Bloom: A Journal by BeautyBeyondBones takes the reader on a motivating and inspiring journey inside the mind of a young woman trapped in the cycle of anorexia, and through the raw and often painful journey to new life.


Designed as an interactive, three-month daily journal with room to write, Caralyn shares the Scripture verses and quotes that were the most powerful in her own recovery from anorexia.

She weaves in dramatic entries from her own journal kept during inpatient treatment, while offering present day reflections on these daily entries – ten years later as a healthy and thriving young woman.

And she provocatively concludes each day with introspective questions meant to challenge the reader to deeper transformation.


She speaks to the heart of the matter in words that she “wished she would have heard.”

A must-read and useful tool for sufferers and their loved ones alike.

Now is the time to bloom.


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7 thoughts on “Get My Book

  1. […] WordPress blogger beautybeyondbones officially took her first major publication live a day before the structure essay appeared, the thirty-first of August.  Bloom:  A Journal by BeautyBeyondBones draws sensitive females into a true story about a real battle with an eating disorder.  The Bloom book launch is discussed with WordPress here: […]


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