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How faith and cooking helped my recovery from anorexia, and healing from Ulcerative Colitis!


  • 3 Things I’ve Banished From My Life Since Recovering from Anorexia

    3 Things I’ve Banished From My Life Since Recovering from Anorexia

    There are three things that I’ve banished from my life since adopting recovery from anorexia, and I’ve gotta say: I’ve never looked back! #edrecovery #recovery #mentalhealth #catholic #christianity #selflove #bodyimage #jesus #faith #god

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  • A Toast to My Parents

    A Toast to My Parents

    Tonight, I wanted to share with you the toast I gave for my parents at their joint 70th birthday party last weekend! It was such a great shindig — the music, the food, the company — it was a blast and a half! My parents mean the world to me, and I wanted to honor…

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  • Amazon Big Deal Days: Kitchen Essentials!

    Amazon Big Deal Days: Kitchen Essentials!

    Here are all my KITCHEN ESSENTIALS that are ON SALE on Amazon today for their Prime Bid Deal Days! Happy shopping and happy cooking! #amazon #amazonfinds #amazondeals #cooking #kitchentools #kitchengadgets #food #kitchenaid #vitamix #glutenfree

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  • I Stand with Israel

    I stand with Israel.

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  • Party Planner Extraodinaire!

    Planning my parents’ 70th birthday party!

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  • Filipino Pork Adobo!

    Filipino Pork Adobo!

    A healthy and delicious recipe for tradtional Filipino Pork Adobo! Why knew it could be so easy to make this flavor-packed dish! #cooking #food #filipino #adobo #keto #glutenfree #paleo #healthyfood #asianfood #yum

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