EUPHORIA: Truth in the Filth

What teens today are watching is absolutely abhorrent.

Boy, do I sound like I’m 90 years old, or WHAT?

Back in myyyy day, we had to walk three miles to school in the snow, uphill both ways…without shoes.”

But all jokes aside, I recently watched the hit teen drama, “Euphoria” — starring and produced by Zendaya of Disney Channel and Dancing with the Stars fame.

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

And all I can say is … wow. And that “wow” is not a good “wow.”

It is terrifying that our young people are being blasted such smut and filth on that show. I mean, it is not even soft core pornography. There are scenes that are just — I often have to close my eyes so as not to be exposed to things I don’t want to see. ((Click here to read my take on porn)).

For starters, the show centers around a recovering/drug abusing high schooler – played by Zendaya – who is trying to put her life back together after overdosing. It follows her tumultuous romantic relationship with her best friend, who is a trans girl — aka, a male who is dressing and living as a female.

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

So that normalization is already a great start.

Add to that the rampant and explicitly shown sex — some of which violent. One character’s story arch has her becoming a “cam girl” dominatrix AS A HIGH SCHOOLER. And of course, no “woke” show would be complete without a teen pregnancy and her rush to Planned Parenthood for an abortion…and this show was no exception.

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

There is out of control drug use, binge drinking like you wouldn’t believe — with parental consent, and sometimes participation. There’s domestic abuse. There’s pedophilia, and porn use. There’s theft.

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

And just on another note…the scandalous clothing that these sixteen year olds are wearing is enough to make you cry. I mean, if my daughter ever walked out of the house donning some of the outfits these girls are wearing….

So why the heck am I watching it, then?

Which is a really good question. Because, frankly I am of the belief that it is best to not support such shows and companies that completely disregard and spit in the face of morality, and are leading to the degradation and corruption of our young people. (We vote with our pocketbooks, right?)

But there are really two reasons.

Number One: I wanted to see what today’s young people are being fed as “normal.” When I was growing up, The OC and One Tree Hill were the “edgy shows” of the time, and I’d be hard pressed to tell you that Marissa Cooper, the lead on The OC, didn’t play a role in my development of anorexia. But that’s a tale for another day.

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

And Number Two: there actually was one redeeming quality of the show. Which, as hard as this show is to sit through, is the only thing that makes it bearable.

And that is the honesty with which the show portrays addiction: the complete destruction of relationships, of families, of futures, of health, of life.

That is the one thing about the show that good. In that, among all the filth, there is a fleck of a redeeming quality in how it portrays the darkness of addiction.

And as pissed at Zendaya as I am for putting this show out in the world for teens to obsess over…and they do…I’ve gotta give it to her: she’s one heck of an actress.

The precision of her depiction of the darkness that is addiction and the struggle to recover, is so accurate, it’s scary. There were times when I had to pause the show and tell my special gentleman, how I had a situation just like that in my own anorexia story. Which — is different than drug addiction, per se — but anorexia is an addiction none the less, and the two are apples from the same tree.

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

The rageful blow ups between Zendaya and her mother — those brought back really painful memories of similar episodes in my own life. Ones that spark so much guilt and shame. Ones that I am so grateful to have such forgiving parents and loved ones, who could see that my despicable behavior was not really the real me, but a manifestation of my eating disorder.

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

Her intervention to go to rehab – that was super truthful. The desperate lengths she’d go to get drugs…I wasn’t going after drugs, but dang, I had been there. Also, the manipulation and deception of people she loves all because of her dependency on drugs — I mean, wow — it was like taking a page out of my book.

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

But the most real thing of the show, came not from Zendaya’s performance, but rather, something her AA sponsor said to her. In the show, Zendaya, her younger sister, her mother and her sponsor are sitting around the dinner table. Zendaya has just relapsed, and went through drug detox, and now is feeling a little physically better, and has decided that she wants to actually get sober. And her sister expresses her doubt in Zendaya, saying something to the effect of, “I’ve heard this before.”

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

And I recorded the rest of the conversation, because it was so powerful and hit me hard.

Sister to Sponsor: I mean, you think she’ll get clean?
Sponsor: I don’t know.
Sister: She said it’s like a five percent chance, right?
Sponsor: Something like that.
Sister: Where’s the hope in that?
Sponsor: The hope…is what [Zendaya] has to find.

WOW. That is exactly right.


The ONLY WAY to truly recover — whether it’s from anorexia, drug abuse, alcoholism, porn addiction — FINDING THE HOPE is the ONLY WAY to truly recover.

Not hope in yourself. Not hope in the future, or some 12 step process, or a guru’s meditation plan.

Hope. In. Jesus.

Without Whom, her sister is absolutely right…life will be spent in a contant cycle of rehab, relapse, rehab, relapse, rehab, relapse. Because the only thing in this world that we can ever truly rely on for unwavering strength, unwavering support, unwavering follow through — is Jesus.

Real talk, we can’t even depend on that consistency from ourselves. Because we are human, and when temptation comes our way, it doesn’t matter how strong we are, or how airtight we think our recovery is, there is always a chance that we may fail if we’re solely depending on ourselves as our own savior.

Jesus is that hope.

Jesus is that strength.

I would have no recovery without Him. Without His constant presence in my life. Everyday, whispering to me the TRUTH. Strengthening me with His spirit, with His words of strength. Because here’s another hard truth: when it comes to recovery, there will always be that “voice of darkness” in your head that whispers you lies to get you to slip up. It’s the enemy. And in recovery, you work to silence that voice.

For me, the lie that voice tells me is that I am worthless. Unworthy of love. A burden.

#Euphoria: starring and produced by #Zendaya of #Disney Channel fame, is all the rage among teens for its glorification of all things smut and scandal. But there is ONE fleck of truth in the filth. #addiction #recovery #edrecovery #catholic #god #christianity #hbo

For other addicts, their “lies” are different, but each hit the same, in that their purpose is to get you to relapse. To fall back into the darkness of addiction.

And the ONLY way to overcome that — because you cannot silence it on your own, believe me, I’ve tried — is to DROWN IT OUT with Jesus’s voice of Truth. Because His is louder than any garbage the enemy will hurl at you. And the enemy is relentless. But Jesus is stronger.

I know, I’m pretty passionate about this right now, but He saved my life. He rescued me from that pit of darkness, of despair, of hopelessness. And I will never grow weary of shouting from the rooftops how He did just that.

It is my deepest prayer, that somehow, some way, through all the filth and smut portrayed in Euphoria, that God is able to turn the light on in our teens’ minds that drugs are not just fun and party games: but that they can truly destroy your life. And not just your life, but everyone you love.

Drugs are not the glamorous things they’re made out to be. It’s not just a harmless vice a teen experiments with at a party where the parents are out of time.

They have the power to ruin your life. And potentially end it.

I pray that that is what they take away from the show.

Please, God. Please.

To hear my story, click here.

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70 responses to “EUPHORIA: Truth in the Filth”

  1. I’m not surprised. Disney, et al, has sure come a long way from Cinderella and Bugs Bunny. And yes, there are issues there too. BTW, you’re not old. When I was growing up I was watching Sky King, The Andy Griffith Show and Bozo!

    • Thanks Tim. You’re right about that – Disney has come a long way. Sad when parents have to be weary of what their kids see on the Disney channel! I was watching a show with my niece over Christmas, and in addition to shows where kids have two moms, I was appalled by the sheer disrespect the kids showed their parents in the show! They were….sassy brats, for lack of a better word!! glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  2. All my teen coworkers are binging this show, and it’s helpful to now know what it actually is, so thank you so much!! I had one co-worker look at me though and say, “you don’t seem like kind of person who would watch euphoria.” Now I know how true that statement was.

    • Also- I’m a teen and it’s also insane to me is the prevalence of these things in real life. I work with almost exclusively teens and they are the “norm” I would say for the secular world. Most (if not all) take drugs regularly and nonchalantly, vape, watch porn… not surprisingly, almost all of them have confessed to having some sort of depression, anxiety, or eating disorders. They’re broken and just surviving, but no one sees their lifestyles as unusual. I’m the outsider and stand out without even trying. Praise God, though, Jesus is showing me he can reach even the most broken people!

      • You are not the only one who feel has recognized this in the show. I read a few articles on CBN when the show was first announced which covered how things just keep getting worse in the content on TV. But you are right in the fact that when the darkness is truly shown for what it is that it’s only then the light of Christ can shine in and dispel the darkness.

      • Hi Zachary, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. So true — things have gone from bad to worse when it comes to TV content. Amen – that’s one way to be able to truly appreciate the Light! Hugs and love xox

      • Gosh, you keep beings strong, Rachel. You sounds like an amazing young woman with her head securely on her shoulders! Honestly, I think its better to be an outsider in today’s society, than going along with the depravity that society is shoveling to our young people. You’ve hit the nail on the head: those “norms” all lead to emptiness and despair, and YOU know the one and only true source of hope and peace! Praying for you girl. You are amazing! Hugs and love xox

    • Hey Rachel! Thanks so much for sharing that! Hey, I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all to be known as a person who wouldn’t watch Euphoria. That’s something to be proud of, in my book! 🙂

  3. You are so frank about anorexia. Your comments about recovery were great as they are helpful for any kind of recovery including from narcissistic abuse. My youngsters read and watch all sorts of stuff over the years, I don’t necessarily agree with. My parents never tried to censor what I was into as a teenager. Still probably the worst thing I used to do was play the song “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton.
    I try to get into and understand the things they are into. Certain things I make it clear I don ‘t want around me. I particularly hate some of the video games my youngsters are into. There is a game my daughter loves, which used to make my hair stand on end but I try to get them both to explain things to me. I mean my son was into watching some sort of horrid fighting sport for a while. One of the fighters told his story. It actually had a really positive effect for a while. On the whole I try to understand the things my youngsters watch. Often as you say great lessons can be drawn from things which initially seem totally horrible.
    My son has introduced me to a lot of new stuff over the years. I really got into The Hu a Mongolian band he was into. I find that sometimes works best for me. If their mother starts to like certain things, it often becomes immediately “uncool”. I really do love The Hu still though.😂

    • hahah I need to listen to a song from The Hu! Gosh, I can only imagine how difficult it is to be a parent in today’s world. Wow. Kudos to you for doing such a great job. Yeah, when it comes to anorexia and recovery, I believe frank is the only way to go. There’s just no sugar coating it, nor would i ever want to paint a “rose colored” picture of it, in the hopes that the harsh reality may help some steer clear of it, or offer some sort of understanding to those going through it that, not only do I actually “get it,” but that I’ve made it through, and therefore, they can too. It’s wild how far a little hope can go. Thanks again for sharing your heart. I’m not kidding about The Hu — I’m pulling up Spotify right now 🙂 hehe Hugs and love xox

  4. I have despised Disney for a few years now, they have succumbed to the perversion of the world. I’m so glad that I was a teen in the 70’s!! Is it any wonder that America has seen her best days and that we are on the slippery slope toward the end.

    • Hi John, oh I’m sad to say that I think you’re right about that. We are definitely NOT the same country we were even 20 years ago! yeah, it’s sad that parents have to be weary of their kids watching the Disney Channel now a days. so sad indeed. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this! Hugs and love xox

      • Your welcome, I admire your willingness to put your thoughts and feelings out there for others to see. That’s being very vulnerable but you are a strong woman in many ways! ❤️

  5. You mean Zendaya of Spider-Man fame, in my world… Seriously, though, it’s scary what kids are exposed to these days, and even more scary how the parents either are absolutely clueless or encourage it.

    • hahha – I’ve actually never seen a “super hero” movie!!! can you believe that?! I’m just not really into the whole fantasy super hero world….which, is like 95% of the movies nowadays. Now, though, the classic “Rom-Coms” of yore…ie: 27 Dresses, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Notebook, etc….today rom coms have become so raunchy, I hardly watch movies anymore!! so sad! And I agree – it really is scary. terrifying actually. thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox

  6. We all have things in our lives that God, fantastic father that he is, probably wishes that we didn’t. Funnily enough something came up on You Tube today: A former witch talking about Halloween. I mean I was friends with a witch for a while. She taught me a lot about these things, I didn’t know. I used to love Halloween but it is a lot more sinister than most people realise. I know this comment does not seem relevant here but we are none of us immune to dark influences in our lives.

    • You’re so right about that. How grateful am I that our Father is so forgiving and full of mercy! I don’t know where I’d be without it! And so interesting…yeah, I think there’s a lot more to that seemingly innocent holiday than meets the eye. And wowwww AMEN to that!! There is so much dark influence around us, and yet we have no idea. The subliminal messaging in music, television and media and advertising. YIKES. Hugs and love xox

  7. My granddaughter is a teen and for the past few years has idolized this immoral way of life. It amazes me how even though a show can be candid about the downside of addiction, teens in general are not getting that. Some parents, including my girls, decided somewhere along the line to be “progressive” parents and leave the kids to figure it all out on their own. They never monitored their kids viewing and figured if it was good enough for them then the kids could watch it too. No filters. Sadly children are not all able to discern morality, despite the film’s possible intention to show the reality of addiction. It works, if there is already a foundation to build the house upon. Unfortunately, with kids raised open mindedly, that doesn’t exist and after awhile it all seems “normal”.
    Addiction recovery is difficult as you so stated and without a doubt does require the help of a higher power, God.

    • Thank you so much Jo for sharing your thoguhts on this. You’re right- teens aren’t seeing past the show’s glamorization of the drinking and the partying and the sex, to see how the drugs actually are ruining this girl’s life and slowly killing her. It is so sad. Hollywood is a predator on our children with their glorification of moral depravity. They should be ashamed of themselves. Makes me so sad. Because you hit the nail on the head: they’re not able to discern morality yet. And that is being taken advantage of. Amen – God is the only way out! Hugs and love xox

  8. Even though it is awful what they are exposing teens to at this age, sometimes I think that it is the nature of the beast and the world we live in.
    While many of us live our regular lives, what is shown in these shows like Euphoria are topics that have been brought to the front. is the existential struggle of the teens and people who live in poverty stricken urban neighborhoods. What they don’t tell you is that these people all live in Democrat run cities and one the biggest reason for such areas to exist is because of Democrat policies. They want us to believe that the enemy of these people is capitalism.

    What is even more disheartening is the fact that Disney is no longer what it once was. When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that Disney movies and cartoons were worth watching because they were entertaining and always had a moral. Think of the classics like Cinderella, Aladdin, Lion King, etc. What they are doing now, is a far, far cry from what they once were. Walt Disney would be rolling in his grave if he saw what was being broadcast these days.

    • Hi friend, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. It definitely is the world we live in, for sure. And you’re right about that. It makes me sad to see how political agendas are, in essence, grooming the upcoming generation to believe certain morally depraved things, and believe it to their core. it’s indoctrination, if you ask me. capitalism is not the enemy, but the way out…but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. And i SO agree. I was watching the Disney Channel with my niece over Christmas, and — in addition to one of the characters having two moms — I was more appalled by the disrespect the kids had towards their parents! The kids were…brats, to be honest! Disney has fallen, I’m afraid. so sad. Hugs and love xox

  9. Sometimes I read things such as this and I feel shame about my own life. Maybe, just maybe I’m long overdue to reform myself and live in a way that is more…hmmm…decent, I guess.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, friend. I definitely feel that way sometimes too. One day at a time 🙂 Hugs and love xox

  10. I am so happy to hear someone your age who stands up against the rampant immorality and destructive behavior we glorify and feed to the children of this country. Thank you!

  11. When I was a youngster (a very long time ago) I watched Disney fare to escape the horrors of the world around me, not to see them presented to my impressionable eyes in technicolor! I pray for the kids. They aren’t catching a break.

    • Hi Rollie, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Sad now, that Disney has become a perpetrator in the foul indoctrination of compromised morality for our kids! I will join you in that prayer! Hugs and love xox

  12. I had no idea that this is out there. I don’t watch TV that much. No wonder why our children are so lost. Just hearing that this is out there and that it is a “hit” series make me ill. So many parents are lost also. So much more urgent that we should tell them the truth about God, Jesus, and the Gospel. I am gonna share this post.

    • Thanks friend, yeah it is really shocking — and so so sad. I agree. Makes me ill too. And the thing is, parents often don’t know what their kids are interacting with online or on tv! amen to that. Hugs and love xox

  13. I won’t watch the show now. Thanks for the heads up; I don’t need anything to stir my addiction. But a hearty “Amen” to your comments.

    I recall a young entertainer and coworker years ago talking to me like I was the proverbial “goody two shies.” Truth is, she didn’t know the depths I had come from, the pit I once lived in. All she saw was my life “after” the change.

    Bravo on your thoughts.

    • Hi Ivan, yeah that’s a great plan. It really it a tough show — and i simply CANNOT believe it’s intended for teens. That’s so true — so often people only see what they want to see, and don’t take the time to really see where we come from and what we’ve overcome that lead to our convictions and beliefs. You keep doing you, friend. I’ve got your back! Hugs and love xox

  14. There is a group I just found, who is fighting indecent commercials, tv shows and so on that endanger our children. They have successes of their efforts listed on their website. They also have a place you can turn in indecent acts for them to address. We can all stand idly by saying how terrible these things are or we can do something about it. Even contacting the tv station promoting this type of filth and telling them what you as an individual think about it would make a difference.


    • Oh wow! That is so awesome that there’s a group out there on the front lines of this issue! thank you for passing it along. ill definitely check it out! Hugs and love xox

  15. I’m so proud of your witness and stand! It’s sickening to me what is on TV. But honestly, I see as much skin just in social media. We wonder why pornography is such an issue? It’s impacted every relationship I had until I found EXCLUSIVELY that I am the bride of Jesus. Money’s value in Hollywood is greater than morals. I watched the episode of Little House on the Prairie yesterday in which Laura put apples in her dress to get the attention of another young boy. She asked her sister, Mary, “When will get bumps?” This was a shock for such a show! It’s ruining relationships before hope can ever be found. BUT FOR JESUS!! I do watch movies. I like them. And there is truth in the filth. My life has been messy ~I’m redeemed! I’m prepared to help others find hope. All I can do is pray. I don’t know where I’d be without Christ~and we can definitely see where the world is without him. Thank you for being a light for HIM! Sending love and prayers! 💛💛❤️🙏🏻🤗

    • Hi KL, thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your thoughts on this. I agree — sadly porn has become so main stream — because of how racy social media and entertainment has become. We’ve become desensitized to truly scandelous content. Oh wow! That’s wild about Little House on the Prairie! and amen to that — but for Jesus! We are walking redeemed, forgiven and healed. And let’s focus on that!!! Hugs and love xox

      • You’re so welcome my friend! And thank you for your support. What you say is spot-on! I’m glad to be on this redeemed and healed journey with you! Hugs and love to you, too! 💛❤️🤗

  16. I had never heard of this show until I read your post. Like you, I do hope that teens come away from watching this with the takeaway that addiction is painful in so many ways. Jesus is the hope in darkness, but often I feel like people have to experience the pain of their own choices before really grasping the true hope that Jesus offers.

    Ah, One Tree Hill. It is one of the few shows I own all of the seasons of. There were worldly attitudes normalized in that show as well, but at least there were still a few characters that lined up with a more “pure” attitude (Haley definitely being one of them). I have to wonder if any of today’s shows directed towards teens offers that.

    • Hi Ellen, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this! You’re right , that is my prayer too – that the teens — who are DEFINITELY WATCHING and absorbing — take away that truth about drug abuse. And that’s a really great point and definitely true in my life — I had to lose it all to realize how Jesus was the ONLY answer, the ONLY person/thing that could save me. I had to hit rock bottom. And oh yes – Chad Michael Murray…what a gift to early 2000’s girls’ hearts he was! hahah But you’re right about that…though a bit scandelous, there were still redeeming morals and lessons peppered in throughout the show. Yeah great question…sadly, I think now those Haley-esq characters have been replaced by the characters that push “woke morality” instead of true morality. sad. so glad you stopped by! Hugs and love xox

  17. Anita and I are shortly cancelling our DisneyPlus subscription because of a new show they are coming out with a bisexual lead character in a CHILDREN’s show and to teens!
    Even the left-leaning Huffington Post does a number on Disney’s sneaking in sexual content into their venues as recently as December, 2020:
    So sad that what was once a wonderful family producer has gone down the tubes with the rest of society.
    Only a short time before incest, bestiality, and pedophilia become ‘normalized.’ May God have mercy on us all.
    Even so, Lord Jesus, come!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • Hi CA – oh wow, yeah that is really sad how children have become the target for their “sexuality agenda.” Makes me so sad. Yeah, sadly Disney has become a perpetrator in pushing the envalope. What started a couple years ago on Liv and Maddy with one character having two moms…to now this. It makes me sad. My mom and I were shocked when we went to the Harry Potter musical on Broadway, and at the end of the show, Harry Potter’s son comes out as gay. And in my sister-in-law had to explain to my 8 year old niece what a lesbian was after her American Girl doll book had a lesbian character, complete with an illustration of two brides walking down the wedding aisle. What has this world come to? Where have traditional family values gone? it terrifies me when I think of one day having children and bringing them into this mixed up world. Lord, have mercy. Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you so much Jay, I appreciate your kind and supportive words. Means a lot. Hugs and love xox

  18. Youngsters will always shock. My daughter has just finished university, got a job and has moved out. I am grateful to Disney, even though I don’t always like all their shows. Their group watch is terrific. It means we can still watch movies together. She has always been trying to get me to watch Marvel movies with her. I finally watched Wandavision with her before she left. Gee it gave me food for thought. Wanda had effectively created her own little world, as a result of trauma. That is effectively what toxic people and those of us who have to deal with them, end up doing.

  19. Since I found your blog several years ago I have followed you for your fantastic observations, but this one, Rock On Girl! Rock On!

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