Read This First

If you’re reading this, I’d like to welcome you and give you a hug.

Maybe you’re the parent or loved one of someone suffering with an eating disorder. Perhaps you’re in the throes of anorexia yourself. Maybe you think you may have the beginning stages of disordered eating. Or perhaps you’re on the journey to recovery.

Whatever has brought you here, I hope that through the story of my brokenness, and redemption through the Lord, you are able to find hope, encouragement, advice, healing, support, and comfort.


This blog chronicles my journey from severe anorexia to recovery, and every twist and turn along the way. The blog posts are meant to be read from beginning to end, as a book. (( Glorious Wounds is the Introduction.)) So I would suggest reading “up” — starting from my oldest post, and working backwards to the most recent. This is my first post.


I must warn you that the beginning is very dark — intense, raw, and despairing. It is an uncensored view into my mind when I was deep in my anorexia. However, I chose to be vulnerable and share that utter brokenness — that wreckage — in order for you to truly grasp the gravity of the disease, and how sincerely meaningful freedom through Christ has been in my life.

I also hope that you’ll find the resources section of my blog helpful. If you or a loved one is suffering with disordered eating habits, please seek professional help.

With that being said, I am not a doctor. I’m not a therapist, dietician, counselor, psychiatrist, etc. I’m just a girl. Who had a severe case of anorexia. And who is journeying through recovery, one day at a time. I’m just sharing my story with the hopes that it will help even one person.


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2,010 responses to “Read This First”

  1. I follow you on Instagram. Also, I have been thinking about going through your blog. Would it be triggering for me? I’m scared because I never suffered from being severely underweight and sometimes hearing about extreme anorexia is super triggering.

    • Hi Madison,
      Thanks for checking out my blog. So here’s my thoughts: I think if you are easily triggered, the beginning of my blog, where I recount my experience in the actual thick of the disease may be hard for you to read, as I discuss numbers and really get into it. It is very dark. However, if you start reading at my March 18th post, “How I Actually Got Better,” you will find those posts from then on helpful, encouraging, and not triggering. I hope that helps and I hope that you find comfort and encouragement here. Thank you for stopping by. Stay strong love. 😘

  2. Well, I started here about two days ago, and now, I spend almost every free moment pulling out my smartphone and reading the next installment. My brother’s wife was diagnosed earlier this year, and is now in rehab (although just diagnosed, this started when she was 15. She’s in her mid 30’s now). Though I don’t know her well (they live in another state), much of what I’m reading sounds just like her: very intelligent, athletic, perfectionist, has everything together, etc. Before I started reading, I did not understand ED. I knew that it was more than just “Can’t she just eat more?”, but had no idea. Until I started reading this. Thank you. I obviously still don’t understand from the standpoint of ‘been there’, but I’m beginning to understand the bondage, the utter helplessness, self-contempt, despair. When I got to “How I Actually Got Better,” I was in tears. I’ve tried reading about it on some other websites, but it was all so clinical, I couldn’t get a feel for what she (and my brother) are going through. I appreciate your very personal, candid account. I want everyone who knows her to read it. Thank you.

    • Hi Monte,
      Thank you so much for these thoughtful words of encouragement. I’m sorry that your sister-in-law is going through this. I’m glad she’s getting help. And I’m also glad that you’ve found my blog to be helpful. That’s why I wrote it: because in talking with my loved ones, the overwhelming theme was that no one really understood what was going on. So I wrote this to shed some light on what their loved one is going through. What I wish I could have told my loved ones during the thick of my disease. I will keep you, your family, and your sister-in-law in my heart and prayers. She’s lucky to have a loving and caring support system by her side through this difficult time. Please, don’t hesitate to email me with any further questions:

  3. It takes a lot of courage and faith to let others see your wounds, but when they see a restoration and see that there the hope of overcoming and that above all there is someone that understands.
    And having it in a written format that they can read in complete privacy and let all those healing tears flow is priceless. I pray God blesses you every step of the way and uses you to shine light so others can see their way out of the darkness.

  4. Thank you for recently visiting my blog. I wish you all the best in your full recovery, healing internally and physically as you make your way through this process and pray the Lord will bless you and your blog as you share from is in your heart to the hearts of others who desperately need the same help. God bless and keep you in Him.

  5. Thank you for having the courage to share your story. I have found in life that not only is sharing our stories therapeutic for us but for others as well. Paul said it like this in 2 Corinthians 1:3 – 4:

    [2Co 1:3-4 NASB] 3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and those who you provide strength and comfort to with your story. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Thanks for your recent “like”. May God continue to uphold, heal, and use you to shine His light for others going through similar struggles. Blessings, KD

  7. Thanks for the read and the like. I am following you now. I have had binge eating disorder nearly all my life and my sister leans the other way, tending to lose weight very easily and having difficulty eating when upset. I enjoy your writing style and look forward to learning what it’s like in the other direction of disordered eating

    • thank you. i’m sorry that you and your sister are suffering from ED. I hope that you will find hope and comfort here. thanks for stopping by, and keep fighting the good fight! i believe in you! xoxo

  8. Hi How Are you? Im so glad that I have found this page. It sounds like you have such strength in the Lord at the moment it is so amazing. I suffer with Depression and Anxiety myself but I have recently found the joy and grace of being save our Lord and Saviour. He is starting to bring such stength to my life. dispite losing a stone in weight and people noticing I have started to feel more peaceful within my self through the spirit. I do look forward to read more and talking to you.
    god bless your life and the recovery that is ahead I hope you get chance to read my blog it would mean alot


    • Thank you so much. God is good and will mend hearts and heal spirits. I am so glad He is working in your life. I will pray for your recovery, Benjamin. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. You have such a beautiful and inspiring blog! I’m so happy I stumbled across it. My journey with nutrition and my desire to become a dietitian stems from a past of disordered eating. I love your approach to recovery! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my “Moderation Movement” post too! 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for liking my poem False Prophets on my blog WordMusic. It is for people like yourself who are struggling with issues toward recovery that I needed to confront the sacred cows that make it all so much harder. There is nothing so rewarding as dealing with someone who helps others find their spirituality and cooperate with it and nothing quite so scurrilous as others who hide behind spirituality to take advantage of those sufferers.

    Brent Kincaid

  11. Welcome home to the loving arms of the Lord. May you remain there forever and draw others to the same place. Remember his powerful words, “Do not be Afraid.” Thank you for reading about the Servants of Charity, it has brought me to your amazing place. Thank you!!!

  12. Thank you for sharing, I pray the Lord continues to shine his blessings upon you and that many will be saved from eating disorders through the guidance of the Lord.

  13. God bless you on your recovery road. May the bumps smooth out and the forks easily show the right path. I’m working on my addiction to food. I don’t want it to rule me anymore. It is a daily battle. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Yes, addictions, no matter what form they take, are tough, but thankfully we have a God who will see us through and give us strength. Thanks for stopping by xx

  14. Thank you for the “Like” on my blog. Your blog is very inspiring. your writing and thoughts are very uplifting and comforting for anyone. I started following you. I look forward to reading more posts 🙂

  15. Thank you for sharing your story. Finding courage and strength in God’s power to change your life is a wonderful testimony. Sharing your process so others can find hope is awesome!!! Wishing you God’s best!

  16. Hello.
    Thank you for liking, “Equal, Honorable Standing” on lifehelps.wordpress. I hope you come bac to check out some of the practical tools I share.

    I have been free from an eating disorder for 24 years now. Jesus gets all of the glory for that. I really mean I’m free; not simply in recovery: I have fasted since then without relapse; things that would have set me off don’t.
    I am very impressed with how openly you have been able to share. It seems that most of us who walk through things like Anorexia are not able to express much about our experience. God clearly has given you grace for this. Blessings on you. Hannah

    • Thank you so much Hannah. Wow your story is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing that. God is good. So good. Thanks for stopping by and your kind encouragement. Xx

  17. This is a great way to serve the Lord. Thank you for your witness. May God warmly and richly bless you, and Mother Mary take you as her special daughter, and care for you.

  18. Thanks for finding my blog. Don’t know how you found it, but without your ‘like’ on an article I wrote, I never would have found your blog and I have the sense this is going to be a deeply rewarding, encouraging, and inspiring journey. May God continue to be your strength and help you to continue to serve others through your personal testimony.

  19. Praise God for you and for your Christ-honoring site here! I came to check it out as you had “liked” a post on “thelordiswithus”. Our testimony of Jesus as our Healer and the Lover of our souls is so powerful for each other. May all believers who read this join me in praying that our Lord continue ministering His glory through redeemed sinners such as ourselves to everyone who is weary and burdened, that He may give them rest also! Bless you!

  20. Dear friend. I had given you my word that I would make a effort to look into this disease. Perhaps it sounded presumptuous (I don’t blame you for thinking so) nonetheless I have written a piece that I would love for you to look at. We don’t have to discuss it. I would like for you to read this article. Please. I know this too is taking some silent points for granted and imposing.
    Please forgive me, for I know little about protocol in blogging. It is titled; “Beware of triggers; Anorexia”
    Indulge me. Sincerely; MAO I didn’t know of another way to contact you.

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I try to visit every one who visits me. I know that we have both been on very different journeys, but we share the same God and the same LOVE He has given us. I’m praying for you, sister, on your recovery adventure.

    God is good!
    <3 Ashley

  22. First of all, a big thank you for liking one of my recent blog posts! I’m so glad that I have found you and discovered your blog and your story, and I am looking forward to reading through each of your posts from now on 🙂 You are such an amazing, beautiful and inspiring young lady and the work you are doing is incredible. I really admire that you have chosen to be so brave and have allowed yourself to be vulnerable in the hopes of encouraging and helping others who are going through the same kinds of things. I loved your last post “Right Where We Are”. And I pray that God will continue to work through you and turn what the enemy intended for harm around for His glory.
    -Jeremiah 29:11

    Lots of love, Emily <3 Xxx

  23. Thank you for liking my recent post in ephesians2v8.wordpress. I know how hard it is to share something so personal and can appreciate your risk. Your blog will help so many!

    Best wishes,

  24. I too have been revealing in my addiction and the path of recovery in my blog. I don’t though, to be honest, what or if my blog has a purpose. I tend to think that anyone in recovery has a desire to be of service to others and whether that is based on self preservation or a desire to care for others is probably not important as, to me, one seems to lead to the other.
    I find that anyone who has been to the “edge” be it sanity, social acceptance and/or death has a relationship with God that is unique and inspiring.
    its nice to meet you on your journey.

    • Hi tommy. Thank you for this comment. You’re right, God has definitely been to the edge and back with me, and as a result our relationship is pretty unique. But thankfully God is like that with everyone – no matter what his/her story. I’m glad you stopped by. Have a great day.

  25. If you get a chance read my blog entry “We Are Not Our Mistake”. I think it shows how some of us, like you, are willing to embrace our “mistake” and in doing so find a wealth of knowledge and growth we wish to share with others to help them on their journey.

  26. firstly– thank you for the like. 😉 so glad to have found this blog [in such an ironic way]. my sister & i both struggled for years from EDs which ultimately inspired me to help friends along our roads to recovery. not here to share my story. i simply wanted to say ‘you go girl!’ on your recovery journey. i will certainly be reading your story. xx

  27. Thank you for visiting my blog today. Funny how like minds find each other. As I briefly mentioned in my first post I have recovered from a severe eating disorder as well- and it was not through my own strength but the strength, healing and comfort of the Lord. Glad to have found your blog!

  28. I’m thankful to our Lord Jesus for helping us find each others blogs. And I’m more thankful that you’re recovering with Him. Thank you so much for sharing yourself-it’s not easy being naked in order to be used to help others. And I’m so glad that you’re here, dear one. 🙂

  29. Your blog will no doubt be helpful to many people! While I personally don’t struggle with an eating disorder, I have bouts of body image issues (among other things).
    Keep sharing your story and inspiring others!

  30. My mom dies 2 weeks ago from Anorexia, she had a very long battle and in the end was unable to beat it. She was 58. It is hard to explain to people that it wasn’t vanity, it is a very complicated disease and it is also a hard disease to watch someone go through. In the end I had to stop fighting her as I knew I couldn’t make her go for the help that she thought she could do on her own. She was hospitalized 3 times in the last year. The time before she died they had sent her home because she was able to walk with help, that was 4 weeks ago. 2 weeks later we were back at the hospital and she dies 4 hours later. My mom had suffered since I was a child but it got its worst last year when my brother died. I hope that you keep strong with your recovery as I know it will be a lifelong battle for you. Just remember you are beautiful and that this disease scars you and also your loved ones so please always get help, talk about it with loved ones and doctors and phycologist.
    Sorry for the long post, haven’t talked about this yet.
    Take care.

    • Hi Alicia. Wow, thank you for sharing this. I am so sorry for your loss. Gosh, that just breaks my heart. You’re right anorexia is not a vein disease. It is a lifelong battle with ED, who wants nothing less than to steal everything from you. I am so sorry that your mom had to endure it. She was lucky to have you as a daughter. Thank you for those words of encouragement. Like you said, it will be a lifelong battle of staying focused on my recovery. Thank you for reminding me that it’s not just me that it effected, too. But also my loved ones. You have seen that first hand. Oh Alicia, I’m sending you a big hug through the computer right now. I appreciate you opening up about this. Please don’t hesitate to email me: if you ever need to talk. Sending love❤️

  31. Thanks for liking one of my posts. I’m sure you will help many people with your very inspiring blog. You have real courage to open up and share so much of yourself. May God use you mightily to His glory.

  32. Thank you so much for visiting my site somehow. And thank you for your your examples of faith. You’re a brave faithful girl! 🙂

  33. Fantastic blog! ❤️First, I love that you are healed! Sadly not everyone is able to find their way and 2nd I love that you have chosen to share your testimony to help point those in need in the direction they need! What an amazing calling you have! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog saltvault and liking my post Keys to the Kingdom today!

  34. At least you are not in denial (not a river)! Little poke at humor. Alcoholic, myself. Went away to college at the age of 17 and developed a drinking problem. A computer science major, I wrote my best code while drunk off my ass. Sobered myself up at the end of my sophomore year. Won’t even touch thee stuff anymore (helps my multiple sclerosis medicine can’t be used with alcohol in your system).

    Parents used to accuse me of having your difficulty since I refused to stuff myself like they did. I eat what my body needs for survival. 3 small chocolate squares are a daily MUST for me! No more, no less.

    You probably didn’t choose to have this difficulty. Regardless, you have it now. Keep following your doctor’s orders. If you don’t get along with your doctor, find one that you do! Just keep hanging in there!

    • Thank you so much. It sounds like you’ve had quite the journey as well. I’m glad we’ve both found freedom:) thanks for stopping by and sending love and support for your journey, friend 😊

  35. Thanks for liking one of my posts and I pray the Lord to strengthen you in your journey as well.
    God bless you!


  36. Blessings on you! As the Bible says, we are to share with others the grace that we ourselves have received. You are doing that. More power to you!

  37. I have a sister who is a recovering anorexic. She was diagnosed backed in the 70’s when she was just a teen. She will be 60 this October. It’s been a long road, not just for her, but for the family. When she was diagnosed very little was known and treatment was archaic. Thank God my Mother persevered and didn’t except the suggested treatment of shock therapy. I commend you for your willingness to document your journey. I’m sure it has not been easy.

    • Thank you for sharing this, Mariann. Yes, thank God that she didn’t undergo shock therapy. Wow. It sounds like your sister is lucky to have such a supporting and loving family. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the support. Hugs to you.

  38. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking a recent post! I really appreciate it. Although I have never suffered from anorexia, nor know anyone personally that has, just from reading your most recent post I can tell that there is much to learn regardless. 🙂

  39. Hi, I have never suffered from an eating disorder myself, but I had a friend at school who had anorexia and I saw how much of a hard time it was for her, but she came out strong the other side, just like you have! What a fantastic thing to write about it, I’m sure you have helped so many people in their journeys. I will be coming back to read more of your story. And thank you for stopping by my blog and the like on my Sunday post! 🙂

  40. Hi dear, just reading your introduction is an inspiration. Continiue to fight the good fight. I’m sure your blog is a hope and inspiration for many struggling out there. (on a side note, your instagram link is having some trouble). Keep writing and doing what you’re doing! It’s beautiful.

  41. What an important blog and cause – thanks for being a shining light and illuminating the darkness so many are sitting in. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep up the excellent work!

  42. Thanks for liking the poem I wrote for my sick mother.
    I pray the Lord will bless you in your efforts to grow stronger physically and spiritually, and that you will be a blessing to others, also.

  43. I look forward to reading your posts – Glad I found you ….. when I was young, I was hospitalized twice for anorexia, trying to get down to a “model” weight. That was years and years ago and since then I have learned how to eat (I know SO much about food and health I should get paid to teach people hahaha). But anyway, I eat gluten free and vegetarian. It seems no matter what size I am the “anorexic” thinking has to be battled regularly….. I have to daily remind myself I am made in God’s image and I am beautiful …………

    • Thank you for sharing this Mrs. ReneD. Praise God that you’ve been able to move forward and embrace and enjoy life! And you’re so right: it takes daily reminders. Because we ARE beautiful. Thanks for stoppi by xx

  44. God bless you for your honesty and courage. I look forward, as you invited, to reading your posts from earliest to most recent. Praise God for His healing work in your life and through your life. Thank you for liking one of my posts. I appreciate your taking time to read/respond. Every blessing! Take care.

  45. I’m truly impressed by your story…AND by what the Lord is doing in your life! All glory to Him!
    Thanks for checking out my blog, “Letters from Lady Ezra.” I am a new blogger and have a long way to go, so I truly appreciate your taking the time to stop by.

  46. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    The whole food obsession of weight and energy and diet and all the other asdfkl stuff is a battle for many, whether that manifests itself as a disorder or whether we realise earlier. Gah, that sounds bad – I in no way am demeaning your struggle and that of others by saying that I hope.
    God is a big presence in my life too. 🙂
    I’ll keep an eye on this blog, thanks.

  47. Thanks for stopping by and Liking The Visit. Truly thanks.
    Your visit prompted my visit here — having just blogged since March, I’ve found one amazing thing about this little corner of cyberspace is the “Return Policy” — as in you drop by and I get to come visit you! 🙂
    I’ve read and read, gone backwards and backwards in your posts. What you’ve given others here is profound. An honest vulnerability unmasked that will provide help for so many — those with ED and those parents and friends who stand on the periphery trying to “get in.”
    Your “pay it forward” is indeed a gift. May you continue in your diligence and recovery….may your beauty shine for those in need of hearing your journey.

  48. Thanks for dropping by my blog this morning or I would not have discovered you! Thanks for your honesty and courage. We humans are such vulnerable little critters, hidden behind all the “stuff” of this world…material and non-material…and it always takes pain to “dive into the wreck” and find what is Real. Thanks.

  49. I wanted to thank you for taking time to read my blog “When we live history”, I appreciate you liking it!! I’m fairly new to blogging and despite I have so much to say & share I’m leading into it slowly. I hope you have a great day and thanks again!! 😊

  50. Thanks for dropping by in my blog and as i read a long your blog. I get inspired to write more and inspired other people to be alive! Thanks again you made me smile.

  51. Your blog look great! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I’m so glad that you have found the healing, but also that you decided to share the pain and suffering. Society has a tendency to focus too much on the body and not enough on who someone really is. It seems like you are someone who has grown stronger because of all you have gone through.

  52. Thank you for liking one of my posts. I am always pleased when a read find pleasure in my writing, strokes my vanity, if you will. I did bother to take the time to read one of your posts and I found it most interesting. I can understand not wanting to go to an exclusive fashion show. It’s like a recovering alcoholic refraining for attending a private concert that is held in a bar. It’s not so much the temptation but the reminder of what had been, particularly the pain of a former existence. I applaud your decision. Overcoming vanity is half the battle.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I appreciate it. And yes! You hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly what it’s like! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day☺️

  53. Thanks for your like on my blog! I hope you will continue to visit for your “daily dose of inspiration”.
    I give praises to God for your healing. Blessings on your continued journey of recovery.

  54. Thanks for stopping by and for liking my post. I appreciate your realness in your blogpost. So glad for your healing and recovery,so that your experience can help others. <3.

  55. Thank you for visiting my blog and for liking today’s post ( I have had a journey that, among other self-destructive behaviours, has included bulimia. I don’t talk about the reasons behind it very much but, having recently experienced an incredible breakthrough in my life (which prompted the starting of my blog) and having read some of yours, I may take some of your courage and share some of my story in the future. Declaring God’s blessings and peace beyond measure over you today and always xxx

    • Thank you so much. EDs are definitely hard to talk about, but it’s so important that we do. I found my healing in the Lord, praise be to God. Thank you for stopping by and for sharing this thoughtful and reflective comment☺️ blessings to you

  56. Thank you so much for stopping by Mothers With A Mission. It gave me a chance to see what you are doing here and I love it. I too have a history of an eating disorder and found healing though grace and hope in the Lord who redeems and restores. Thank you for bringing light to this subject and hope to its sufferers.

  57. You are a fantastic young lady and such an inspiration! God has blessed you with many gifts. One of which is your love of people. The ability to share even in the face of demons. I know these posts were not easy for you and I am so glad that you shared this part of your life with the world because there are many, far too many, young people facing these exact problems. I’ve no doubt this will impact them deeply and aide them in their recovery. May God continue to bless you and keep a hedge of protection around you all the days of your life. To God be the glory and to you be the millions of thankyous that you deserve but may never hear in person. Thanks for your candidness and generosity to share these things. Love your site. Thankyou for liking mine.
    God bless you.

    • Thank you so much, Georgio for such kind words. I am truly humbled. Thank you. That is my prayer: that these posts help even one girl who is in the depths of despair. Jesus has the power to heal. Thank you for stopping by. blessings to you

  58. beautybeyondbones, I am visiting your site because you left a like on my “Why Didn’t We Talk to God About That?” Thank you. You have a beautiful blog and I’m sure you are a blessing to many who have suffered in ways as you have. Hope you will come over to my place more often.

  59. Hi, thank you for stopping for a moment on my blog, there’s something amazing about yours that fills me up with hope and belief that God is always with me even when I feel all alone. Big hug x

  60. You know….i’m not going to read this but I’m going to celebrate your recovery by coming along side you. I know nothing of these types of illnesses, just of the presence of the ‘Devine’ to heal them all and make us, humans, willing tools to introduce others to him for the drinking in of his life…. your straw hat is an emblem of humility/ at least it is to me.

      • Hey, 🙂 thanks for the like, and not only that but I love your blog, it’s pointing to the One who heals…when we tell ‘our’ story it’s a part of ‘His story’ it’s pretty neat how that happens isn’t it?

        I graduated from Mercy as you know from my post, and it’s odd in a good way full circle I have to as the scriptures say ‘renew your mind with the word’ there is a reason for that, I’m a thinker, a deep one (I think you are as well) and the helmet of hope, of salvation is the one of the most important armaments I (need to, remind myself to) suit up with daily…

        Anyways, I won’t make this a novel :-P, I love you as a sister in the Lord…take care doll

        -Hannah C.

      • Thank you so much Hannah. You’re right. We must put on the armor of God everyday. What a beautiful reminder. Thank you for that:) so glad you stopped by, sister 🙂 blessings to you xx

  61. I think you are touching many people with your openness about anorexia, how it affected you and how you struggled to live with it. Keep it up. Oh, and thank you for liking my blog, Reflections of a Lay Catholic.

  62. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I look forward to reading yours. I also have a long, ugly history with eating disorders (I’ve written a novel about a bulimic character) and consider myself to be fully recovered–or as recovered as any woman living in today’s society can be. I believe that by sharing our stories, we become stronger and help others become stronger too. Very best to you!

  63. Well done for doing this. I know exactly how you feel – God has helped me recover from anorexia too. It is possible, it IS achievable. Just remember the Footprints story, through the hard times, he carries you. I am so grateful that I am at uni right now, not in a hospital, a healthy weight again – and that I’m actually able to trust myself with being self-catered and completely in charge of what I eat now. That’s how far God has brought me. I pray that you will look back and see how far you’ve come, and not despair when you feel you’re not moving ahead fast enough. This journey can be slow, but it’s going to make you STRONGER not weaker. I promise 😉 bless you lovely, if you ever want some encouragement feel free to add me on facebook ( and thanks for the like – I’m definitely going to follow your blog now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  64. I love you, I love this blog, I love that you are spreading the message to so many girls who desperately need it. I was too one of thos girls trapped in the grips of the enemy and dying both in flesh and soul. I could only recover with God and nothing else ever helped me. It is awe inducing how differently I think and how differently i live now because of having Him as the main reason for my life and for living. It is true that through Him we become new, and that He washes away all of our wickedness and makes us clean again. Again, I love what you are doing. Ever since being recovered, I always wanted to this too. I am glad that someone out there has such a great outreach to girls struggling with this eating disorder, because this is the only way they can ever get better. Keep posting! 🙂 <3 May God continue to bless you in this and in everything you do.

    • Thank you so much Fiorella. I am humbled by your words. You’re right, living for Him is completely life altering in a good way! Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement and support! Xx

  65. First, thanks for liking my recent post, “New Glasses, Anyone?” Though I don’t have an eating disorder, I have enough food and stomach problems to make me struggle – sensitivities to plenty of foods and celiac disease, to start. Becoming more aware of the struggles of others is a privilege to me, and greatly increases my empathy and compassion at least in prayer, if not in tangible ways. I will be returning to your blog to read from the beginning, and pray for you now, because I understand how emotionally draining it can be to “re-live” tough times you write about. May Christ’s strength and love for you be more evident to you with every post and every comment!


    • Thank you so much, Kay. I really appreciate the prayers. So much. God is so good and I am thankful that He saw me through this. Blessings to you, friend. Thanks for stopping by.

  66. Thanks you for visiting my blog space. It allowed me to visit yours. As the mother of a young woman who has lived with an eating disorder your openness in sharing your feelings and drawing Christ’s teachings to yourself is remarkable. My daughter, too, found peace as her faith grew and she drew strength from God. I am passing on your blog space to Francesca. Keep sharing for sharing you will touch many lives. Blessings

    • Thank you so much. I’m glad your daughter has found strength in the Creator. He has been the source of my recovery for sure. God is good. Thank you for stopping by and for your encouraging and kind words. I will definitely pray for your daughter. Blessings to you and yours xx

  67. Thank you for liking my recent post on my blog, I decided to come and check yours out on there and find myself intrigued. I was once battling it myself and I would love to see everything you post. Looking forward to it!

  68. Wow. I had come here to thank you for liking one of my blog posts. Reading this though, has left me nearly speechless. You’re an incredibly brave person, and I’m truly inspired by you. I struggle with the some of the same issues, and have a feeling I will find encouragement through your blog. Thank you for sharing your journey. God bless, sister 🙂 <3


  69. Thank you for your blog. I have much to learn from you. it is such an important topic to shine the light on as too many people, especially young women struggle with it. A cousins daughter fought a eating disorder for many years. She is doing well now. She is now married with a young child. Blessings Roland Legge

  70. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for liking my post. I wish you the utmost success on your journey, and salute your bravery in sharing it.

  71. Thank you for stoping by and to introduce your blog to me.

    Congrats for the courage of being vulnerable. I’m sure you help and inspire others to go through their own wounds with the right attitude.

    If you ever feel like sharing an inspiring story of your life in my blog, please let me know. It would be something special!

    Happy Sunday and keep on going!


  72. Hi! I’ve chosen you to receive the Blogger Recognition Award. If you would like to accept this award, the rules are: 1. Tell how your blog got started. 2. Give some advice to new bloggers 3. Choose blogs that you would like to pass the award on to and let them know. You can read the award post on my blog.
    – Jim 🙂
    (You might have received this recognition already, If so, feel free to ignore!)

  73. First I want to thank you for liking my first ever blog post! Second I hope to be as brave as you in conveying truth on my blog. Thank you for sharing your struggles before Christ and your walk to freedom with Him. Continued blessings on your journey!

  74. First I want to thank you for telling your story. You are brave. You are helping to set the captive free! Second I hope I can tell my story as a new blogger in such a way to bless, encourage, and inspire. Third I want to thank you for liking my first ever post! And lastly I pray you continue to walk in wholeness and shine brightly in the darkness.

  75. Thanks for the visit, allowing me to find you. Just want to share that I also found the answer, like you did, in Jesus Christ. Peace be with you. Always.

  76. Thank you so much for liking my last post. I love your blog. I think God has given you a ministry to bless those who are struggling with a very dark affliction. I am so glad the Lord is healing you, and using you to help Him heal others. May you one day find this time to have had a gift inside–it already is a gift for those you are helping. You are a very lovely writer too.

  77. Hi! First, I really wanna PRAISE GOD for you are such an amazing and brave woman for you to reveal something about your life that could help and impact other people. Thank God Indeed for your heart. KeepThatFaithAliveInYOU!!! Second, I wanted to say Thank you for liking and dropping by on my post. May God continue to BLESS YOU!!! Keep inspiring others. 🙂
    GOD BLESS! ~ graceT.

  78. So, reading your words was like making part of the journey; it was interesting, instructive and tender at the same time.
    Thanks for visiting the “wise recipes” section on my blog.
    Hugs from Italy, Mirna

  79. It takes a special courage to write about your remarkable journey and how faith has helped you on the road to recovery. It seems to me that you have been blessed and it is good that you now share that blessing with others. I wish you well. Thank you for your visit. It was much appreciated

  80. Love the concept of being utterly open about your deficiencies. I have found in my life that is the only way and in doing that the door is open for others to find healing and encouragement as well. I am glad you are doing this thank you.

  81. Hello! Thank you so much for reading my blog post and liking it today. It is good to see new readers!

    I hope that your fight with Ed is going well. I dated a girl once who struggled with it, and now she is doing a lot better – thank God. But I am always more attentive to this subject now, and I will always stand up for those struggling with this.

    May the Lord bless and keep you forever in His loving arms.

    -Jon –

  82. Thanks for visiting my blog! Wishing you every success and pleasure) with your blog. To your continued good health. Keep it up.

  83. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. And THANK YOU for bearing your soul so we can see how the light of Christ penetrates even the deepest darkness!

    Grace and peace,

  84. Thank you for liking my post! Can’t wait to read more about your journey and how Christ is working in your life.

  85. You’ve created a brave and beautiful blog about a subject close to my heart. I suffered most of my life with a poor body image, while someone near and dear was anorexic. God’s love carried me to a healthy, realistic self-perception and He’s carrying my loved one. I added BBB to my prayer list. I take that seriously. Prayer inspires most of my writing.

    • My goodness thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me:) thank you. I take prayer very seriously as well too! My posts are written in prayer as well. I always say, this blog might have my “name” on it, but the words are not my own. They’re His. 👆 thanks for stopping by! God bless xx

  86. I Thank you dear for liking my post. In the process of going through what you have written I have become your fan. You are very brave and your strength appears through your words. God bless you.

    • Gosh thank you so much. I appreciate it so much. I just pray that someone out there going through something similar may find hope here. That’s the whole reason for this. Thanks for the support friend. Blessings to you ❤️

  87. Wishing you the best on your journey to recovery and beyond.

    Have you ever read the Desiderata? If not I encourage you to Google it and read it. Despite the 60s kitsch it has many many truths.

  88. This is a beautiful and brave blog. Thanks for the like because it brought me here. I’ll be having a good look around now I’m here. 🙂

  89. Thank you for liking my blog. I do hope you will check back from time to time. I also love the mission of your blog- it is at the heart of the work I do as a clinical social worker and a human being.

  90. Thanks for liking my post. I don’t get many of those. I hope you’re finding freedom from those old compulsions, and finding true peace. God bless!

  91. Beautiful well-written blog that makes me want to read more. Appreciating your passion to enourage and help others, directing to the ultimate source of healing.
    Hugs back atcha. And thanks for stopping by!

  92. Great introduction to your blog. (: If you don’t mind me asking, were you ever self-conscious by your body which led to an eating disorder, or did a series of other factors make you depressed to the point that eating wasn’t important at all? I understand if you wish to keep it to yourself. God bless and have a good day! (:

    • Hi there thank you for asking. Great question. One misconception about eating disorders is that it’s not actually about the weight. The weight loss is merely a symptom of an internal battle. That being said, I was never depressed either. It was a battle of perfection. Of self worth. Self love. The weight loss is merely a symptom. Hope that helps. The actual blog details this in much more description 🙂 blessings friend! Thanks for stopping by!

  93. Hey, very nice wording in the first picture. Recovery takes: perseverance, endurance, courage, time. Definitely true. Let us together remind each other of His Greatness and be cherished with His blessings 🙂

  94. Thank you for recently liking my post House on a Rock. May the grace and truth of Christ in you bring victory in your life. – Helena

  95. Thanks for the like! I recommend Pastor Tim Burns’ teaching, which you can find by googling “Calvary Chapel Tyler YouTube.” I can’t necessarily vouch for guest speakers, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better Bible teacher than Tim Burns. Thanks again, and grace be with you.

  96. Bravo – on confronting and overcoming anorexia. That takes insight, and much courage and honesty in self-examination.

    I have a question that has puzzled me for some time:
    In reading anorexia chat forums, anorexic women refer to anorexia with pet names, as if the affliction is a person. Why is that?

    • Thank you so much Dr. Eowyn. I appreciate the support! Great question. We refer to the eating disorder as “Ed” or “Ana” because recovery is a fight. Truly we are warriors. And personifying the disease as Ed, we are able to channel our focus to beating “him”, conquering the bad guy, defeating the evil one who is trying to kill us. It just gives the woman a specific goal to think of. Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by!

  97. Thanks for reading something from my blog. I thought I would get to know yours and so read this entry. I’m impressed and relieved that you’ve committed yourself to writing to this issue. It’s important. Such disorders damage many lives. Our culture offers so many hindrances in dealing with these positively. And about our body shapes, overall. Thanks so much for your good work.

    • Thank you so much for your kind response. You’re right, our culture is so toxic for young women especially (although men too) on body image. It’s an important issue to give voice to. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great evening