If you’re reading this, I’d like to welcome you and give you a hug.

Maybe you’re the parent or loved one of someone suffering with an eating disorder. Perhaps you’re in the throes of anorexia yourself. Maybe you think you may have the beginning stages of disordered eating. Or perhaps you’re on the journey to recovery.

Whatever has brought you here, I hope that through the story of my brokenness, and redemption through the Lord, you are able to find hope, encouragement, advice, healing, support, and comfort.


This blog chronicles my journey from severe anorexia to recovery, and every twist and turn along the way. The blog posts are meant to be read from beginning to end, as a book. (( Glorious Wounds is the Introduction.)) So I would suggest reading “up” — starting from my oldest post, and working backwards to the most recent. This is my first post.


I must warn you that the beginning is very dark — intense, raw, and despairing. It is an uncensored view into my mind when I was deep in my anorexia. However, I chose to be vulnerable and share that utter brokenness — that wreckage — in order for you to truly grasp the gravity of the disease, and how sincerely meaningful freedom through Christ has been in my life.

I also hope that you’ll find the resources section of my blog helpful. If you or a loved one is suffering with disordered eating habits, please seek professional help.

With that being said, I am not a doctor. I’m not a therapist, dietician, counselor, psychiatrist, etc. I’m just a girl. Who had a severe case of anorexia. And who is journeying through recovery, one day at a time. I’m just sharing my story with the hopes that it will help even one person.


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1,841 thoughts on “Read This First

  1. Thanks for reading my post. I admire the premise of your blog. Three years ago I set out to do a similar thing, but on a different topic, and importantly, while I had no idea what I was afflicted by. As I helped myself out of the abyss, I eventually realized that not only did I lack the power to help others, but even if I did, there are very good reasons why no one else chooses to do so in the way you are doing it. So I respect you for being both willing and able to be an example for others. It is a rare opportunity and choice.


  2. My sister is a recovered anorexic. She is my hero – so courageous! I am so happy for you that you’ve found peace with food through our Lord. You are an inspiration – a light to others! I am a high school English teacher and plan to share your blog with my students!


    1. Thanks you so much Sharon. I’m so glad that your sister is living in freedom! Thanks for passing along my blog to your students. I am so honored. Thanks for your kind words. Big hugs xox


  3. Thank you for checking out my recent post, Define Success. Just a few minutes into checking out your blog and reading Battling Insecurities, I sense the desire you have to please the LORD in all areas of life. Exciting and challenging at the same time. Overcoming any addiction is tough! So glad Christ has become your anchor and deliverer, sustainer of life. God bless you as you use your many gifts and talents to help others who face eating disorders and other struggles of the flesh. You have such a creative way of expressing your thoughts!!


  4. I just want to thank you for constantly supporting my blog with the reads and likes you’ve consistently given my posts. It matters a lot to me that somebody on here enjoys what I write, and it’s a vital motivator to keep blogging. Thank you always for your support, and also for the inspiration you provide in your writing!


  5. Congrats on your recovery and the “Top 25” success of your blog! You are clearly an incredible inspiration and help to others. Your light shines bright. Thanks for the like on my “Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks…” In this life, making a positive difference in other people’s lives is our greatest reward, You go girl!


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. And thank you for sharing your story on this honest blog, which offers an individual’s experience of an eating disorder.


  7. Hello beautybeyondbones,
    My name is Gregory Thomas.
    I’m a creative writer and poet, and post my stories and poems on my blog at:
    I just wanted to thank you for liking my post,
    “4th Wall and Beyond”
    I always love it when people like my stories, that’s where my best effort is. 😉


  8. Hi there,
    I just wanted to share how much I love your blog! I am also recovering from mental health problems (chronic anxiety, panic attacks and childhood trauma) and I have found so many similarities between your journey to recovery and mine! I just love your way of thinking and your writing.
    You are incredibly beautiful human being inside and out.
    Love xx


  9. Thanks for liking my post- I’m glad it led me to your blog. You are an inspirational writer- looking forward to reading more!


  10. I’m sort of crying at the moment. God bless you.. recovery is the bravest decision you can make for yourself. It’s painful but so is dying a little more each and every day. I’m struggling with anorexia too at the moment, but finding the courage to take the next step is something I’m yet to do..


  11. Hi there. Thank you for reading and liking “Writing in the Midst of a Flashback.” I’m curious, and if you don’t mind sharing, what resonated with you when you read that post? Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  12. First I want to thank you for visiting my site and liking what I wrote on Habakkuk, I’m new at this. Second, It takes courage and a lot of faith to put yourself out there. We are always changing and growing and to do any of that we need to love God and love ourselves. Judy


  13. dear kindred soul
    how nice to meet you
    I have been on a similar journey and could not have taken one step without God stepping with me
    I love your voice and style
    let me know when your book is out, I want to share it!
    I wrote a couple of books too – about a 25 years process through hell and into the Kingdom – they are in the right menu
    Hooray to us all who don’t give up
    with love
    Leelah Saachi


  14. Thank you for stopping by my blog as I’m still getting mine going and I’m still working on a direction. Mine’s about life – mine – the journey to self-love and self-acceptance with mental illness and alcoholism in remission but yet working on reclaiming a life of truth. At least that WAS the intent. Your site is a glorious site visually but it is also a vital one for a horrendous disease – and it is one. You’re lucky to have lived and it’s obvious God wanted you here for a reason – to tell your stories and to do so with candor and in a way only you could. I look forward to following your blog from here on.


  15. I echo the sentiments of many others. Thanks for stopping by my blog, “Leading with Love,” and liking my post. I’m glad for the opportunity to have found your blog in return. Your vulnerability is admirable and your faith and desire to help others is inspiring. Keep on “Leading with Love” in all you do!


  16. I wanted to thank you for the like. I’m new to all of this. Your posts are visceral, and it sounds like your experiences have been as well. Congratulations on continuing your journey.


  17. Thanks for reading my post. I never had or known anyone close to me suffer because of anorexia. So I can’t even imagine what you’ve been through. I respect you for being able and willing to be an example for others. It is a rare opportunity and a bold choice.


  18. Thanks for liking my post from this morning. Now that I have paid a return visit, I can only say how much I admire your courage. Though I cannot share your belief, I am glad that you are able to find comfort in it.


  19. I think in life we constantly want to be someone else. As beautiful as one friend or as popular as another. What can easily happen is, we spend so much time looking and judging ourselves against others that we never spend the time to truly get to know ourselves.

    I have been reading some of your posts over the last few months and I think you give such an amazing energy out into the world. I wish you all the best, may your blog and writing go from strength to strength.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  20. I don’t know where to leave my comment. I ordered your ebook on Blogging Tips on Thursday. Today is Tuesday. I tried to download it and it didn’t work on my iPad or computer. I tried several different things and troubleshooted with Blurb help facts. I even downloaded and created a Blurb account thinking that would do it. I contacted their support and they didn’t know what to do and said they’d have their technical team look at it. That was three days ago and I’ve heard nothing. I’ve emailed them back several times and they ignore me. I asked for the book to be downloaded or my money back. I didn’t order your last book because money is tight and took a risk on ordering this one. Anyway, I have no book and lost my $4.99 because I was charged for it. I thought you should know since it’s your book being sold. Susan


    1. Hi Susan! Oh dear! That’s not good!!! I have no idea why that is happening. If you could send me your email address, I will get it figured out right away. Thank you for your feedback! ((I did do a test download on my friend’s computer and it took a day to be delivered)) But two days is abnormal. So sorry for this inconvenience. Just leave your email in the comments here or email it to beautybeyondbones@yahoo.com.



  21. Hey and thank you for liking my daily post #6 it’s nice to know when someone has read a post and made it known with a comment or a like. 😀 I’m happy to read that you are recovering from what sounds like a tough and interesting journey! I shall try to read through your posts from the beginning every chance I get! Here’s a hug for you too. 🙂 *hug* x


  22. Hello – thank you for reading and liking my blog. With so many choices to read, I truly appreciate your time. Authenticity is not for the faint of heart and your courage is incredibly beautiful. Praying for new, daily revelations of God’s love for you to both encourage you and to lead you onward as you share the hope you have discovered!


  23. Thanks for taking a peek at my blog today, hope to see you back soon. I honestly am not familiar with eating disorders or anything like that but I think what you are doing is very Inspiring x


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