A Fourth of July Tragedy

What has become of this nation?

If you haven’t heard, there was a horrible tragedy this morning – a mass shooting took place at a Fourth of July parade outside of Chicago in Highland Park just after 10am.

A mass shooting occurred at a Fourth of July parade this morning, where freedom-loving families and children were targeted. What is this world coming to? And who or what is to blame? #highlandpark #chicago #fourthofjuly #parade #family #news #faith #catholic #conservative #summer

Six people lost their lives, and 24 are injured. It is still an active investigation, as of publication, with the shooter at large .

What is this world coming to?

A mass shooting occurred at a Fourth of July parade this morning, where freedom-loving families and children were targeted. What is this world coming to? And who or what is to blame? #highlandpark #chicago #fourthofjuly #parade #family #news #faith #catholic #conservative #summer

Families out enjoying time off, celebrating freedom, celebrating community, celebrating our country at what should have been a safe, joyful event. Is nothing safe anymore?

The divide in this country is becoming deeper and deeper, and more extreme every day.

I wanted to get on here today, and share about the Fourth of July parade my own family went to, here in small town Wisconsin, and how beautiful it was to see thousands of people – kids and families – all lining the streets, donning their red, white and blue, and celebrating this great nation.

I wanted to share how special it was to be in a place where, unlike New York City, patriotism is still a thing, veterans are honored, and family values still reign supreme.

A mass shooting occurred at a Fourth of July parade this morning, where freedom-loving families and children were targeted. What is this world coming to? And who or what is to blame? #highlandpark #chicago #fourthofjuly #parade #family #news #faith #catholic #conservative #summer

But instead, we get home, only to learn the gut wrenching news of this terrible act of senseless violence, just a few hours south, outside of Chicago.

We have a real problem here..

The seeds of hatred that have been sown recently towards our country, towards one another, towards the opposing political party, towards people who hold different cultural values…it’s dangerous and leads to horrific scenes of death and terror like this one today.

Social media and the trolls who live on it, with their one sided arguments, seeking to incite anger are conditioning people to feel venomously about people who believe differently. Social media has created this uber toxic “us” and “them” mentality, where — respect for others isn’t even on the table. It’s ‘if they have opposing ideals, they’re wrong, they’re bad, and you should oppose them at all cost.

And you get these shut ins who, feeling rejected in the “real world,” find these extremist online groups and cling to the distorted sense of community they have there, despite the vitriolic worldviews and beliefs being spewed between members.

Obviously there is no news on the person who did this as of right now, other than they believe him to be a white male, around 18-20 years old, shooting from a roof with a rifle. But one thing is for sure: it takes a mentally deranged person to commit such unthinkable mass murder, and he had absolutely no business having access to a gun.

A mass shooting occurred at a Fourth of July parade this morning, where freedom-loving families and children were targeted. What is this world coming to? And who or what is to blame? #highlandpark #chicago #fourthofjuly #parade #family #news #faith #catholic #conservative #summer

Check on your loved ones today. Tell your family you love them. Because, clearly, life is so incredibly fragile and the whole world can change in the blink of an eye.

My prayers are with the families and loved ones of those impacted by this heartbreaking act of terror. May God blanket them in His comfort and consolation; and may those responsible be brought to full and complete justice.

To hear my story, click here.

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38 responses to “A Fourth of July Tragedy”

  1. Wow for someone who lives by social media you’re biting the hand that feeds you. I assume that most of your readers are shut-ins who pray the rosary fulltime as they burn copies of The Da Vinci Code. Or maybe looking for the Virgin Mary in pieces of corn flakes. No matter.

    I know you don’t believe there are too many guns about. So you probably want to arm every American so they can stand their ground. I know guns don’t kill people. People who say guns don’t kill people, kill people, with guns. I know your thoughts and prayers will soothe the survivors and stem the shootings.

    • Steven, she is expressing horror about the situation, and offering prayers and comfort to the victims, and families. Vitriol does not help in any way.

  2. I agree with you completely! There is not a single holiday or public celebration that is not marred by those who have to use every opportunity to spew their hate and/or violence. Queen Elizabeth celebrated 75 years of service to the world recently. There were those in the crowd booing and jeering English politicians and Prince Harry and Meghan. In Canada there were those protesting Covid mandates that no longer exist. Natives using the opportunity to make Canada solely about their cause. Now this tragic shooting in Chicago. I know there are still more good people in the world than bad, but these selfcentred, selfrighteous minority have to cross every line, destroy every opportunity for people to gather in love and peace. Sad. So sad.

  3. Hi C! What happened in Illinois today is heartbreaking, and I join you in praying God’s comfort to all who were affected. I also pray that law enforcement is allowed to do their job and the full truth comes out about exactly what transpired.

    You said something that made me think. “he had absolutely no business having access to a gun” What I’m about to say isn’t directed at you because I know what you meant by the statement. Certainly we don’t want people with known mental issues in possession of things that could hurt them or others.

    But we have to realize something. Everyone in this country has access to guns, whether they are supposed to or not. If a convicted felon or a certifiable crazy person wants a gun, they may not be able to purchase one, but they can always steal one. All the laws against theft or even murder can’t and won’t stop someone from committing an atrocity similar to what happened today if they choose to do it. The answer to the problem lies elsewhere, and until we acknowledge that, things will never get better.

    The problem is with the human heart and only God can change that. Until He does, all we can do is make such terrible behavior so risky that people won’t choose to participate. It’s why none of these shootings ever take place in police stations or locations where guns in the hands of decent law-abiding people are prevalent. Laws can only punish people after the crime has been committed. They will never prevent a criminal from committing the crime. The only ones deterred by them are law-abiding citizens and they aren’t the ones we’re concerned about. Our Founding Fathers understood this common principle and knew kings and governments functioned by it too. That’s why they included the Second Amendment to provide a real deterrent to anyone who would consider violating America’s freedoms. And that’s what we have to do with criminals as well. Cowards don’t shoot when they know the good guys can shoot back. This discussion is longer than I want to pursue here, so that’s all I’ll say about that. I just pray God gives our leaders wisdom to see the truth and the courage to make the right decisions. We’ve had enough of the same old mistakes and lies.

    Hope you and your family enjoy the rest of your Fourth time together. Have fun on the lake! And light a sparkler for me! LOL!

    • I completely agree with you, Kenneth. The problem is with the heart, and only God can change that. Satan’s time is short, but he sure is taking advantage of what time he has left as we see violence become more common. By the way, did you get to read my post called “Hope for Uvalde”, Caralyn? I actually live here in Uvalde, so it was an insider’s view about the day and events thereafter.

    • Why are yt Christians so obsessed with owning a gun? They don’t really trust God to protect them that’s why. Why are so many leaving Christianity? Because people worship Trump and guns and not Jesus.

      • Luke 22:36. “He who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” – Jesus.
        We trust God for the wisdom to use force, when and how much, but we obey Him by being prepared.

    • amen to that – this is such a terrible tragedy. thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  4. I stand with Kenneth. If a law-abiding citizen had been armed and present, might they (he or she) been able to respond and take out the perp before so many died? Perhaps not, but I would have felt safer if Kenneth had been standing near me with his side arm or rifle.

  5. Sad that we can’t celebrate the 4th of July without someone inflicting violence. The difference between the left and right is the left overwhelming used this shooting as “vote blue” as if it’s for political gain to have a tragic shooting occur. This shooter was able to gain access to the building and the roof access was not locked which I find unusual. Pray the truth comes out and not more lies.. because this sounds like Democrats trying to get more votes.

    I had enough of the violence in Chicago and elsewhere. Had enough of these politicians and people who are selfishly using political power to get what they want. Things need to change around here if we are to save America and bring God at the center of it because sadly it looks as if we’re deteriorating beyond repair. Whatever the case is, keep praying for our country and that we can get better leaders because the current ones are not helping much.

  6. This is such tragic news especially with recent events so raw still for many Americans. May God bring comfort to those who are suffering today and may God’s love turn the tide of such violence and hatred. Enough Lord God is our prayer.

  7. I, and many others, struggle to understand America at the moment. You are frenzied over protecting the ‘life’ of the unborn and yet hand out firearms freely so that they can be killed in their classrooms. Does no one see the disconnect in your values?

    • But none of you really trust God anyway. It’s all about hate and control in BBB land. Hugs!

  8. This is so unfortunate, that too on the 4th of July! It’s difficult to gauge the mentality of such crooked persons.

    • Oh gosh, I am so sorry this hit so close to home. what a terrifying scene – my goodness. glad you are okay. Hugs and love xox

  9. I’ve been searching the Bible for god-given rights and while I’ve found the right to get your father drunk and sleep with him (Genesis 19:30-38) and the right to sell your daughter into slavery (Exodus 21:7-11), I’m not finding any god-given right to an AR-15. help me!

  10. It was all there on social media. All the warning signs. And again, nothing was done. Suspicious posts should be flagged. I agree with you on one side pushing hatred and divide. They have no class. Everything is about pushing their despicable agenda. Even using these tragedies. Mainly the victims as pawns. It is truly disgusting. I am saddened over what’s become of our country.

    • That kid was a Trump supporter. What makes us think you aren’t planning a similar attack? You are an angry yt christian cis gendered male. You fit the profile.

  11. Hey Carolyn, Thanks for your article.

    Man, why is Reinberg such a dick? Talk about your trolls, right! Doesn’t he have anything better to do… like move to another country?

    I live right down the road from Highland Park and it’s so sad. They canceled most of the local fireworks but luckily some towns didn’t fall prey to the modern “cancel everything” mentality that is so prevalent.

    Hope you had great time up North! Thanks, Reid

    • So a two year old lost two parents to a sniper at Highland Park, but no problem because “some towns didn’t fall prey to the modern ‘cancel everything mentality.” Do you know who is really a dick? Here’s a mirror Reid. Why don’t you move to another country?

  12. To be sure, we are living in troublesome times and judging by some of the comments, there is much to pray for. There is so much misunderstandings and you are so right, so much hate being fomented out there. All we can do is set the best example we possibly can. Much love to you and yours.

  13. I’m still reeling from the mass shooting in Uvalde and here is another. They’ve got to do something about these automatic weapons and help people with mental issues who are falling through the cracks. May God protect us in these last and evil days.

  14. For me Uvalde was the last straw. Have any of you pro gun advocates ever gone to school and had to be trained how to hide so you don’t get shot? We had to face the prospect of terrorist bombs at school at one stage. That was bad enough. But nowadays in America it’s shootings. I hope you get on top of this before it spells the end of education.

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