person wants to hear that they’re a “fatty,” but I rationally knew that, no…that’s not true. I’m not remotely close to being overweight.

But I felt my mind going to a place I didn’t want it to go. A place where I was concerned with how I look and my body image and being harshly critical of myself. A place that, though I am strong in my recovery, is still my one area of vulnerability to ED and his dirty tricks.


I needed to reground myself. So I turned to the Word.

And opened up to today’s readings. And wouldn’t you know…it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Ephesians 6: 10-20. AKA, putting on the armor of God.

“In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all the flaming arrows of the Evil One.” (aka ED)

When I read that this was today’s reading, I literally laughed out loud at just how amazing God is and how He gives us just what we need, when exactly we need it.

I mean, come on, God. You’ve outdone yourself here 🙂


But it’s true. Everyday, whether it is in the form of a cruel comment from a cowardly troll on the internet, or a flat tire at an inopportune time, or a detour in our life plan we hadn’t anticipated…there are flaming arrows literally hurling towards us. All the time.

These things make us take our eyes off of the Truth, or worse…doubt in God’s goodness or perhaps even existence. It is a battle out there.

One that I am grateful I don’t have to face alone.

I was reminded tonight of the importance of “suiting up.”

I don’t have to tell you the climate of our culture and our political system right now. After this election, we’re all going to have to truly put on the Armor of God and stand firm in our faith and trust that God’s goodness will prevail, even if it is not reflected in the fabric of the society around us.

This comment tonight, it was a little gnat. A pesky fly that, perhaps was the canary in the the mineshaft of things to come. A little preparatory nudge from God that I can’t be lackadaisical in my faith. In my readiness. In trusting in the Truth.

This isn’t some Braveheart battle cry, I promise. War paint and kilts don’t do nothin for this figure 😉


God can use everything for good. Even hurtful Instagram comments. He can use anything as an opportunity for growth. For teaching. For communicating His love. We just have to seek His word. Show Him where it hurts so that He can heal and help us grow.

Because I promise, He’ll answer loud and clear. We’ve just gotta seek to listen.


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369 responses to “Internet Trolls”

  1. Amen! Whenever I feel self conscious, I go into prayer and worship mode or read the Word and it makes me feel better! God really does show up when we reach out.

  2. Turning to the word is always the best answer. We often forget to trust in God first and let the world fall away from us. We often times believe what we hear from the world and yes lately it has been so toxic it was bringing me down and putting me into such a foul, dark mood. I remembered that God in the end is in charge and we should turn to him and away from that garbage. It has lifted me out of that darkness and back into his light. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Unfortunately, the world is full of idiots, and because they are too insecure to go out and show their real faces, they lurk online. You did the absolutely right thing, acknowledge your feelings and then “sat up”! Good job, gorgeous!

  4. I always wonder what went so wrong i a person’s life that they would wake up and say “Hey! Let me see if I can push someone over the edge of a cliff today!” I would say “Who raises a person like that?” but, sadly, society has a big say in it these days. It’s become “Lord of the Flies” like out there! Put down the game controller and read a book.

    • Hi friend, thank you so much for this. You’re right…people can just be meanies. But you’re right-gotta just brush it off because the truth is that their mean remark is no reflection on me. Thanks for the encouragement. Hugs and love xox

  5. Obviously, you are a BEAUTIFUL Woman, inside and out. This man sounds like he has some heart wounds. Always remember this, “Hurting people, hurt others.”
    It’s sad, but true. When people hurt others, it’s because they have been hurt by someone, sometime. And sad to say, usually, to try to make themselves feel better, they try to tear others down.
    Forgive him. Pray for him. Because even though he was mean, he is still a creation of Father God and cherished by Him. If only this man knew this,…

  6. You are wise to rely on such a powerful source of strength. I have been going through something that I’m not ready to talk about and let me tell you in my anxiety and stress, I almost forgot. Then yesterday morning I got this poem that read more like a prayer and the damn broke, I cried and let it all out. Later my sister sent a prayer that was like having her comforting me and I cried some more and all the while I prayed along with them. Help came in many forms, and I know who sent them. I have others helping me carry this load now and what a blessing. The battle is not over, but God is in control.
    So you did well gong back to your true source of strength as I had to.

  7. People are idiots and our society has become so vain! You’re beautiful.😉😘I just wrote a post on why I quit Instagram…it’s also because of things like you mentioned. Social media is just so exhausting sometimes. Anyways, great post! XO 🤗💕

  8. I surely hope you are basking in the glory of YOUR strength tonight. What a phenomenal post, and you obviously have learned something about mindfulness, no? You also wore the Belt of Truth! If you wanted to REALLY suit up, you could actually forgive this person…wear the Breastplate of Righteousness and stand up for this weaker person (NOT a judgment, just sayin’ 🙂 Stand tall, you have defeated a mighty dragon in your life Warrior Woman! I can now die happy…

    • Hey Rob, what a kind comment. Thank you. Yes! The belt of truth! I would have loved to get more into the meat of that passage but I decided to just stick with the shield! Thanks for the encouragement. Grateful for you:) Hugs and love xox

  9. It’s amazing that I read this tonight, as I literally was just thinking (after my Bible Study time) that God speaks to me this way. Some people hear him speak to them, I hear him by things I hear and read. Like, I will open a devotional for the morning and it’ll be exactly what I needed to hear that very moment. And THEN I will hear the same message in some obscure way all day long. And I say, “I hear You”. I don’t know if that makes ANY sense at all but that’s the best I can do to explain. So then, I read your post and, once again today’s message from above to me again is reinforced. Same message I’ve heard all day. Amazing. God is amazing. And, you are amazing too. Cruel people are desperate for light and his comment probably got him more attention than he deserved. (You looked him up right? I so would have too…) but that’s just it, they’re empty. Anyone who is just mean for the sake of being mean is just empty. So shake it off yeah. Then say a little prayer for him. 🤗

    Sending you hugs and all the compliments in the world!

    • Hi Amanda! Oh wow, that’s so awesome! It’s true, when we’re looking for it, God will tell us what we need to hear! It makes TONS of sense! I’m so glad that you can hear the loving voice of the Father. Yes, He is amazing 🙂 Yep, gotta pray for those that are hurting. thanks for this beautiful encouragement! hugs xox

  10. “I needed to reground myself. So I turned to the Word.” This could have been your entire post. I have been reminded several times in this week that the Word IS the weapon we all need in this world’s adversity! Just love, love your posts!

  11. Wonderful in every way! It is awful when people say things that we know are not true. If we allow it to, the devastation can be overwhelming. But you’re right faith in God can so get us through. And in those really bad times when we do not feel loved by God, I have found that family can really make the difference. Peace to you.

    • Thank you so much! You’re right, gotta not dwell on it, and instead focus on God’s truth and my faith in His goodness. You’re right…family is awesome 🙂 hugs to you xox

  12. Good post Caralyn, sucks to hear that you went through that. I used to have a friend who would call his girlfriend “fatty” all the time. I guess some people are just plain stupid or simply inconsiderate of other people’s feelings.

    Sometimes, I really wonder how you come up with some brilliant artistry mixed in with enjoyable writing. For example, putting in that Braveheart reference made me lol. It’s just pure genius.

    Keep fighting the good fight, hugs.

    • Thanks Psy, I really appreciate it. Yeah, it makes me sad to think people would be so mean. haha glad you liked the Braveheart reference 🙂 I do try to keep it light when I can 🙂 big hugs to you friend xox

  13. Hey there Glamour Girl, the minute you lower yourself to a troll’s playing field, you have allowed yourself to be a victim… That’s what taking the High road is all about. It’s deflecting the shot like you own the playing field…. Your Instagram, Your Blog, Your content, Your feelings…. Your Determinarion and Your Faith. True Beauty has little to do with physical appearance and is the exclusive domain of the heart… And you’ve got it in spades, baby. Inner strength is mind muscle, sheer will and self-love. It is founded in Christ and nurtured by dialogue with the “Man”. Next time, the stronger response is to merely leave the troll “deposit” there as the trophy it is… Without even a thought. You’ve got this, now own it and grow from it. Cheers!
    – Michael

    • Thank you so much Michael. This really made me smile 🙂 So true, gotta remember Who gives me my worth and value and keep focused on that Truth. Thanks again for your kindness. big hugs xox

  14. I will never understand people who put negative comments on the internet. Do they not realize that it reflects more on who they are as a person then what ever they’re commenting on. Seriously if my 10 yo niece can understand tpnot to put any unnecessary, potentially hurtful comments online I’m sure he could learn that too.. 🙄 I’m glad that you didn’t let his comment bring you down ☺️

  15. That’s terrible. Imagine spending your time searching the internet for people brave enough to share their struggles, and then trying to hit them where they might break? What a complete jerk. Glad you deflected it with a blog post :).

  16. Cyber bullies are everywhere and I’m glad that you did not let this one get to you. Congratulations! I get at least one cyber bully a day on one of my social media’s and you have to learn to be thick skinned. They’re just lowlifes who have no life.

  17. I hate that that happened. But so proud of you for the way you handled it, both internally and externally. Keep it up. You’re beautiful, and a masterpiece by God Himself. 😉

  18. Beautiful lady, let me tell you that I have had a weight problem (the opposite of yours, just eating too much for comfort and any reason really) and most of my family is large. I am normal weight now because of God’s healing and help and strength, like you. But because of this journey of healing and discovering healthy life and serving God internally first and then outwardly, I, and I am sure from your blogs you also are mature and much stronger in the Lord as a result of going through trials and fires and struggles and re-temptations, etc. And I have found that maturity is a choice. Obviously this idiot chose to be an idiot and not mature, in fact shrink further into oblivious and gross stupidity of the lamest kind, so I would inspire you to remain the strong woman you are on your remarkable and extraordinary journey in the Lord. I know you through your words and I will tell you as another purveyor of words that you impress me. That is not easy to do, and please keep your chin up proudly resting in the loving arms that brought you so far in your journey and will continue to hold you always until the temporal is gone and the eternal remains and then keep on holding you. 🙂 Much love in Him!

  19. We talked about that Ephesians passage tonight at a home group! One guy pointed out that everything is defensive, and the only offensive weapon is “the Spirit, which is the word of God”. That was an interesting view for me.

  20. I avoid talking about any physical things with a person who has eating disorders because I’d rather not trigger any issues. (When I read “ED,” I think of something else.) Your troll is the opposite of that. He probably doesn’t think you’re fat any more than the rest of us do. He just wants to push your buttons. I’m glad you didn’t let him do that.

    What I hear in my recovery is “Suit up and show up.” That is, do the work of recovery and get the rewards. One reward is that I have few buttons left to push. I’ve disconnected most of them. Keep suiting up and showing up. You’ll get better and better rewards.

    • Hi Billy, thanks for this. You’re really wise to act that way. Yeah, gotta just not let that meanie get to me 🙂 Suit up and show up…i like that a lot. Thanks for sharing 🙂 hugs xo

  21. This is so great! Thanks for sharing this! I really struggle with being reactionary to what people say and think about me, and this was a great reminder. Stay strong! You’re doing great!

  22. I am sorry to hear someone wrote that – it is awful and untrue! I too wrote a post about this very subject. I read many interviews with self-proclaimed trolls, and they all spoke at length about wanting to get a “reaction.” I am glad you can put on the armor and be shielded from that nonsense. XO

  23. You are intelligent, wise, thoughtful, smart, gentle, beautiful in and out, and kind, to share your life with us. And you are even sharing it with others who have no class or respect.
    We know that our God can use anyone and anything to draw people to Himself. Even when some troll looks at your sight, and comments, perhaps he has read it first, and sees what Jesus Christ has done and is doing in you, and through you. You have planted seeds in God’s Garden, and Holy Spirit carries on from there.
    Now, to what I had planned to write. You show tremendous Holy Spirit Strength, and wisdom, by turning to God’s Word when troubled. Many people turn to other things, such as anger, depression, oppression, rather than God.
    Thank you again for openly sharing, and being a blessing. Thank you for your encouragement by example as you write. Thank you as always, for allowing the Light of the world, Jesus Christ, shine through you, and brighten many corners of this world.
    God Bless you,

    • Hi George, oh my gosh this is such a kind comment. Thank you. That is my. Ingest prayer: to plant His seeds. Thanks for being so encouraging. You’re a blessing to me! Hugs and love xox

  24. Triggers can come at any time, triggers that could be devastating. For me with depression, a word or phrase, or even a smell can bring everything back instantly. For a long time triggers were fearful, unnerving. But over time God has now made the triggers signs of His gracious love and redeeming work. Thus, I am still watchful for them, but they no longer are stumbling blocks. It appears the same has happened to you.

    I am so happy to read this blog today. God’s continued blessings in your walk in faith in Christ. Your beauty is a depth of soul and body that God has redeemed.

    In Christ,


  25. Besides being physically beautiful, You are blessed with a beautiful spirit and are submissive to God. There will always be someone to try and knock you back. Stay strong dear sister and keep wearing your armor. “Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe,” without being put to the test?” (Surah 29:2)

  26. Just returned from an amazing time in the word, studying in seminary…and through the teaching combined with a little inspiration, I stumbled upon this Life line: Life’s situations are God’s initiations.

    Life and its many almost meaningless attacks on us can in God’s amazing grace be turned into phenomenal blessings. So edifiied(church word for intense encouragement) by this post as I am seeing God just increasing in your life and pouring out in your post. Preach on👍🏻

    • Hi Chad! Oh my gosh I love that! Life’s situations are God’s initiations. Wow. You’re right-they’re an opportunity for God to rush in and do what He does best: uphold/save/love/(insert word here) Big hugs xox

  27. Not sure if it was already noted but when you look at the armour of God, do you see what’s not covered? The key is, we are to keep pressing forward.

    • Thanks you for this Sarah. Yeah I’ve got to show this guy some compassion-clearly he needed to hurt someone else because he himself is hurting. It actually makes me feel kinda sad. I appreciate your encouragement! Hugs and love xox

    • Dear princess Carolyn, that troller even forgot to start with nasty as in nasty fatty 🙂
      But aha the devil is a liar, he’ll never beat God to it as far as one of his is concerned.
      Yes the reading from Ephesians which was so timely for both of us in different respects, is a constant reminder of what we’re up against.
      Am a spiritual retreat and I learnt this yesterday: We are always more discontented with others when we discontented with ourselves.
      Loads of all

      • Hi Marie! haha, you’re right! It could have been a lot worse! hehe And wow what a profound lesson you learned yesterday – we are always more discontented with other when we are discontented with ourselves….so true. love that. thanks for sharing! hugs xox

  28. Oh, my gosh, yes! We must always be prepared. Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been struggling lately with my feelings of anxiety and stress has been getting to me too. And when that happens, I turn to food as comfort. Thank you for the reminder to turn to God, rather than to the food. I’ve had a few life detours lately and I sometimes don’t do well.

    Love your blog and your writing! Thanks for writing Truth.

    • Thanks for this Calista. I’m sorry you’ve been going through a rough patch recently but you’re so right-turning to God is the best remedy. Thanks for stopping by and for your beautiful encouragement! Hugs and love xox

      • We all have things in life the blindside us every so often. I just keep thinking that this is my story and it’s my job to tell it. It might just help someone who’s going through something similar. Maybe, just maybe, someone will find hope in it. 🙂

  29. If you read Isaiah 54, you will see that anyone attacking you will fall over you. Recently, the premier of my province and former mayor of my city, called me “clueless” on Twitter. Her bitch pack entered the fray and had a field day ridiculing me. They were really cruel. I then took a picture of an official letter and proved them wrong. The premier was awarded the title “world’s best mayor” about a decade ago. Her arrogance and haughty pride had embarrassed many on social media, so many times. Now this: with the help of an “unresponsive” (according to the premier) minister in national parliament, we managed to solve the problem within aweek. Her Twitter account has become so quiet that people discuss it widely. I also want to inspire you as readers to be the kings, queens & prophets you were called to be, even if you are, like myself, someone with limited means and no social standing. You can still make the world better for His children. We rule with Jesus, as His aides, not needing any status endowed by man. We know, after all, who we are in Him. From this, a huge opportunity fell into my lap. I will report on my blog over the next two weeks. Some better understanding will come when reading On Behalf Of The Disabled on my blog Don’t be discouraged by the rice kernel minded trolls; they only use their intellect to its absolute maximum capacity. But you are so much smarter than them all combined. Now, like Gideon the coward who hid in an empty wine tank, go in His power and save your nation.

    • Wow thank you so much for this. You’re absolutely right-we need to focus on who we are in Him and let the rest just be brushed off. I’m so sorry you had to endure that. People can be mean and it says a lot more about them than it does about you:) looking forward to reading your piece. Big big hugs to you friend xox

      • It is just so triggering for someone with an eating disorder to be told that they are fat you did really well to overcome that nasty untrue comment. The last time someone told me I was fat I was 22 and went on an instant weight loss programme. Your faith is so strong I wish I had that certainty in my life but I do have my recovery community which gives me a lot of strength and support. 🙂

      • Thanks Caroline, I appreciate you sharing this. Yeah it definitely hits a tender and vulnerable area. I’m so glad you gave that community. That’s so great. 🙂 supportive relationships are so important. Big hugs to you friend xox

  30. What a beautifully written post. Unfortunately, I’m still at the ‘scream-wail-cry-self-harm-part’ but your post was so inspiring that I’ve bookmarked it. You have come such a long way.

    Yeah, ‘fatty’ is a horrible thing to be called, ED or nor. But actually? There are far worse things in life than being fat, aren’t there? I mean: it’s more insulting to be called stupid. Lots of people may not feel like that, but it’s true. No brain or a little bit of extra weight? Logically, I know what I’d pick.

    I don’t share your faith, so I can’t sure in some of the words you used.

    But this is a beautiful post. Thank you.

    • Hi friend, wow, thank you so much for our kind words. So true — there are far worse things, and that is a great perspective to remember 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! have a great weekend! hugs xox

  31. clearly this guy wasn’t confident himself if he was scrubbing his face out of his own pictures! Something I’ve learned since recovering is that there is more to me than how I look… and if people are judging me on how I look that says more about how shallow and skin deep their characters are anyway! Often they aren’t people worth hanging out with (sadly).
    I think you look great 🙂

    • Hi friend:) That is such a powerful lesson that you’ve learned. There IS a LOT more to us than our appearance 🙂 i love the way you articulated that. thanks for the encouragement! hugs xo

  32. Amen to all that! With God on your side there is nothing that can harm you. I came to the startlingly realisation that those who look to hurt or undermine others are often the most vulnerable themselves. Keep the faith.

  33. Reblogged this on Awethentiq® and commented:
    Internet Trolls are as part of our lives as bad drivers and graffiti. We must adapt or die, learn how to deal with them. It sometimes is a good opportunity to expose that person, or to let it pass unnoticed. Don’t let it get under your skin. Here is to being attacked without reason. If you read Isaiah 54, you will see that anyone attacking you will fall over you. Recently, the premier of my province and former mayor of my city, called me “clueless” on Twitter. Her bitch pack entered the fray and had a field day ridiculing me. They were really cruel. I then took a picture of an official letter and proved them wrong. The premier was awarded the title “world’s best mayor” about a decade ago. Her arrogance and haughty pride had embarrassed many on social media, so many times. Now this: with the help of an “unresponsive” (according to the premier) minister in national parliament, we managed to solve the problem within aweek. Her Twitter account has become so quiet that people discuss it widely. I also want to inspire you as readers to be the kings, queens & prophets you were called to be, even if you are, like myself, someone with limited means and no social standing. You can still make the world better for His children. We rule with Jesus, as His aides, not needing any status endowed by man. We know, after all, who we are in Him. From this, a huge opportunity fell into my lap. I will report on my blog over the next two weeks. Some better understanding will come when reading On Behalf Of The Disabled on my blog
    Don’t be discouraged by the rice kernel minded trolls; they only use their intellect to its absolute maximum capacity. But you are so much smarter than them all combined. Now, like Gideon the coward who hid in an empty wine tank, go in His power and save your nation.

  34. You already know you’re beautiful inside and out so no need to go there. Two things:

    One – whenever someone leaves a comment like that it’s because their own life is so miserable and messed up that they have to spread their disease to other people to feel good. I used to think that was just something people said to dismiss trolls but I’ve come to understand it is very true after knowing a lot of people like that. He was also probably drunk.

    Two – when you start getting haters it’s because you’re doing something right. 🙂

  35. What an amazing demonstration of your strength in God. Interpreting this Troll’s comment as a reminder from Him about your own faith and strength is really inspiring. I hope whoever that person was sees your reaction and knows he too is loved and should only put love out there in the world.

    • Hi Whitney, thank you so much for this 🙂 Yeah, God is able to use anything to teach us and remind us that He loves us immensely. Thank you so much for stopping by! hugs xox

  36. Leading a small group last night and at the end, we’re all just hanging out and one of the girls in my group goes “Oh my gosh! BBB just posted”. Everyone then proceeds to pull their phones out and read this post. 🙂 keep it up girl.

  37. Armor of God, is a great idea. Thomas Hauser said that a man that has seen violence will surely guard others from it. That is you. My friend, a blacksmith said iron alone is heavy and brittle it takes constant pounding and folding to gain strength and become hard. That is like faith, faith is a Damascus blade which is part iron and part Earth. The word of God is iron and each day we become less brittle.

  38. As an official old person (or one on the verge, at least), I both appreciate and am dismayed by the behaviors the internet empowers. On the one hand, all sorts of actual (not trolly conspiracy nonsense) human wisdom accumulated for anyone to access from anywhere with a computer and a wifi (or ethernet) hub. On the other, all of the private junk that must have resided quietly between many pairs of ears over the millennia can now bubble out and inflict itself on any part of the world that it chooses. It is a Pandora’s Box dilemma – once opened, we have the knowledge of what was contained but want to banish the imps that escaped. How to have one without the other? I’m not sure there’s a way that comports with the ideals of democracy, free speech, etc.
    As reflected by others, your particular troll (good news – you have your very own troll! bad news – they are not likable in the cute, fuzzy-haired way one might have hoped) is simply acting out and reflecting their own state of being. I play an online game with thousands of players from around the world. A vast majority of those players behave quite well but there are “act-outers” who inflict their insecurities and failings on others.
    Do not for an instant think that their comment had anything to do with your “being” or your appearance. Do not go to your dark place(s) – ever – because of the actions others take.
    Kind regards, MSOC

    • Hi MSOC, wow, what a kind comment. Thank you for this powerful encouragement. You’re so right – it’s Pandora’s box. We have access to so much info — I mean, heck “Googling something” is an official verb! But yes, it comes with abusers of that “power.” I’d take a troll with blue hair and a gem in its belly button any day! haha (remember those dolls from the 90’s?) haha my sibling had one I think 🙂 Thanks again. hugs and love to you xox

      • Troll dolls appeared in schools around the U.S. the mid-60s and apparently were a Danish toy design. For some reason, they came in a model that had a hole in their backside so you could impale them on the eraser end of your pencil (I wonder if anyone bothered to ask the trolls how they felt about this!). So, young’un, I remember those dolls from the, erm, ’60s. I was still young then 😉
        Otherwise, you’re welcome as always. I wish I could express myself more concisely but it doesn’t seem to be “me.”

  39. Focus on what God thinks of you but take time alone and quite to see if you, deep down, accept it as truth or just acknowledge it without believing it. That’s what I go through when the arrows start flying.

    I am sorry you had to experience that but God knows have to use the bad to make it a lesson for us.
    Love you sister, you are right where your supposed to be, your WordPress family loves you and we have your back

    • Thank you so much for this, my friend. I am so just humbled and blown away by the friends like you who really do have my back. My heart is so warm right now. You’re right…God will use anything and every to teach us and reveal His love. Thanks again. big hugs xo

  40. Oh… so much this. I really needed this. I am trying not to sob in my office at work. I’m getting hit with quivers-worth of flaming arrows right now. I needed this. Thank you.

    • Hi Julee, oh I am sending you the biggest hug and box of tissues through the computer right now!! I’m so sorry that you’re on the receiving end of those dang arrows. Hang in there. It’s hard to see in the moment, but God can and will use all of this junk for good and to ultimately reveal His immense love for you 🙂 You’re a rockstar and i’m sending massive love your way! (And also keeping you in my prayers 🙂 )

  41. Spot on! Brilliant! Just whatI needed today as well … the Armour of God – here UK our country, too, is now needing us to trust God and wear the armour (“Brexit” – weird … and very odd…) – what a world! Thanks for this…

    • Hi Mari! thank you so much for this. Yeah, i feel like all over the world, things are a little politically and culturally sh-sh-shakey! Glad this resonated with you:) big hugs xox

  42. Whenever some troll tries to get to me, I just remember that person wouldn’t have the gumption to say it to my face and not just behind a computer screen. Pfffffft to that guy

    • Hi Alleh! thank you so much for this awesome insight. You’re right…anonymity can breed a lot of meanies. Gotta just brush it off and remember the truth. Thanks for your encouragement! have a beautiful weekend! hugs xox

  43. You are so beautiful not only on the outside but in the inside as well… I can’t believe anyone would ever say anything negative about you!

  44. It is amazing how God gives the support and words we need at the right time. I also received the dreaded “you’ve gained weight” statement this week. So many bloggers have since posted about how they deal with such comments. And anyone with a eyes and a mind knows that you are beautiful inside and out!

    • Hi Kat, thank you so much for this. Yeah God will give us the grace to get through those triggers! I’m sorry you can personally relate! At the end of the day, we’ve gotta just remember the truth and what’s important:) sending massive hugs!

  45. Individuals behind such comments have issues of their own, so we cannot take them seriously. It reflects who THEY are! Power to you for your strength and recovery!

  46. Some people you really gotta wonder, do you really have nothing better to do than this? Even if it were true – which obviously it’s not – so what? Are you so superficial and have such low self-esteem that you have to attack a good hearted person to feel good about yourself? I feel sorry for you.

    • Thank you so much for this David. You’re right, hurting people hurt people. It makes me sad. My heart actually goes out to him. Thanks for you encouragement. It means a lot:) Hugs and love xox

  47. That is such an awesome testimony of using “evil” (for lack of a better word) for good. You can’t control what mean people think or do, but you definitely CAN always put on the armour of God…which is a great reminder for everyone, myself included! Keep on being yourself, you are beautiful inside and out!

  48. You should be so proud that you have got to the point that you are so strong that you can brush these comments off! Thanks for sharing this, it would have been easy to keep it secret and let it eat at you. I hope the response to this post just confirms that the word fat has no power over you. You know that being fat is not the worst thing in the world, and you know that you are of a healthy weight. You’re an awesome girl!

  49. Wow, that comment on the troll’s part reveals a total and complete lack of creativity. They should be pitied for their narrow, shallow, and unimaginative existence.

    • haha yeah you’d think he could come up with something a little more creative 🙂 haha but seriously, Anthony, thank you for your support. It means a lot. Hugs to you friend xox

  50. Great post! Guard your heart for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23 I am so thankful you were able to look at this in the perspective it needed.

  51. We don’t know each other but I can see that you are definitely not fat. You are quite lovely. If you saw my picture me you would know that I am fat. Always have been. But I am also a lovely person. That makes us alike😬. Trolls are bullies. Ignore them.

  52. Your comments in relation to GOD’s Divine Words of Scripture Are the highlight of your gifts shared here. May our Heavenly Father through Jesus, continue to guide your dear heart as you spread the good news about our Heavenly Father’s soon to begin on earth Kingdom and His Divine Plan, continuing always to be a light that shines before men “that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). God bless you.

  53. Another great post, Carolyn. Good sound reflection and response to an otherwise cruel comment from a troll. He may have lashed out at you to mask his own pitiful self-image. You’re strong. You’re right. And you’re a blessing to me and lots of other folks. Keep those thought-provoking, revealing posts coming, Caralyn. You’re touching a lot of rough spots with balm and peace.

  54. I remember hearing a message from Zola Levitt, he called it “The Ministry of Distraction”. There seems to be people in this world that spend their time attacking people. Their purpose is to cause you to spend your time away from what is important or distract you, by causing you to defend yourself or what you believe. (or to doubt yourself.) If you’re not careful, these ministers of distraction can cause you to act like a dog who chases its own tail. (Going in a circle, but going nowhere.)

  55. I have come to understand the problem of “projection”. Particularly, people who lack self awareness are apt to project their own fears and other issues on those around them, especially those that they consciously (or unconsciously) consider an authority-figure. In some sense, this incident is a measure of your growing influence!

    To cite a favorite Humphrey Bogart quote: “Here’s looking at you, kid.”


    • Hi JW, gosh thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I’m so glad they resonate with you! Yes God is good and I’ve got to just focus on His goodness! Hugs and love xox

  56. Well I do not care if you are a “fatty, “a skinny,” or an “upside down porcupine,” whatever that is! 🙂 I will always take you just like you are because I want what is in your heart! From what I have learned about you, there is nothing but “beauty” in there, thank you very much!!!

    Tell the “troll” to get back under his bridge with the rest of his goats! I always delete “troll comments” on my blog also. So see now we have something in common! 🙂 See, there is always good which comes out of something bad! Love you and God Bless, SR

    • An upside down porcupine! Haha love it! Seriously though, thank you for this. You’re right, gotta keep my eyes focused on the good. Thanks for your encouragement, SR. have a great weekend! Hugs and love xox

  57. I love it when bible verses appear at the right moment they are need, maybe even a blog post by a particular person ;-). what upsets me is the fact that people are blind to the most obvious thing in the universe! God is all around us he is in every blade of grass and every corner of the world! but they still deny him, I must admit it frustrates me sometimes. and talk about people being blind, obviously you are no way near fat, you are possibly the most beautiful person in my life and I dont just mean those beautiful eyes and that gorgeous smile but inside you have such a heart of gold. you have such a compassionate and loving heart, such a caring human being, I mean I grin like the Cheshire cat (which funnily enough I am from Cheshire hehe 😉 ) when I know you are online and I get to talk to you. you mean so much to me far beyond the words I can say <3 x. sending you lots of love, hugs and of course butternut squash Ice Cream <3 x

    • Hey Benjamin. Me too. It’s like God is giving us a little note of encouragement through the words. Aw that’s incredibly kind of you to say. Thank you my friend. Haha I will always look at the Cheshire Cat with a soft spot in my heart now:) hehe Hugs and love xox

  58. Beautifully said! You are an amazing voice for God. He has obviously purposed in your heart to be open with others about your recovery and journey. You are a beacon of light and hope to help other young women to heal themselves or with great prayer prevent them from even going down that road…all because you are so brave to be a voice! So thank you for answering Gods call!

  59. The other day at Mass the priest, quite an educated guy who teaches theology, said that Paul used the realities of his time to convey spiritual exhortations that would resonate with the times. The “armor” originally being that of the occupying Romans. Breastplate, Shield… etc. All warfare images that he turns into spiritual images. Pretty clever. I couldn’t help but think it would be like using a TV show or something today to teach a spiritual lesson… symbolically, that is.

    • Thank you so much for this. You’re right, it’s amazing how God can use even the loftiest of symbols to express His love. Thanks for stopping by and for shiny this terrific insight. Hugs and love xox

  60. You’re looking good, and don’t worry about trolls. It’s easy to write a few words like that. He was probably either doing it for a ‘laugh’ or he dislikes you because you talk about it; maybe he thinks you are looking for attention.
    The first rule of my comedy-serious AAW-WOW (Adult Angelic Waifs – Women Of World) is that if your size 8 is getting baggy, you should think about eating more.
    It’s meant to provide real advice in a humorous way. I think Size 8 is my ideal, but much thinner starts to look unhealthy and worrying.
    Good luck, and thanks for sharing your lovely photos and nice words.

  61. Love your posts BBB. Love the way you turned what would once have been a ‘trigger’ for you to go into a dark place, instead into an opportunity to delve deeper into your faith and see a different perspective. There will always be trolls and from my experience it takes (a long) time and reflection to intrinsically think philosophically instead of being reactionary. Big ups to you girl ! Boom! 👍🏾🌟

  62. Amen! Wonderful words to point us to the word and to the Word. Just recently I realized that was just the passage I needed to meditate on. It seemed like that day was especially evil (“the evil day”). Yes, we need to stand firm in and through the gospel. And remain in scripture. And the thought on focus is so apt for me. I can easily get sidetracked and lose focus. Thanks.

  63. You are beautiful! And most importantly, you are beautiful inside AND out. That person was being cruel. First of all, you are not even close to being overweight or fat… But even if you were overweight (which you’re not), how dare anyone call you a fatty?!? Curvasiously beautiful? Maybe! But ‘fatty’? How dare he?!?
    I hate that people (men in particular) think they have the right to comment on our bodies in a negative light. We are all different sizes and shapes… To say that one size is better or more beautiful over another is unjust.
    Ugh, that just frustrates me!
    I’m SO glad that you have come so far that you could let it sting… but then move on and know that you ARE beautiful and NOT a fatty at all. xoxo

    • Hi Nicole, thank you so much for this. so so true – we are all beautiful in our individual and uniquely lovely way 🙂 thanks so much for your encouragement. Sending massive hugs xox

  64. So glad the troll didn’t steal that wonderful smile 😁. Of course you’re not overweight, but I’ve heard you enough to know it wouldn’t change a thing about your beauty even if you were.

    I started working out to get healthy (or convinced myself at least), but I’d lie if I said vanity has no role. I try to remind myself often that being “fat” is far from the worst thing one could be.

    • Aw thank you Doug. That’s kind of you to say:) yeah gotta just remember what really matters. I don’t think you’re alone there and honestly i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, so long as you keep it in perspective:) you’re a good guy! Hugs and love xox

  65. This is one of the best pieces you’ve written yet…Keep the Faith! You are making a difference in people lives & helping those who read this in some way. May God Bless you and continue to strengthen you. Oh, & internet trolls suck (We’ve all had to deal with their evil attacks at some point). 😉

  66. I am so sorry someone said this to you …so happy you stayed strong through this and did not let that comment upset you. Sadly not surprised of the comment this world as gone so astray from everything that is good and positive , people are so full of hate and morals have gone astray as well . I am so sorry I have missed a lot of your articles, have just got back on here it was a busy and and a lot of reflection of a summer for myself, a lot of growth through life’s many trials. so please read my blog and I will keep up on yours. Hugs!

  67. Amen. God has been teaching me something similar through my struggle with anxiety. There are days when something just wants to shake you up and then you realize, it’s time to turn to the Word again and be more firmly planted. Glad I came across this post, it was timely for me. 🙂

  68. I’ve been trying to get to reading this post word for word and am so busy it took me a while. I am sooooo glad I took the time though. I’ve been struggling with hearing God and you reminded me that we can expect miracles, but that miracles don’t always look like a sea parting, sometimes they look like a knucklehead typing an insensitive comment followed by the exactly, perfectly timed revelation of the perfectly worded Bible verse. Who else could provide the timing and the words in such a way, only Our Father! Great post as always!

    • Hey friend, wow thanks for this. I’m so glad you were able to find the time to read this too and that it struck a chord with you! You’re right…Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks for stopping by:) Hugs and love xox

  69. You know people that are hurting always try to hurt others. Misery truly does love company. I have learned to not get offended when someone makes a senseless attack like you have described. If you think of it for a moment, in order to be offended it is due to action on our part. How does one become offended? It is by “TAKING OFFENSE”. If a hurting person tries to condemn me for not fitting their disillusioned image that they THINK I should aspire to I always remember Romans 8:1 which says, “Therefore, there is NOW no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” As long as I know who I am, in Christ, I refuse to “TAKE OFFENSE”. God is love and whatever comes at you from a spirit of hate and condemnation came from the evil one. Always remember God’s desires the best for you and your life. God longs for your love. By all means when the enemy attacks gird on the whole armor of God and don’t fight the person that attacked you, love him or her. Instead, fight the devil.

    May God keep you in the palm of His love, grace, & mercy.
    P.S. This is a moment by moment promise. What time is it? NOW. What time will it be an hour from this instant? NOW.

  70. I must share – it’s a safe place, correct? I was just asked to resign the church I pastor Sunday night. It was certainly a shock, for there was no warning given and the whole process was kept secret until the meeting in which I was told. However, I maintained my composure, thanked the men present for showing enough courage to actually speak to me (veiled sarcasm), and then prayed for them all (in a good way) before I got up to walk out. I was angry, stunned, and nervous…and then I moved on.

    For so long I’ve felt like a failure. I’ve blamed myself for so much. But once I was actually released from the position, a near-immediate sense of relief followed the initial shock. Then, it didn’t take long before waves of encouraging calls, texts, messages, emails, and even visits came flooding in from all over. To make a long story short, I was overwhelming affirmed by those looking from the outside in. They could see in me what I’d been having a hard time seeing myself. I was NOT a failure! I had been believing a lie! Now, instead of being fearful about the future, I’m hopeful and excited! God has got this, and He’s holding my family and me in His hands. So, when I start to “go there” in my mind, I’m going to remind myself of scores of others who’ve encouraged me to press on.

    I’ve been rambling, I know. I’m writing this on my phone. Sorry. It’s just I get it. I understand your post. And it was encouraging, too. 🙂

    • Hi Anthony, thank you for sharing this. I’m so sorry that you had to experience that. But that’s definitely a silver lining to receive which affirmation and love. And amen to that! You’re not a failure at all! God has something important in store for you that you couldn’t have done had you been holding that position. Praying for you:) massive hugs to you friend xx

  71. I have a dad with bulimia and it was never talked about. Food addictions and eating disorders are the hardest to recover from, give yourself a moment to be proud of yourself. Keep your voice and don’t give the negative comments a second thought.

    • Hi Jade, thank you for sharing this. I’m so sorry that you dad had to go through that. You’re right,they are hard to recover from, but it definitely is possible. Sending so much love to you and your family ❤️ xox

  72. These trolls only embarrass themselves with their trite and juvenile jabs. I saw a rerun of The Cotton Club (1984) a few days ago and you remind me of a younger Diane Lane. Thus, its good that your are becoming confident, as your beauty really is self evident.

    Take care!

    • Wow! I’m flattered! thank you so much 🙂 You’re right though…saying a remark that is so hurtful and insensitive reveals more about the “sayer” than the “sayee.” I appreciate the encouragement! hugs xox

  73. Hello,

    Yep, the reality of being in the End Times is that our fears, troubles, and trials amp up. You got Jesus first and that’s how you can hold it together. Have a great week,


    On Thursday, October 27, 2016, BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “So I got called a “fatty” by someone on > Instagram today. And now, before I go any further, this is not some lame > attempt to fish for complements or whatever. It was a bogus remark by a > troll on the internet. I deleted it. But not before I went to the g” >

  74. It’s awful that you were the target of someone else’s ego. That person’s comment speaks more about his values (or lack thereof) than it does about anything concerning you. I wonder if he is suffering from his own body dysmorphia and insecurity, but maybe that is just me viewing everyone else in the world through the lenses of my ED. Funny how I tend to do that.

    What IS remarkable is your faith. In my experience of ED, my symptoms manifest as an attempt to control the uncontrollable. Even now, though I am not using behaviors, my mind goes back to those automatic thoughts when I am suddenly in a position in which I feel powerless. It is a lack of faith and trust in God, and a turning to myself. I am trying to rely entirely on my own power and abilities to sustain me, protect me, create the future outcomes that *I* want and that *I* think are best… it is the same sin that led Adam and Eve to eat the fruit in the Garden. It is a clinging to my will and a resistance to surrender to God’s will for my life. My ED is really a surrogate for this deeper battle. For other people, it may be money, or career success, or material things. What really struck me in this post was that you immediately turned to prayer. What a blessing to be inspired to prayer (and to just the right prayer) in just the right moment. The Holy Spirit is truly with you! And God is working through you to share his message, too. Thank you for this reminder today! ❤️

    • Hi Lulu, wow thank you so much for this powerful reflection. This is so insightful. And boy can i relate. I think you’re right-we all have those things we use to get out that need to control … be it food money shopping boys whatever. But you’re so right-it is in surrendering that we find the freedom. I needed to read that tonight. Thanks you my beautiful friend. Hugs and love xox

      • I need to remind myself over and over. Just when I think that maybe I’ve managed to surrender up something, I find myself stuck back in fear and doubt again. I think that is just life! And God understands and is constantly helping us. Hugs back to you, my friend!

  75. What a beautiful article that you have written! So inspirational! How wonderful that you have your faith to rely on when these arrows are coming at you! Last night I was watching a YouTube video that was so powerful and addresses all that you have been talking about. Yes, we have a fantastic God who loves us and protects us. I, too, have had so many times when He has come to my aid and sent people to my aid when I have need spiritual comfort or physical assistance. The experiences are numerous! And, they are memories to go back to when I am assaulted by the enemies that are in this world. Here is the link to the program that I watched last night. You may appreicate it:

    • Thank you so much Delores. I really appreciate your encouraging words. God is so good in how He comforts His children. I’m so glad you know that love and comfort too. And thanks for passing that link along. I look forward to checking it out. Hugs and love xox

  76. I think that I’ve had only one internet troll try to insult me with a rude blog comment. As you did, I investigated his website on which he claimed that he goal was insult everyone once. Delete.

    I find more folks drop by not because they are interested in what I am writing but because they hope that I will populate their site with traffic. I’ll read a few posts, leave some comments, then see if they come back. Of the couple hundred “followers” of my blog, only a hand-full, maybe 20 come by regularly. I would rather than 20 quality interactions with my regular readers than the popularity of having to answer 200 all-about-me inquiries. (Hint, you are one of those 20, see you around).

  77. Well put. Without Jesus humans don’t have a chance in a sick and twisted world. So many worldly forces are rising up because their time is coming to and end. Isn’t good to know our eternity doesn’t?

  78. There will always be haters, but he was just projecting his own ugliness and trying to bring someone down with shock value. The cheapest and worst kind of attention. You handled it well. *Hugs*

  79. “no person wants to hear that they’re a fatty,” I & my family connected with this. My brother had bulimia, years, need help from everyone, including a doctor. Right now he’s healthy for doing exercise regularly. People can be so trashy when they judge without think. Personal I think whether you are fatty, skinny or lean figure, tall, short, it’s all good. As long as you are happy, have warm kind heart and positive mind, the rest, well you can do harmonization 🙂

  80. I love this so much. Your candor, your wit, and most importantly your faith! God never lets us down! Kudos, prayers, and hugs to you girl. What ED doesn’t understand, is that the battle has already been won 😉

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