Charlottesville Wake Up Call

I didn’t want to write this post.

A topic of this magnitude, and the tragedy that befell our nation on Saturday was something that I cannot find the adequate words to describe.

I was asked by numerous readers to write about Saturday’s Charlottesville terrorism, and truthfully, I’m sick to my stomach thinking about the grossly pathetic and ignorant behavior displayed by the white supremacist group. And it shocks and saddens me to think that this benighted ideology is still present in our 2017-America.

And as I sat there, gape-mouthed, in horror at what I was watching on TV, the only thing I could think about was one word:


There is evil in the world.


This is not going to be a fun post. I’m telling you that right now. And frankly, I’m getting heart palpitations thinking about the direction I feel the Holy Spirit leading me, but Saturday was a wake up call.

This topic is going to make you uncomfortable. And if it doesn’t, well it should.


The devil’s greatest victory was making the world believe he wasn’t real.

But I’m here to tell you that he is real. And there is evil in the world because of it.

You all know that I was severely anorexic for several years. I starved myself down to 78 pounds. I was destroying myself and anyone else that stood in my way.

You know this.

But what I haven’t really ever shared was an experience I had at inpatient.

If you’ve read any of my early blog, you’ll hear me refer a lot to “ED” — which stands for “Eating Disorder.” It’s how doctors and therapists personify the disease. It helps to give the disease a face or a persona so that we can channel our fighting efforts and anger towards defeating an enemy: ED.

Well, I’m here to tell you, ED is actually Satan.

There. I said it.


During my disease, I was lying to everyone in my life – my parents, my friends, my doctors – that I did not have an eating disorder. I was lying about pretty much everything – from the food I was throwing away, to my exercise habits, to the “pain” I was supposedly having, to where I would go after school. Everything. For two years. Two years worth of lies and just this web of deceit had been stuffed away in my soul, blackening it like an aggressive cancer.

And one day during my therapy session at inpatient, I finally came clean to my therapist. About everything.

And I remember it clear as day. I was sitting outside on the patio with my therapist…we’ll call him Todd.

And I had my knees curled up to my chin, and I was sitting in a little ball, trying to be as small as possible, rocking back and forth. Shaking. And out of my mouth, came the ugliest, most cavernous, deep, dark voice I’ve ever heard – “I LIED.” I can’t replicate that voice. I have never heard it before, and never heard it since. My chest was shaking.

And the thing is, I was watching the whole situation from above. I was looking down and could see me and Todd and the umbrella and the brick patio on the grass. It was an out-of-body experience.

And I truly believe that through that voice, a demon was expelled from within me.

Because as soon as that breakthrough happened, I immediately wanted to call my parents and tell them everything. I needed to come clean to them. I couldn’t go another minute without telling them the truth. And then the following day, I accepted Jesus’ forgiveness, which was another incredible experience (that you can read about in my book, the week of August 28).

But why am I saying this? Why have I turned the focus on me, when there are people grieving in the world during this tragic time?

Because truth time: we all are capable of incredible evil.

Satan is on the prowl, and if you don’t believe that, then just take a look at any of the recent headlines. The horrific events of Saturday. North Korea. Manchester. Otto Warmbier. London. Stockholm. The Middle East. All of the nightclub attacks.

Evil is out there.

And what are we to do?



But, people, that just isn’t enough anymore.

We need to suit up for battle. Because we are living in a time of spiritual warfare.

And if you think this sounds radical, well people, it’s about damn time.


We, as a collective society, have lost sight of God. We’ve put Him on the back burner, letting other things become idols in our lives: money, success, lust, pride, fame – I don’t need to spell these things out for you. Simply turn on the TV for 2 minutes, and you’ll be bombarded by all the things vying to be #1 in our lives.

And when we take our focus off of God, we become targets for the enemy. The cracks in our foundation become his entrance point.

So we need to eradicate those cracks.

If we’re not actively pursuing God, and seeking out His Holy Spirit, then we become sitting ducks, just waiting to be F’d with. Don’t believe me? Just ask 78-pound Caralyn, circa 2007.

We’ve become complacent with society. And our silence allows cancerous cells like the white supremacists, neo-Nazis or other hate-driven radical, alt-right/left groups to swell.

We are one nation under God. And it seems we’ve let that truth be forgotten, allowing evil to seep in.

Romans 12:21…

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

We are the solution. We are children of God, and have the critical task of sowing seeds of His goodness and love, so that evil cannot take root.


Stand up to evil. Call it out. Call it by name. But that doesn’t translate to counter-hatred. We need to act with integrity and seek to understand rather than jumping to conclusions, or making up and inventing evil for political points.

Call out true evil – true hate.

Because it is real.

But it doesn’t have to win.


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418 responses to “Charlottesville Wake Up Call”

  1. Thank you for the truth. One of the great failings of our culture is denying the existence of evil. But thank God who reassures us of His ultimate victory. We have to look evil in the face, but we don’t fight it alone.

  2. Here you are again Caralyn, another excellent post that not many will face up to. The more you write, sharing the Truth, and knowing that Jesus Christ is the Truth, the more I realize you are a called out servant of our Most High God, and you need protective prayer, because attacks will be there. I have, and will, be praying a Shield of Protection around you, the Armour of God on you, and the Precious Shed Blood of our Lord Jesus over you and through your being.
    You are probably right about a demon being eradicated from you when you confessed the truth. It did not like that. I say this because my wife and I, and at times another prayer partner and I have had instances of praying over people for deliverance, and at times that very experience has happened.
    Keep up the Faith, keep up the good work, I am proud and blessed to call you my Sister in CHRIST.

    God’s Blessings Caralyn,
    Luv and hugs, 😀🌹❤️

  3. Well and truly said, about something that has been around forever. I was reading a bit on the life of Maximilian Kolbe today, who provides some guidance in dealing with evil.
    He was a polish priest who spoke up against Nazi Germany until he was arrested and sent to Auschwitz where he was killed, but not before he found many small ways to sacrifice to help others in the death camp.
    Thanks for writing this.

  4. Pastor, good words! Evil is real. The enemy prowls, often preying on the week but also the strong, when there is an opportunity. God’s Holy Spirit is stronger than the enemy. Our church community seems to shy away from talking about God’s Mighty Holy Spirit! Perhaps it is time to hear that message loud and clear from all pulpits and denominations! You wrote a very powerful testimony here. Some may have a hard time believing part of it but I know God’s Holy Spirit released you from the grasp of the enemy that afternoon. May God continue to bless your writing ministry as you touch more hearts and souls. Stay brave and confident in your faith as you are a voice needed to be heard. I am so proud of you! Love n blessings, Rick ps hi to your Mom..she is also in my prayers.

    • Thanks Rick. Amen – the enemy is no match for the Holy Spirit. Thanks for your support. this was really terrifying to publish tonight. So i really appreciate your encouraging words. thanks for your continued prayers. big hugs to you x

  5. Bravo! The Bible has predicted the times we live in now. We are told that just before Jesus returns to set things right this world will sink to the moral depravity and Godlessness experienced before the great flood of the antediluvian world. In that you mention satan and evil, the Bible also says the devil is like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour. I believe your story, ED is only one of his tricks to enslave the human race. The headlines each day support what you’ve written here.

  6. This is so powerful and BRAVE of you to write Caralyn! I literally had my hands to my face writing this I was so enraptured haha. Thank you so much for writing this, and freeing those battling their own demons with your writing. I know what it means to battle spiritually, too, thank you for writing what I was too scared to say. I am sooo excited for your book!! Go Jesus Go Jesus GO!

    • Thank you so much Steph. Yeah, i was pretty terrified to press publish on this piece. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad it resonated with you like that. Go Jesus Go, indeed!! Hugs and love xox

  7. Good post. What has actually happened in this nation is we are calling “evil good” and “good evil.” Another thing is, “Heaven forbid we should offend anyone!” That will almost get you sent to the electric chair in today’s society. Anytime one stand up for the “truth,” people are going to get offended. Standing up for the “truth,” is what got Jesus Crucified. In actuality what happened was is, they despised His love. Satan, despises love, and as long as he can get others to hate, that is how it is going to be. Scripture plainly tells us the only thing which will ever conquer evil is love.

    I blame a lot of this, that is going on, on the Christian community. We sit by while they took prayer out of school. One woman did that, Marine O’Hara. (I do not know if that is how you spell her first name or not.) Christians vote for people who are pro-abortion, which has to be an abomination to God, because it is a “woman’s right.” If that is the case then why doesn’t the woman die, instead of an innocent baby. We have let people take our right away from us that now, God can only be spoken about in certain places and times. Our Priest have not even been able to address many “evil” issues, in Church, because it is against the damn law! Yet, Christians voted for those who are for this.

    Is there evil in this nation? You better believe it! I am glad at my age I am on the down hill side of it. Though I worry greatly about my kids and grandkids, and your generation. I know from reading Scripture for many years, God “turns” from a nation who abides with all of this and much more. I know it takes repentance of said nation, to get Him to turn back. When a nation doesn’t stop doing and teaching evil, Satan is going to have a field day, and that is what we are seeing. We are seeing it, because he breeds so much hatred in the heart of man, against one another.

    The way he has done it in this nation is, he has taken the Word of God out from almost everything, he has made many think only of themselves and their rights, and he has made everyone feel like they are so busy, they do not have time for God. But… in saying that we still have only ourselves to blame, as all Satan can do is tempt us. We have to follow through on the temptation and we have all done it so well, haven’t we?

    I pray for America all the time. I want to believe there are still enough of us here who are praying, that we turn back to God, because if there is not, Egypt and Israel in the OT, are not going to have anything compared what is going to happen to us. God has blessed this nation for many, many years. That was not good enough for many of us. God Bless, SR

    • Thank you for such a powerful response, SR. You’re so right – we need to stand up for the Truth! And pray for America indeed. Because boy do we need it. And you’re right – the enemy sees his entry point when we put other things before the Lord. That is our culture’s goal – to sell and to fight to be the object of our focus. We need to get back to God. thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

      • Always remember this for your future. Satan only spoke three times in the Garden of Eden and destroyed the whole human race. I just wanted to give you that to place in your cap for the rest of your life. Love you so much and God Bless, SR

  8. I have always liked and supported your blogspot but you are in Gross air concerning what’s happening in Charlottesville the so-called white supremacist group which is not what they really are is only part of the equation and Tifa we’re the ones that were instigating all of the hatred and violence the end result was a life lost but this antifa group as well as black lives matter which is funded by George Soros has begun their quest to create a civil war atmosphere you need to do some more research before you go spouting off about what you think is happening yes there was a group there supporting white nationalism but it was not the KKK the racist are in antifa and black lives matter there will come a time when our works will be exposed whether or not we are on the right side of history or not do some more research on George Soros and his operation to create Civil War backed by the globalist and their plan to undermine the presidency

  9. All hearts are precious…even those filled with hate…even those possessed by evil. Those of us who can, must pray hard for their release of hate and their subsequent protection…even as we pray for our own. Any supremacy … any fundamentalism …does not belong. I have to remember that it is not a matter of ‘us’ and ‘them’ but of ‘we’ because we are all connected; no one is disposable. Those who espouse any sort of supremacy should be prayed for. They, themselves, are not evil; they are possessed by evil or are aligning with wrong thinking which plays into evil. Fear of evil plays into evil. Hating anyone plays into evil. Don’t hate;just don’t. Love is very Powerful and strong prayer empowered with Love pounds evil. I use strong prayers of banishment and protection a lot. When one loves and heals much, one often has to fight an onslaught. But I’m not afraid; I’m on the good side.. the stronger side…the side that has already won.

    • Thanks so much Kitsy. You’re so right – we must pray fervently for all those. You’re right, we need to stomp out hate with love. That is so powerful. Amen – God has already won. that’s important to remember. thanks for stopping by. big hugs to you friend xox

  10. Your post tackles a reality that’s so important to be aware of. And at least from my own experience, you are so correct in checking the cracks in our own foundation. There is no prayer that I’ve seen answered consistently than to ask God to search me, confess my sins, then pray for God’s blessings and grace for someone who has wronged me in some way. I’m convinced that this and asking for Mary’s intercession appeal directly to the heart of Jesus! God bless!

  11. Wow! What a brave & mighty woman of God you are! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and for speaking the truth. ♥️
    I have had my own experience with ED as my daughter was just 10 when she was diagnosed & admitted into hospital. It was a huge shock but I know 100% that it was an attack from Satan. I watched my beautiful daughter change before my eyes from a kind & caring girl into something completely unrecognisable. It was, as you say, pure evil. She’s 13 now and has been completely healed, is back to how she was before & has such a compassion & understanding for others.
    God is using all you’ve gone through for you to reach out to others & show them His love.
    You are a blessing and an encouragement to so many. Much love, Hayley 😊💞

    • Hi Hayley, wow, thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry that your daughter has gone through this. It brings my heart so much joy to hear that she’s healed and restored. Praise God. Will definitely keep her and you and your family in my prayers 🙂 Big hugs to you xox

  12. All of this is so heartbreaking, but God is on our side! You’re so brave for writing this! It’s so important that we call out evil… we cannot stay silent and that’s exactly what satan wants us to do. When we stand against evil, we will always win🙏🏽

  13. Well done! And, however one characterizes the Divine, it IS Here and we DO live by accepting it, having faith and love and cooperating with each other. It’s not about having everyone say the same thing, have a rote “belief” and often accompanying judgments- it’s about having us all FEEL and truly EXPERIENCE what is right there in front of us and inside us all. Which I believe can, not incorrectly, be called the kingdom of heaven. Non violence takes a long time, as has been pointed out many times, but in the end it is always more powerful than what people do out of fear. Looking forward to your book, too…..

  14. I literally have goosebumps on my skin reading this and I have been of the ilk to not believe the reality of Satan. I grew up as a catholic, considered the priesthood at one time, read and soaked in any religious document I could get my teeth on and then at one day I woke up…

    I woke up, because I fell harder than I have ever fell before and realize that evil is subtle, as well as direct. It can ooze into your being and into your soul and distort anything/everything you believe as real and authentic. Shoot, merely a week and a half ago, I was still convincing myself of an alternate reality based on the misinformation about life and society that exists within America. I was embracing things I would have never embraced when I was younger.

    But my waking up and fall was not sudden either. In fact, it was slow, making sure I hit every obstacle on the way down. I had to come to the realization of something I was unwilling to accept: I am nothing, absolutely nothing, without Jesus and without putting my full trust in Him, I was doomed to repeat all of my failings.

    I hate to hijack someone’s blog with my own stuff, but your post brought something out of me I felt saying, and I’ll end with just one more thing, if you’ll pardon it:

    I remember asking my dad once, when I was a small boy – okay, okay…I was like 38, but I still asked anyways…I asked, “Why is it the people that try to believe in God have the hardest struggles and the people who don’t care have the easiest of lives…?” I wish I would have listened to my dad at the time, because what he said was profound; he replied…

    “Satan doesn’t need to fight for those he already has…”.

    • This is such a powerful comment. thank you so much for sharing. you’re right – we are nothing without Jesus. And wow – what a powerful truth: that evil is both subtle and direct. wow — that is SO true. You’re right, we need to cling to Jesus and call on Him when we’re feeling attacked by the enemy. thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  15. My tribe. Did not know the word for road. So, they used the word wall. We see the deer on the sides of roads dead or alive and they are, unsure. Just, waiting.

    I think belief is a lot like that. Religion through our bibles will remain but belief, is always tested. We can and will fight what’s uncommon among us but we should be like the deer and gather. Try to understand this new road.

      • I’ll see you on the book tour, kidding. It’s a strange time to have faith. I did some research in the “dark web” about these American hate groups for the past month. They, have even removed God from their own arguments for justice and/or superiority.

        We can have rhetoric about how great God is but, we must also do the work without judgement or selfishness. Otherwise, we are no better.

      • I’m sad that. Most recent hate traffic and attacks come from your area. I knew, when traveling there where I was welcome. I hope you never have to feel that.

      • Hate is taught and reinforced by its teachers. We cannot be the right side if our society is not right itself. I am blamed for looking Muslim, Mexican, or Jewish. The great thing, it is those homes that open their doors for me because, I know. I can’t fix it. America is a society of classes based on color because we have not progressed from our roots far enough to say we are not. I could be the smartest minority but in the end I’m still a minority first and might have said, something second. So, the Bible belt and the rust belt must understand the challenges it faces and a lot of it is within themselves and their communities. To preach, tolerance even in the heat of hatred. To open their doors like so many minorities have done for me because, they know.

      • I got it. Tolerance is like a fear of losing your individuality on both sides due to the transformation that happens with people understanding each other. So, tolerance leads to transformation then to total assimilation. Sounds good but you lose your special-ness. What would be better than open door is socialization. Meeting as two individual cultures and understanding the similarities and differences. It builds relationships and strengthens communities without the total sacrifice of the individual self.

        I believe, that’s what you may have experienced yourself with ED. The loss of self for the community, maybe the media that loves the attractiveness of thin women.

        Just, tying it all together.

      • You have much value as a person and I enjoy the subjects that you take on. They are rather complex but you don’t try to iron out every detail. Which makes everyone ripe for discussing them. It’s a sign of a good leader to receive as much as project ideas. You are a good leader and whip have a long career. I hope it’s so long you get tired of it and come draw in a park with me. 🙃

  16. You read about the Haitian refugees crossing into Canada because they think Trump will send them home. Small border town in Quebec got over 300 in one day. Okay Canada has always been more liberal than the US but from here the extreme right seems to be taking over your country. Please don’t let it.

  17. Praise God that you are speaking out about this! The way Satan has manifested himself lately makes me feel sick. And your experience with your ED…I can’t imagine how terrifying that must have been. I can’t say I’ve experienced anything quite so shocking. But one time I was really sick and having incredible cramps and stomach pains (I eventually wound up in the emergency room). I remember trying to call out to Jesus in prayer, and every time I tried to physically say His name, a huge wave of pain came along, leaving me screaming. My dad, who is a devout Christian, was with me and I told him what was happening and he told Satan he’d better leave his little girl alone, or else! He drove the Evil One away in the name of Jesus.

    And you’re right. We need to equip ourselves for battle. And I believe Mark 16:17-18, “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” Jesus Himself spoke these words, that we as believers have the authority to drive out demons! I believe that if all believers seriously turn to the Lord in prayer, evil will be called out for what it is and it won’t be able to hide anymore!

    • Wow, sounds like your dad is a rock star. Thanks for sharing that. What a powerful passage. So true – we’ve gotta cling to Jesus and banish the enemy. There’s power in prayer! Hugs and love xox

  18. This is the truth and thank you for writtining it! We have lost sight of God and we need his help to conquer evil in this world and without him we our lost!

  19. It pained me to hear that you had to deal with demonic presence. That’s something I never picked up on. This was very brave for you to share. Not everyone believes this happens nowadays. But the supernatural is real. I think people often fall back on their clichés and don’t fully appreciate how real it all is.

    I had a supernatural experience when my grandmother died. We had kept her in our house as long as we could until finally having to take her to the hospital. Mom was home for the evening after visiting, when we got the call. Everyone gathered around; we all just knew it was the hospital. When Mom hung up the phone and told us the Grandma had died, I swear to you the house sighed! It was so incredible that I remember standing there, trying to fix that feeling in my mind, because I knew my future self would look back one day in doubt, if I didn’t.

    I think these things happen all the time, and we talk ourselves out of them! Just the way Satan likes it!

    More at Patreon!

    • hi Jeff, thank you so much your support. you’re right, it’s not a popular topic, and can be seen as “too out there” but the bible is as clear as day about it. Thank you for sharing your story with your grandmother. wow, what an experience. I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁 i definitely believe that there are a lot of things we don’t understand. looking forward to patreon! i will say, i think the podcast was able to capture “I LIED” in a way that words on a page couldn’t express. Hugs and love xox

  20. I am so glad you are having this conversation and saying things as it is. You are absolutely right – evil is the problem, Satan is the Father of all evil and if we are not submitted to God, we are capable of being overcome by evil. The Bible says: “The heart of man is desperately wicked…”

    Thank you for sharing this post, for your bravery in sharing your experience, and putting your finger on the problem of complacency in the Body of Christ and the secular ways of a society that was founded on godly values.

    However, prayer, intercession and repentance is key. As mentioned we are nothing without Christ, can do nothing without Him.

    God said, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.

    I thank God he has given you a voice of influence that people want to listen to. May He raise up many more voices to cry out. May He raise up many intercessors who will cry out in prayer, and may the people in our nations be like the city of Ninevah and take heed. May the Body of Christ (including me) wake up! These are grave times.

    • thank you so much for this powerful response. You’re so right – prayer, intercession and repentance. there is power in prayer. thanks for your generous words. i am humbled by your kindness. Hugs and love xox

  21. Thank you for writing this post.. It’s about time. Personally, I am not a Christian but I can definitely relate to everything you have said. This is a message for everybody. There is true evil out there, sad as it is, and it is our choice to face it or to run anyway, but for how long?

  22. I can totally identify with what you are saying…. I think you know that I suffer from depression… To the point where I have had suicidal thoughts… Finally one day when I was thinking ” it would just be easier if “… I told Satan that I knew these evil thoughts were coming from him and to stop… and in that moment, they did.

    That’s not to say that it’s not ever been a struggle sense… But that I realized in that moment that these weren’t my thoughts, and I needed help to be free

    ❤️❤️❤️ sending love

    Thank you. All this ugly in the world makes me sad. Your post… Makes me happy 😀

    • thanks so much Cinn, for sharing your story. yes! i am so glad that you banished Satan. because you’re right – those were not your thoughts. you deserve life and life in abundance! sending you so much love, friend. Hugs and love xox

  23. There is a war in Marawi islamic city in my country. It has been 3 months and the never hasn’t ceased yet. As of today 700 governement forces abd terrorist an civilians have been accounted to have died ..And from a distance we can only pray that one day soon this will end..

  24. I think the wakeup call came the first time Barack Obama ran for President. I saw racism in people I never suspected. In my opinion, it has been getting worse ever since. I think as a result of “Political Correctness,” not being able to say what you actually think caused some people to bottle it all up. The rise of Trump sort of caused people to let go of self-restraint.

    I think you’re right. The children of God need to stand up. Not with hate or violence, but, with love. I’m not sure what that looks like, but I have a suspicion that it looks a lot like Jesus during his trial and crucifixion. And in the end, it will also look like Jesus in His resurrection. We will be victorious.

  25. “He (and of course, as implied in scripture, She) whom the Lord sets free is free indeed!”

    Thank You for sharing your personal experience with the evil one, and with the Good One! Your story is one of grace, mercy, courage, and LOVE… God’s love for you, and your resulting love for Him! (“We love Him because He first loved us.”)

    I’m proud of you, sis-in-Christ! Carry on…!

  26. Extremely touched on this post. More or less we all are facing these evils. Despite the ED my life too resembles yours in certain things like accepting God and Jesus Christ ‘s wisdom. Gking through odds, overcoming it and feelingb of responsibility for the society and the humanity itself. May God Bless You and All.

  27. Good and evil; there never is one without the other. It’s a terrible truth about life and we all should fight evil in our own way. I’ve mostly been a pacifist my whole life because I learned the more you fight, the more challenges will come to break you down. I’ve always believed in trying to turn negative images into positive ones. With pure hate such as this though, it’s complicated. We need leaders, we need inspiration, we need words that make bigger noises than actions.

    Nobody is asking what they can do for their country, nobody has dreams anymore, and nobody believes in change. I hope that in the days to come we find that person who inspires us to dream. As of right now, keep raising our voices till someone finally listens. This was a great article and I appreciate your time in writing this B.B.B. Good job and I’m glad to be following you.

    Anthony Labson

    • Thanks for this, Anthony. You’re right, that is a sad truth. But it’s so true – we need to raise our voice in love. thanks for taking the time to read. Hugs and love xox

  28. Beauty,
    Congrats on coming out. So many followers of Jesus in this country are afraid to talk about the spiritual realm, but it is so real. I believe your experience was just that – demonic influence in your life at that time. Praise God that you are now free! Your blogs have gotten deeper since your mother’s stroke – God is working in you. And he has hold of your mother, too. He was not surprised by her stroke, but for some reason that we will likely never understand until we see him face to face, he allowed it.

    Blessings! Paul

    • Thanks so much Paul. You’re right – we need to talk about God. We need to shed light on His mercy and grace and power. Thanks for such encouragement. Yeah, my mom’s stroke really put a lot of things into perspective for me. You’re right about that. He has not abandoned her or me. Hugs and love xox

  29. This was sooooo powerful. I had a spirit of fear that used to give me panic attacks whenever I heard or thought of trigger words…Jesus delivered me just as He did you. We serve an awesome God.

    • Thanks so much, Brittania. You’re so right – He is an awesome God and He saves us. I’m so glad you know His deliverance too. 🙂 thanks for always being so encouraging. it means the world. Hugs and love xox

  30. Thank you for a powerful post. I pray for everyone physically and emotionally hurt in Charlottesville. We need more loving and less hating!

  31. Are you familiar with the White Rose movement, the Christian resistance to the Nazis during Hitler’s time in power? The German pastor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, was the intellectual leader of the resistance. It failed, although they showed great courage. That evil was in the end only overcome with violence.

  32. Powerful post. Thank you for your boldness! I was reminded of so many times in our history when we’ve been at this point and how we, as the Body of Christ, have simply sat back and watched it all happen. Just look at the world that we’ve created for our children! You’re absolutely right – it’s time to show the world the Truth. It’s time to put love in action.

    By the way, you actually prompted my SMILE for today though it’s certainly not my typical smile. Check it out:

  33. Good post. I think the events in Charlottesville should be a pivotal time for all Christians to think about love and kindness. And as you say, figuring out the best way to counteract the evil in the world. So very sad about the death and violence.

  34. Thank you for this. I hate this going on, and I hate the sin I find in my own heart.

    Be killing sin or sin will be killing you. The battle is ugly, but the war was won by Christ on the Cross.

  35. My dear friend,

    Yes, we see evil in many forms: in Lust, in Hate, in Anger, in Ego, in Greed, in attachment, violence etc. – this all is indeed Satan – who is living even in our mind (we decide every moment which way we go: positive or negative – the way to God or the way to hell with our thoughts, deeds and words. If people wouldn’t be so ignorant and just react like so stupidly: as if eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth would solve the problem. With all those bad feature in us we cannot solve the problem – only with good features, with good habits: with respect and love to each other. But it seems that many are just instruments of the evil; they react in an evil way – I wish that all those people would get more consciousness to see themselves clearly what they are doing (because they are so blind that they do not see their bad actions and reactions) – yes we live already in the 21st century but many people still behave as they live in the Middle Ages… We see the fight of Good and Evil everywhere in our world – this world is a battlefield of Good and Evil, but we are not from this world – our real Home is in God – so let us turn our face towards God. He did not come for just certain people, just certain religions, just certain countries and nations – no, we should understand that we are all part of His ceations, that we are all His children – and as His children we should all treat us as brothers and sisters in Him with respect and love and not with blindness and darkness…

    Thanks for sharing this important subject, dear friend
    Have a great day

  36. Loved this. I’m glad you did write this post, in spite of not wanting to. We need more posts like this one. Welcome to life in Pakistan where we have had people gunning down praying persons in mosques and churches. Yes, we certainly need more love than hate in this world. I for one, love what you write and hope to meet you one day. Stay blessed lovely one. … and keep writing!

  37. This is such a powerful post! Thank you for speaking up and speaking truth. I totally agree that God is gearing up to do something with His people and we gotta be ready and we need eyes to see and ears to hear!
    Again, thank you for sharing your heart and I pray the Lord continues revealing His truth and giving you boldness to speak it!

  38. I don’t think this world will ever reach true peace unfortunately because of how this world is, and what Jesus warns us about. But Christ is peace, and you are right we can show others that peace, and shine that light. Hopefully, we all wake up soon, and not later. Thanks for sharing!!! I know you struggled with this post.

  39. Your religion is of course incredibly important to you, and I deeply respect that. But may I ask, and I am quite serious here, what your thoughts are on other religions? Seeing how you see (the Christian) God as the only way to combat evil. Do you believe then, as a consequence, that us who are devout followers of other religions, and other Gods, are in fact evil? It is only natural for you to think that our beliefs are wrong (because well, otherwise you wouldn’t be a Christian!), but do you also think we are opposed to the force of good? It is a difficult question, but I ask anyway, for all the non-Christians around the world who fight for the betterment of mankind, fight for justice, stand for peace, and devout their lives to helping others. Would you say it’s a case of having found (the Christian) God without actually realizing it? Him working through them without their knowledge? I am genuinely curious of your thoughts on this (despite being pretty certain we don’t agree on the answer!) so I hope you might take the time to respond.
    Be well!

    • Your questions are very important and thoughtful, I’d like to respond if I may? All good comes from God so yes, He can use anyone for His purposes. I would recommend you read the Bible (start at the section called John as it’s a good place for new readers to start) or find a study nearby where you can learn about Jesus who claims to be the Truth and see His claims for yourself. It will possibly change your life! It certainly has for me – I can’t find any other philosophy or religion that can stand up to the testimony of Jesus.

      • Thank you for responding, and for your advice! I am however already happily devouted to the old Gods of my ancestors, a choice made not from ignorance or wickedness but from honest faith. That however doesn’t change the fact that I respect a faithful Christian with the will to do good, as far as I see it the quality of a man or woman isn’t dependent on which religion he/she adheres to. And I would hope you might see the same, and likewise accept us belonging to other religions than your own!

      • I absolutely agree that the quality of our actions in doing good is independent of which religion one subscribes to, I would see good deeds as the fruit of one’s faith. I would hate to think I would be unaccepting of anyone, regardless of our differences, my faith compels/inspires/commands me to love everyone! It seemed to me that you were asking two questions above, one about the source of good and the other about the differences of religion, the second point certainly is a means of division between people -sadly.

    • Thanks so much for this question, Fny. I certainly respect all religions and beliefs, and love people no matter what they believe. I think that all goodness in the world comes from God, whether or not the person knows it. There are lots of “good” people who are not Christian, but I believe that that goodness comes from God, as He is the source of all things good. I hope that answers your questions. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond. it really means a lot 🙂 big hugs to you xox

    • As a Christian I will absolutely answer your question with all love. Jesus Christ is the only way that leads to eternal life and there is only one a God. God the Father, who sent his only begotten Son that whomever shall believe in Him shall have everlasting life. I don’t know who you think you serve, but if it’s not God the moment you die you will be going to hell. I can’t with a clear conscience not respond to this with the truth. Get right with the Lord. Before it’s too late!

      • Thank you for responding! While I don’t agree with you I appreciate your care for my soul. Be well!

  40. Yes. All of this.

    Normally, I get particularly interested when a national tragedy happens in a place I’m familiar with. And I’ve been to Charlottesville five times between 2003 and 2013, more than any other city outside of the Pacific time zone. I have good friends who are almost like family who live just outside of Charlottesville. But when this story unfolded, my reaction was more like “oh great, now one of my favorite places to visit is going to be forever associated with ‘this’” (combined with irritation at my geographically ignorant friends who said that this was happening in Charlotte, North Carolina). It’s just sad. But you’re completely right. We need to call evil evil. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for this refection. You’re right – we need to call evil evil. I’m sorry that your association with Cville has been given that filter. I hope that with time, you can remember all the good memories there too 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  41. Maybe we should stop calling them White supremacists. It makes them think they are supreme, maybe call them white mindless morons or white stupidity. Who’d want to hold their hand up and say “I’m proud to be a White stupidity”
    It’s very sad what is still happening in the world, and an awful weekend for Charlottesville. I like to think that in the future people will will look back on these times in disbelief , like we do at the Witch trials. I wonder why KKK isn’t charged with hate crimes? I’m all for freedom of speech, but freedom shouldn’t mean you have the means to bully and intimidate others.
    I could go on, but my comment would be as long as your post. Stay safe and positive. Thanks for a thoughtful post.

  42. Hello Caralyn, thank you for your bavery and your honesty in writing and sharing this rich message. I do agree with you; satan is the dirty devil behind every evil deed! His time is nearing the end and he knows it. He’s continuously setting up traps to keep God’s creation in disarray. However, in all of this, the good new is that the victory was won at the Calvary’s Cross! and we’re going to seeing “Every knee bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God.” Blessing to you dear one ^_^

  43. An interesting post but for once I am going to disagree with you because we are not the solution. “We” are powerless; Jesus indicated that when we understand God’s will the only solution can be God’s Kingdom. It is what we pray for everyday – Our father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified, Let Your Kingdom come! Let Your Will be done!

    Our recognition of Satanic control of this world is a first step to the solution the second is living by God’s standards.

    When Jesus said that Christians were no part of this world he indicated that those who follow him would be set apart, not under the influence of Satanic propaganda.

    Your personal story and history is powerful, you show how truth can move us to do the right things.

    • Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate your thoughts. I definitely agree – when I said that “we” are the solution, that was more a call to action. I am 1000% with you that God is the ultimate solution. But we are His hands and feet here on earth, hence my comment. But yes – God i the solution – and Him, through us, will get the work done on earth. hope that clears things up. so glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  44. AMEN, Sister!! I love this woman! It’s not always easy to say the hard things, but you do it so very well. God put a wonderful gift in you.

  45. Thank you,
    In Christ, we’ve a sure identity. And I think it’s possible that we can be both healed, and also not quite aware of where we are healed in the depths…

    It’s difficult, to hear of your painful time. To be so vulnerable and frightened

  46. This is simply amazing! You literally took the bull by the horn
    The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Love. Where there is Love, hate cannot thrive.
    What our world needs is more of God which is equivalent to Love. True Love is explained in 1 Corinthians 13: it’s kind, not proud and doesn’t think evil.
    We all need Love
    And you’re right, we are in a spiritual battle. Ephesians 6:12 says we are not fighting that which is physical, but our battle is against spiritual powers.
    The devil wants us to be busy with the physical and ignore the REAL battle- the spiritual
    The Lord Almighty will help us, I pray he’ll fight for us. I also pray for God’s peace upon the family of the victims

    • Thank you so much. You’re so right – His is the spirit of love, and that drives out hate. Amen! The world needs more of God! 🙂 I’ll join you in that prayer. Hugs and love xox

  47. Yes! Absolutely. I wrote about Charlottesville, too, although I also did not want to do it. Yet… I have friends who are hurting. And I was also faced by my own propensity to evil. In my case it was an outburst of anger, but I also thought long and hard about how prone we ALL are to evil, myself included. The Bible calls a person who cannot control their anger a fool, and I was as much a fool yelling at my teenager as the guy who ran people down. Ugly, but true. It’s time to rally the troops and stand firm on the Word of Truth… <3

  48. As I was reading this post, I was reminded of the following passage of Scripture: ‘For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

    Many Christians attending church today are not taught these things. They spend an hour to an hour and a half getting what I would call a motivational speech rather than being taught what they need to know to be equipped to do battle against Satan and his dark forces.

    There are some churches out there that are trying to get this message out but they are few and far between. It’s Christians like us who need to try and wake up the body and prepare them for what is happening now and what is to come.

  49. This is a very intense and important post. The events on Saturday were just evil, and honestly this is something that has been happening for centuries, and what I can’t wrap my mind around is that there are people who believe their race is superior to everyone else’s. I believe we are all made in God’s image. Its all just very sad and honestly as a man of color honestly I’m scared by what might happen next. I shouldn’t have to fear walking out my door everyday because of a police officer shooting a black man or with this whole thing in Charlottesville.
    Thank you for writing on this my friend
    And thank you for letting God use you.

    • thank you so much friend for sharing this, friend. I know, it was such a sad and tragic day. I’m so sorry that you feel that way. that breaks my heart. I hear you and I am in your corner, friend. We are all God’s children, and should treat one another as such. Hugs and love xox

  50. Howdy. I do believe that there is an arch enemy of life, the accuser, the destroyer, the Dragon, that old serpent called Satan. I also believe in the need for prayer and personal revival. I agree that many Christians are soon name only; living in a dry husk of faithlessness and idolatry.
    I question the “Nation under God” concept. Revelation refers to the US when it says it looks like (a facade, counterfeit, a poser) The Lamb but speaks like (is owned by, has character of, acts like) the Dragon. I’ve seen so many comments like “this is not like us.” Uh yes it is. It’s the bright lights of compassion, kindness, love, and grace that’s unusual.
    But the part I’m missing, and I admit I may have misread or I’m not connecting the dots very well, is the personal responsibility beyond not praying enough. What I mean is, I am concerned that by blaming Satan or saying that Christians are complacent – the problem is “out there,” we refuse to acknowledge the real part we have played in promoting and actually perpetuating evil. And God cannot heal or change what we are unwilling to acknowledge.

  51. Wonderful and dead on post. Yes we are all children of God but some are using their hatred in God’s name and that is such a sinful shame. If we all loved God the same, we would love all people the same. Until we truly put God first then Satan becomes first. It is not too hard to turn to God for guidance when evil tries to sneak in on you. I pray for each and every person on this earth that we can come together and accept each other as our sisters and brothers in Christ no matter how tough that may seem. God is our answer to everything.

    • Thanks so much Corrie. That is SO true! We should love all our brothers and sisters the same, because we are all part of God’s family. I will join you in that beautiful prayer. Hugs and love xox

  52. It is time for us to stand up, to burn bright, and we have become complacent. The only thing is, the cancer has always been there. It never went away. We ignored it, and we (those like me who are white and privileged) didn’t pay attention because it wasn’t on our radar. Others face it every day. Evil. Like you called it. It’s time we stop ignoring it. It is a wake up call. An alarm that has been blaring at us for a long, long time. We have to stop hitting the snooze button. Glad to see you waking to it. Hopefully, as we see the swell of hate, we see the tsunami of love decimate it.

  53. Thank you for such a poignant post. I live 2 1/2 hours from Charlottesville, and I was horrified all weekend, watching everything unfold from my laptop. I’m so glad that you use your words and your love for Christ to spread His word to all!

  54. We do need to speak boldly about our faith. And you’re doing that already. 🙂

    On the other hand, 99.9% of Christians come from a religious system and are really not followers of Jesus but of a man-made institution. That means they miss the point when it comes to also loving and showing compassion to those who are doing ‘evil’ and that’s how the trouble has historically perpetuated. It makes me cringe when I see the religious jargon in people’s comments, all of those creative words extensively used to refer to the devil and deflect blame.

    There is the devil, yes. But there is also the evil that inhabits us – and that’s entirely on us. We sin because we are sinners. Evil inhabits us.

    We definitely can’t be ‘playing along’ with behavior that’s widespread in society in order to ‘reconcile differences’ and be accommodating. I’ve personally decided to let people I meet know exactly where I’m coming from spiritually instead of quietly listening to their mystic nonsense as they choose to live in bubbles of ‘acceptance & coexisting’.

    Nonetheless, regardless of what others are doing and whether that’s the devil working on them or simply their own inner evil in operation, our reaction should be forgiving, showing compassion and loving them. We’re free to deeply dislike these people’s actions, but are most definitely in no position to judge & condemn them.

    Any speech that’s loaded with condemnation instead of love is also a work of evil – no matter who it is directed at. Which is why I like your post: it ends with love because you know from personal experience that’s the only way to ‘fight’ evil. 🙂

    • Thanks for this powerful perspective. I agree that we need to actually take accountability for when we fall away from God. Because we are a fallen people, and we all are capable of evil. we need to cling to Jesus. Hugs and love xox

  55. Terrorism is evil even in my country. We all need prayers. #I pray for the comfort of Charlottesville…Also I would like you to help me a great poetry I’m about to unleash … I would love that you let me share the loads of it on your blog…if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks beautybeyondbones
    ..really encouraging…

  56. Amen and amen. I am no stranger to the devil and his attacks. It did me good to read someone else talk about it. The last hour has been difficult for me, and I am encouraged now. Keep speaking the truth and keep your eyes on the prize – sweet Jesus.

  57. I appreciate your willingness to share. I too have felt the Holy Spirit pushing me to address the evil we are facing in the world with bluntness. I may, with your permission, incorporate some of your thoughts into an upcoming message to my congregation (I am a United Methodist pastor). I will, of course, give proper credit.

  58. AMEN … AMEN … AMEN !!! I have been saying this very thing for years. We are in a battle against EVIL … SATAN !!!!! We do need to suit up and prepare for the battle of our lives. Thank you SO much for speaking out !!! You make me feel so much better about the younger generation. I pray there are more of you out there !!! Continue to keep me posted about your book the week of August 28 !!!! I can’t wait to read it !!! love, jan

  59. So I’ve taken some time to look at the photo you posted of yourself in this blog. It’s very interesting in fact all your photos are interesting because they tell a story. I have a question. Your jeans are nice. Your hair is obviously combed or brushed. I have to wonder is the photo you posted in this particular blog of yourself and reference to and you want to do for Forever 21 West 49 Gap or winners?

  60. Hola! It’s been a long hot Georgia minute since I’ve checked in and commented, but great read, sista! So proud of you for getting to the crux of it.

    I posted a political cartoon poster on my FB page recently, which is rare for me to do. It was in ref to what happened in Charlottesville and it’s generated a lot of commentary–mostly in agreement with the message (which was to stand against nazi and kkk ideology, the alt-right).

    All of this to say, I found myself responding about the love of God and His mercifulness a lot. I spoke of receiving a revelation of the Father’s love through Christ and, essentially, how such a revelation enables you to walk in merciful love towards all people. I spoke of His radical love also being for those who decided to act out with hatefulness and violence. It is an important time to pray for those who are committing acts of evil towards others. I know how radical that sounds to a lot of believers around here too, but it is the heart of our Father. This doesn’t mean that justice, according to the laws of our land, should be ignored. Absolutely not!

    Either way, I love what I am already seeing the Holy Spirit encourage–for us to boldly share how powerful the love of God is and how His love truly changes hearts!

    Mondo love to you, beautiful sister in Christ!! I am thankful for your boldness!!!

  61. Thank you for posting this. I loved your post. You are absolutely right. Satan is evil and man can do wicked things under his direction. With that said, the devil has lied to the masses about the Charlottesville car attack. The attack itself was staged like a movie set. YouTube has removed many vids exposing this truth. Even I had to rename the title of my video just to get it uploaded onto YouTube. Here’s a video of a witness exposed lying:

    The reasoning for this event is to increase tension & division among races, political parties, etc., pass more harsh laws, and make America more of a police state with a curfew.

    By the way, congrats on your upcoming book. I was not aware. How did I miss that? I hope I can get a free copy please or at least a PDF. I want to read it. Let your light shine. Have a blessed day.

  62. Being able to write a post like this, using the evil you found within you and casting it out, as an example to make your point, strikes at the heart of evil in a way that we need to hear from more writers. I learned from my own experiences as a ten year old victim of a sexual assault by an older boy that you cannot control the actions of others. You can only control yourself. And how you deal with the evil comes from within you. As a writer you have used your words to strike a blow for the good side. Thank you. I applaud your courage and your ability as a wielder of the right words.

    • thanks so much friend, for sharing your story. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that as a child. gosh that just breaks my heart. you did not deserve that and I hope you know how you deserved to be cherished and protected. Sending you so much love. Hugs and love xox

  63. When I was a Protestant, it was quite ‘in’ to go about attacking evil. I did this often and I believe it devastated the health, and wealth, of my husband and I. I am now an Orthodox Christian and I have learned a better way. I will bring the light, and the love. I will not be vulgar (which means common), I will do my best not argue, I will do my best to stir up love, and not hate. There is enough swill out there, but love? Love is in short supply. Forgiveness has gone by the wayside. Mercy is almost unheard of these days. That is the secret to spiritual battle. Cultivating a spirit a peace. It confuses our enemies and takes away their power over us.

  64. Heartbreakingly beautiful. I love how unafraid you were to write about such a sensitive situation, and your courage in sharing such a personal experience. I can’t imagine Satan ever being inside you-your heart is too golden. You inspired & encouraged me!!

    I just published this piece I wrote on my blog- I thought you might like to read it if you have time!

  65. Satan is very much real and here and the Bible calls him the god of this world…

    Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. 2 Corinthians 4:4

    Now the good news…
    But the Son of God came to destroy these works of the devil
    1 John 3:8

    It’s real. The war for the world. It’s real.

  66. Every word here is absolute. Yes, satan deceives by making us believe he isn’t real. And out of the mouths of rebellious ones at the fork in their road at the breaking point is expulsion of the evil poisoning our souls. It’s the point when Jesus has rescued His Beloved- the place where evil ends and God begins.

  67. Amen! Wonderful, you’re testimony here. Praise God! Yes, we need to call evil evil. And stand for the truth in love in Jesus. So sad. There should be no room in this nation for such hateful displays as from the white supremacists. Counter demonstrations, as Martin Luther King, Jr. demonstrated must be peaceful, even loving to the enemy, as he taught and practiced, of course from our Lord. We must hate what is evil, yet love the evildoers. We are in a spiritual battle for sure. Thanks much for the reminder.

  68. Your sentence is key in understanding what is happening both locally and globally.. ‘We, as a collective society, have lost sight of God. We’ve put Him on the back burner, letting other things become idols in our lives’….. the fruit of idol worship is destruction, death, chaos, hate, bitterness…Yet! God says that we, who are called by His name, must return to Him, confess our sins and He will heal our lands.. 2 Chron. 7:14…. we need a Holy Revival globally.x

  69. Yes. The whole planet needs God … and the west has betrayed Jesus Christ and his message … which is not about ‘having it all’ but ‘giving it all’ (an idea for my own blog I think … to centre around that phrase …?) Bless you.

  70. Ok so WOW – You really put it out there didn’t ya kid! Absolutely LOVE hearing the TRUTH!!! You are so right on so many different levels. We as a NATION need to realize that we are now just THE HUMAN RACE and NOTHING MORE and certainly NOTHING LESS. Christians (all people for that matter) need to turn it all over to GOD because clearly WE cannot handle this kind of responsibility. Great Post and yes it should make us all uneasy and get us to thinking – BIG HUGS!!!!!!!

  71. This event was difficult to witness. Pain shared by my brothers and sisters for no good reason.
    Battling for liberty, battling against evil, is not new.
    Joan of Arc gave her life in battle.
    Millions of Americans have died in battle, fighting for and achieving liberty.
    I believe America is the greatest country on Earth because of its dedication to freedom and liberty for all.
    This includes the freedom of speech and public assembly.
    In a truly libertarian society, you are even allowed to call out your hatred, display your evil, even burn our sacred flag.
    I would give my life to defend liberty.
    At the same time, we declared liberty from Great Britain, then fought and died for it.
    We declared the Grand Experiment would outlive us all, and when the Axis Powers opposed us, we fought and died again.
    Perhaps it’s an observation some will not understand, perhaps it flies in the face of my own non-confrontational, non-violent rules of engagement. Perhaps it’s an affront to true liberty?
    I hold with those that made a stand. Those that said “We will not stand for hatred, even if you see it as freedom.”.
    I hold with those that went to battle against wrong, hatred and evil, at their own peril.
    If we all speak up loud enough and long enough, we can overcome such evil and hatred.
    After the warriors have fallen, however, let us remember the only true path is love and forgiveness.
    After the war, we must reach out our hands, and love one another.

    Your ob’d servant,


  72. I have no idea my lady why we are afraid to confront evil………yes its scary but when God told Joshua to be courageous and strong, it was because things would be scary. We dont need strength and courage for things that aren’t scary. He also told him he would never leave or abandon him….like Joshua we have that same promise. Thanks lady for echoing this loving voice in our world……only love can conquer hate. And according to Eleanor Roosevelt…..”We have to face the fact that either all of us are going to die together or we are going to learn to live together and if we are to live together we have to talk……..” so I salute you in starting this conversation.

  73. Wow, what a powerful and needed post. We need to talk about it, all the hate and evil in the world, for it will always exist. Sometimes I feel helpless with it all and simply skip the news but it can’t be ignored. Prayer is definitely the answer! Love wins over hate. Blessings to you.❤

  74. Dear Caralyn!
    I’ve read through your post several times and it took me some time to understand what confuses me.
    First of all I wanna thank you for sharing a very personal detail about your healing process. I can only imagine how much courage it takes to share something like that online. Thank you!!
    For most part of your post I couldn’t agree more. You are right, there is evil in the world and the way you try to explain the existence of something we normally call “Satan” is understandable. To externalise a disease or any threats we experience makes perfect sense because helps you start to understand, the disease is not who you are but something you can get rid off.
    I struggle with the concept of “Satan” because it takes responsibility away from us. It actually excuses those neo-Nazis or KKK people because at the end, it would not be their fault, not their wrong-doing but it would be an external force – Devil, Satan or however you wanna call it. They were just to say they were under some form of spell and go free. The guy who drove that car into the counter protesters is solely responsible for his action and therefore he must be held responsible.
    Caralyn, please don’t get me wrong now but if you talk about your ED and how you externalised it so you can fight it this is slightly different. If I read your blogs correctly you knew perfectly well that it was your responsibility that you lied to the people around you. I know such a terrible disease makes you do things you normally wouldn’t. Just your desire to come clear with your parents and friends shows that you are ready to take that responsibility. Otherwise you wouldn’t have cared.

    I really “enjoy” reading your blog. It makes me think and question my concepts or is really encouraging (for the most part) 🙂 for me personally and my job as pastor.

    All God’s blessings to you!!

    • Thanks for your thoughts Andy. I’m glad it made you think. I definitely agree that we need to take accountability for our actions. After all- we have the benefit — and *responsibility* — of free will. The enemy is on the attack, always looking for ways to trip us up. That’s where or diligence in prayer and seeking the Lord comes in. I really appreciate your perspective. Really powerful food for thought. Hugs and love xox

  75. You smell of hypocrisy everything you say. You say women are better than men. How is that any different from being a white Supremacist yourself? Your Jesus says, Turn the Other Cheek, a law you never live. What Christian are you in all of Christendom? You say it, but you don’t do it. What does that make you, and what right does it give you to talk talk talk about these topics? We all know you’ll never actually DO anything. You’ll just pray to your Jesus on his cross. As with the woman on the airplane. You’ll never actually DO anything. Reality Check, woman. You never DO. No. And you’ve ridiculized me, and you have ridiculized others. We imagine you will continue to ridicularize and use your front of Jesus for gossip fodder always even to ridiculize the white supremacistss and basically everyone you can, because THAT is what you do: Make fun. You are not part of the solution to society. You are, simply put, an accuser. An abuser. You are part of the problem. You say you pray. Your god gave you HANDS to DO something, not to keep them idle in the prayerful movements of your filthy lips. You ridiculize and ridiculize and ridiculize. But why don’t you ever “turn the other cheek”? You’re a wolf prowling for situations to gather base to your popularity. Nothing more. You’d never stand against anybody doing evil. Because you are the evil. You’d never help anybody needing good, because you’re too absorbed in your own Jesus-based popularity. But why? Will you ever learn to do good? Or just choose to tear down and never uplift in any meaningful way? Woman, you ARE the evil. I have stated it before. I will state it again. YOU are the evil. You propogate it. You teach it. You live it. What’s the difference? You hypocrites should find another career than spreading hypocrisy. I’m still waiting for an apology. But that’s okay. I’ll wait forever. But don’t EVER mention me again in your blog posts. And I won’t EVER write you again, either.

  76. I agree, as I have also experienced this in my life, that I am capable of evil. Whenever we leave chinks in our armour through unconfessed sin or exposing ourselves to evil, then we give evil a foothold in our lives. I have often been scared by how horrible I am inside without Jesus. These words are true: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

    No more lies – tell the truth and be set free. If anyone is reading this and is still hiding something, please know that you will never be free until you tell the truth. Freedom is waiting for you. 🙂

  77. “…Live as well as possible, expect no more. Destroy nothing, humble nothing, look for fault in nothing, leave unsullied and untouched all that is beautiful.
    “Hold that which lives in all reverence, for life is given by the Sovereign Of Our Universe, given to be savoured, to be luxuriated in, to be… respected…”
    U r welcome to seek solace here:
    Btw, thank u for supporting my medieval fiction
    So Brave, So Bold, So Beautiful
    Bless u

  78. hey once again, thanks for sharing and being real and raw.absolutely agree and understand how the devil tries to us of all our inheritance in Christ, deceiving us into believing his lies. but thanks for the timely reminder that in Christ, our inheritance is eternal and nothing can ever separate us from the love of God xx

    also, just wanted to ask, how do you go about launching a book? I’ve always wanted to do something similar but i’ve no idea how to go about doing so 🙁

  79. Timely post. Thanks for sharing your personal story too. Yes, we need to unite and stand together to fight evil with goodness. We are in the midst of spiritual battle.

  80. What’s happened is nothing short of a crime, but this is made worse by the response of those that should be better. Big hugs to you ☺️

  81. Evil can only hide in darkness. The more we name it and expose it for what it truly is- not whitewash it so that we don’t offend anyone- can we truly free people. Such a beautifully brave post. I look forward to reading your book.

  82. Despite all the horrendous things happening around the world, there is more good than evil in this world. I agree with your sentiments 100%. Thanks for sharing this post Caralyn!

  83. Amen to everything! Thank you for using your platform to speak truth in a world full of deceit. Yes, there will be haters, as Christ said…”if they hated me, they will also hate you.” But these are the days we live in, I believe the end of days, as prophesied, but we love in return, and “look up, for our redemption draweth nigh:) Blessings!!!

  84. I appreciate how hard this must have been for you to write, and revisit. That moment of deliverance must have been intense. When talking about Charlottesville, however, I think there is a problem with saying turn to God, and leaving it at that. Because that means different things to different people. The white supremacists who marched on Saturday all think they are already turning to God. The ugly truth is some people are following the Devil and believe it is God. Turning to God only works when you understand God is love, and that is true for everyone of any race, creed, color, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, or any other category people use to say any other people are anything other than children of God.

  85. As someone who voted for Trump (as you’ve stated you did), I can’t help but wonder how it feels to see KKK members and neo-Nazis say “hail Trump” as they walk through Charlottesville (which is where I live, by the way). I say this not to stir the pot or be scornful… I really want to know your thoughts. These people feel empowered by his message, especially on the campaign trail… They believe he had their bigoted interests at heart. And I can’t say I don’t agree…

    • it is scary. and disappointing. and awful. Those hate groups are abhorrent and the worst of the worst. There is no place for them in America or anywhere for that matter. Disgusting. Hope that answers your question 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  86. My thoughts after reading your post are most of us are scared of talking about evil. But most of them don’t believe that he is real, or that Satan is wreaking havoc in our lives daily. It is destroying this place we call home. I was speaking with a client today and we were speaking about a lot of subjects, but in the back of my mind, I kept wanting to bring in God into the conversation somehow. I think he would be open, but it was afterwards that I
    had the thought of introducing the idea that evil is real, and it’s against all that is good and from God. I’ve been praying for Trump, the Lord put him on my heart after he was elected. Praying for His will to be done in all ways. blessings 🙂

    • Thanks for this thoughtful response Tamara. Yeah I read a poll that of the people who believe in God, only 40% believe in the enemy. Which is a sobering thought. Because we need to be diligently defending our temples from attacks from the enemy, and how can one do that if they don’t believe he’s real?! I pray for trump too. He needs all the prayers he can get. That’s not a political jab or anything. But world leaders genuinely need massive prayers. Especially in this time. Hugs and love xox

  87. The honesty here is touching. I had not read this prior to uploading my latest post today (as you ‘liked’) concerning satan and the misery he inflicts. Be Good and be careful.

  88. Jesus said to Simon called Peter “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me. For you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”

    People like to blame all the lies, evil and hatred in the world on Simon the Rock …calling him Satan! Think about it!!! Who is the rock, the stumbling block that takes all the sin of the world upon himself to teach the world about LOVE, FORGIVENESS, PEACE and to RESTORE THE WORLD to GOD and Each other.

    We Christians have an opportunity to face the truth and live LOVE. Demonizing the people who deny knowing us, or refuse to get behind us or berate us with names or put us in chains or give us some disease…makes GOD the LIAR and his/her children demons–which they are most certainly not. God created HUMANITY in GOD’s own image and likeness!!!

    Disease and injustice exist and often times we get angry when we have a disease we cannot control or an injustice we cannot make right. SO…as Joyce Myers said on TV this morning…when Trouble comes…it is more important to change our attitude than it is to struggle with the Trouble. I like that thought.

    In the context of Charlottesville…and terrorism, lets face the TRUTH…our attitude is exacerbating the trouble. We want terrorism, nationalism, racial supremacy, racism, gender violence etc. to stop. Shouting and protesting the evil and injustice of people who are God’s children and calling them EVIL or HATEFUL monsters turns us against ourselves.

  89. I thank God for using you as a vessel to speak to each and every one of us. May God be with us and help us through these difficult times.

    May God bless you and be with you always xx

  90. Hi same thing is happening in our country the Philippines. We are a Christian country but more than 20 people were killed by police everydsy as part of the so called war on drugs, police plant drugs and guns to
the suspects even young ones and kill them.

  91. Those who are healed become instruments of healing. We are a healing presence to others when we give them strength and when we give them hope. We can become like Christ, the Master Healer. His humanity, liberating and lifegiving presence on earth. “Pascha” means Passover; Jesus Christ is our Passover from death to life. “Peace be to you. As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” Christ ist the vine and we are his branches.

      • You are the instrument of His Light, a bearer of God’s love in a broken world. Everything is waiting for you, beloved Caralyn. Be the luminous radical light of his kingdom. 😉 We should offer to all, without exception or condemnation, the path to forgiveness and peace in Christ. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Every human being is a child of the Creator, created in His image and likeness, and therefore we are all brothers and sisters whatever our race, nationality or creed.

  92. Very well stated and I wish all Christians understood the power they have through the Holy Spirit to effect change in the world. If we did, the world would be a better place.
    Blessings to you and your ministry
    Pastor Lester

  93. There’s a part of me that instantly goes “Yes! Huzzah!” Because I’ve experienced darkness, I’ve felt evil. Battling an addiction that led to experiences and dreams of demonic presences, and I know enough now about identity to know it wasn’t just some projection of myself.

    But that part of me doesn’t go “Huzzah!” anymore because here’s the thing I learned about the enemy while I was learning about the gospel: he is already defeated.

    2 Peter 2:6 and Jude 1:6 tell us that God has all the demons under lock and key in chains and prisons of darkness.

    I’m not saying what many many people continually experience isn’t real, because absolutely there’s an enemy out there, and absolutely we should know how to deal with him. But the reality is he is defeated and any action he or his demons take is an illegal move under the authority of YHWH Elohim–authority that is ours as kings and queens in the royal priesthood that is the kingdom of God which means…. there’s nothing to be afraid of (: there is nothing that can stand against us if we know and use our authority. No way no how. And that is SUCH good news for the Church because it means there is no fight to gear up for, there’s just an identity to be regained in Jesus <3

    Thanks for sharing your experience (: that was such a powerful moment for you