So what’s the deal with this Amazon “link thing?”


Amazon has teamed up with BBB to help support this “desktop ministry.”

When you stop by my link, first, whatever purchases you make on Amazon will give BBB a little kick back.


And the amazing thing is that….

a) It costs you nothing extra

b) Your account and shopping cart still comes up as usual! No need to re-sign in! Same great shopping experience!

c) And it’s a great way for you to support my ministry, without spending an extra dime!



PLUS – being an Amazon “influencer” ((cringe…I hate that word!)) — my page is full of all my favorite products, from my make up, to must-have seasonal items, to kitchen gadgets…it’s all on there. And I am constantly updating 🙂

So next time you buy anything from an Apple Watch to a hover board to dog food, just use my link to make it happen!


Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 3.58.08 PM.png

Now back to the show!