Read This First

If you’re reading this, I’d like to welcome you and give you a hug.

Maybe you’re the parent or loved one of someone suffering with an eating disorder. Perhaps you’re in the throes of anorexia yourself. Maybe you think you may have the beginning stages of disordered eating. Or perhaps you’re on the journey to recovery.

Whatever has brought you here, I hope that through the story of my brokenness, and redemption through the Lord, you are able to find hope, encouragement, advice, healing, support, and comfort.

This blog chronicles my journey from severe anorexia to recovery, and every twist and turn along the way. The blog posts are meant to be read from beginning to end, as a book. (( Glorious Wounds is the Introduction.)) So I would suggest reading “up” — starting from my oldest post, and working backwards to the most recent. This is my first post.


I must warn you that the beginning is very dark — intense, raw, and despairing. It is an uncensored view into my mind when I was deep in my anorexia. However, I chose to be vulnerable and share that utter brokenness — that wreckage — in order for you to truly grasp the gravity of the disease, and how sincerely meaningful freedom through Christ has been in my life.

I also hope that you’ll find the resources section of my blog helpful. If you or a loved one is suffering with disordered eating habits, please seek professional help.

With that being said, I am not a doctor. I’m not a therapist, dietician, counselor, psychiatrist, etc. I’m just a girl. Who had a severe case of anorexia. And who is journeying through recovery, one day at a time. I’m just sharing my story with the hopes that it will help even one person.



1,556 thoughts on “Read This First

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your visits to A Couple of Stars and a Happy Face. It is truly encouraging! I have been encouraged by your site and hope my site has also encouraged you!


  2. Thanks for the Like on my blog. And wow, just wow. You don’t pretty up the ED battle at all; yet somehow your writing pulls in the reader with its honesty. This is a far uglier fight than most of us can imagine, and the truth is, you never fully win. Rather, it is a matter of beating the odds every day. I don’t know if the word “enjoy” is the right one to use as I read your posts. Yet they are extremely difficult to stop reading.


  3. Thanks for the ‘Like’ on my blog “If you fall in love with the process…”. I’m new to blogging and really appreciate your encouragement. Keep building a better life girl, from what I’ve read hear it sounds like you’re doing an awesome job! xx


  4. Also very new to blogging. Thank you so much for liking my posts—very encouraging. My wife and her mother both had anorexia when it was little understood, and they would have benefitted a lot from your blog. So glad you’re sharing your heart so helpfully. Bless you, Geoff >ᴥ<


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