The Danger of Consistency

It has been said that we are what we consistently do.

I was at a bachelorette party this weekend with a bunch of beautiful ladies in Atlantic City.

And, as we were sharing all our meals together, naturally, it came up that I am on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to keep my Ulcerative Colitis in remission.

Consistency is a double edged sword. Because for all it’s benefits, it can also allow us to get used to what is actually extraordinary. #healing #ulcerativecolitis #ibd #crohns #health #wellness #recovery #edrecovery #food #specificcarbohydratediet

And I found myself, over the course of the weekend, sharing my UC story a couple of times to various people.

How, I was on bedrest in a terrible Ulcerative Colitis flare for 11 months, and when none of medications were working, I was faced with the decision to either have surgery to have a “J-Bag” for the rest of my life, or be on a chemotherapy-like Immunosuppressive mega drug, intravenously for the rest of my life. So I asked to try this radical, therapeutic “Specific Carbohydrate Diet,” and within 2 weeks, my flare had ended, and I’ve been symptom and medication-free ever since for the last 12 years, thanks to this diet.

That’s the short version. 😉

But you know, the funny thing, is that I think there’s a very dangerous habit that we all fall into: and that is getting used to what is extraordinary.

Just take flying on an airplane, for example. Or…**sharp left, here**…our salvation.

But it’s true. I think sometimes we forget about things that have been “normalized” in everyday monotony, that are actually really important. Things that have shaped us. Defining things or seasons in our lives.

And in retelling my story this weekend — even just the “30 second elevator-pitch” version — it helped me remember: Remember where I’ve been. The road I’ve traveled. The obstacles I’ve overcome…and most importantly, Who has helped me overcome them.

Obviously, I am reminded every single day that I follow the Specific Carb Diet. Literally every time I eat. Every time I have to make a food decision that follows the diet, instead of some other delectable option. Every time I have to talk to the waiter at the restaurant and go over “the rules” like he’s prepping for the Bar Exam. Every time I have to send something back because he then messes up said order. Every time I have to explain to people why I can’t have what they’re eating. I am reminded all the time.

To the point that it is just second nature. It’s not novel anymore. The consistency is just part of my DNA. I’ve been following this for 12 years. It’s allowed me to be the healthiest I’ve ever been. I’m strong. I’m menstruating. I’m passionate about food and life and am grateful to be alive!

Consistency is a double edged sword. Because for all it’s benefits, it can also allow us to get used to what is actually extraordinary. #healing #ulcerativecolitis #ibd #crohns #health #wellness #recovery #edrecovery #food #specificcarbohydratediet

But you know what? Sometimes all that consistency…makes me take for granted the true miracle that God allowed in my body through the Specific Carb Diet.

I’m so used to it on such a daily-grind-basis, that only when I stop and share my story with someone who has never heard it before, do I really remember to appreciate the incredible gift that I have in my health, and that I owe it all to God for getting me through everything and to where I am today.

It is the double edged sword of consistency.

Consistency is a double edged sword. Because for all it’s benefits, it can also allow us to get used to what is actually extraordinary. #healing #ulcerativecolitis #ibd #crohns #health #wellness #recovery #edrecovery #food #specificcarbohydratediet

But I think God sometimes allows us those opportunities, in order that we may remember.

Because nothing in this world exists without His allowance.

I think my homework is to pause for a quiet moment or two, and really take inventory of all those extraordinary blessings I have in my life that I have grown to take for granted because they’re so routine — so every day.

And I invite you to do the same.

What are some of those “normalized” extraordinary gifts you sometimes forget about?

To hear my story, click here.

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15 responses to “The Danger of Consistency”

  1. God is so good to give us solutions to big issues in our lives. Congratulations on being medication free and pain free for 12 years! That is a true miracle! Love and hugs!

  2. I take for granted my recovery of 38 years the wonderful gift of our 15 grandkids and sometimes my wife of 48 years. But I know that they forgive me and always give me another chance. And my salvation- every day I am so thankful. My biggest threat is when I start to forget how helpless I was and am to be in charge of any of this. But as the Truth of the Bible says thanks be to God who gives me victory through Christ. You live in that same victory already Caralyn. Your friend John.

  3. The list of things I daily take for granted is very very long.

    I would say the vast majority of these things result from living in “spledid insulation” from the evils spread across most of the world by a few very highly organized crimes … most of which can quite simply be referred to as exploitation on a grand, phenomenal scale.

    Just a very small smattering might give a tiny indication of how extremely ignorant I allow myself to be.

    – I have never been tortured
    – I have never suffered prolonged or severe pain
    – Global warming is quite foreign to me (I practically don’t “feel it” at all)
    – Famine is a word I really don’t understand in the slightest
    – (and so on)

    🙂 Norbert

  4. Great advice! It is important to be willing to take the time to reflect/remember what God has done for you. Not only in your personal life, yet what He has done for all people when He sent His Son to save us. Peace be with you.

  5. After six strokes from ’99 to ’07, I am a walking miracle. It is a wonder I can still function “normally” (and my brother wonders if I even understand what that word means! 😂), but I walk, talk, read, write and think (again, some wonder about that last one). But the reality of my miracle sometimes fades (99% blockage of the basal stem artery; saved by one of two doctors in the US who had studied a particular technique in France, not yet approved by FDA at the time).
    So, yes, “normalization” often slips into inattention. But He often reminds me when I visit a nursing home or see a friend dealing with health issues.
    However, I am ready for Heaven any time He chooses to take me, most likely by another stroke. But if He wants me to stick around on earth for Anita and our kids for a few more years, that’ll be okay, too.
    (Check out Heaven by Randy Alcorn next time you have some free time:
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

  6. Great post Caralyn. As I’ve gotten older, of course I have had to change up my diet. Having anxiety and panic disorder means I have triggers. So, stay low on carbs. No pizza unless it’s only the toppings, mozzarella, sauce with only a little crust. No bread. It’s hard, but I have to stay strict. No heavy meals like parm which I did love. No pasta. If I get Mexican, I usually do either salads or tacos. No nachos. Not as much red meat. And no ice cream. I can survive only one. I do mostly fro-yo with fruit and cocoa chips and granola.

  7. We are visiting our daughter and family in Switzerland. When does the ability to travel to Europe from Montana become “normalized”? Never!! It was a very long 32 hour trip with 4 different flight cancellations and reschedules… but we made it! May I never take for granted the health & stamina & finances that make this trip possible! Thank You, God!

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