Light in the Dark

I am heart sick tonight.


Not because of the election.

Not because there’s a rumor that Drake and T. Swift are dating.

But because of a piece of news I heard just the other night.

Over the weekend, at my cousin’s university, there was a tragedy. His roommate: a kind, loving, and incredibly smart young man, passed away after being the victim of a hate crime.

For being Muslim.

He was jumped and ended up in a coma. He passed a day later.

How truly tragic.

I did not know this young man, but my cousin was his best friend and roommate. And it just pains my heart to think that someone could act out in hate towards another person like that.

There’s a lot of rhetoric going around lately about immigrants and muslims and walls and whatnot. It’s nauseatingly pervasive.

And to be quite honest, I don’t exactly know all of the politics surrounding all of these issues, but I do know that this young man did not deserve to die.

I sometimes think about what Jesus would think if He were to walk around on Earth today. How would He act? What would He say?

But the more I think about it, the world we live in now is not so unlike the world Jesus found Himself in. With religious tension, corrupt dictators, huge gaps between the haves and the have-nots, an underworld of vice…I mean, they were publicly flogging people, for crying out loud.

As they say, “same ‘crap,’ different day.”

And what did Jesus do?

He loved.



This young man fell victim to a person or persons, acting from a place of ignorance and darkness and hate.

What are we to do when that happens?

Truly. I’m asking. Because I am at a loss for words. Sickened by the lowness of humanity.

We are all children of God. No matter our religion. Our gender. Our race. The language we speak. What our income is. What our political slant is. We are all made by God.

We are all sisters and brothers.

Which, excuse the cliche, but it is the truth.

Perhaps if we were to approach how we talk to others, how we handle our disputes with our classmates or landlords, how our nation governs itself, how we treat the homeless, our veterans, the sick, the unborn, the mentally ill — each and every person — no exception — was made by God and is therefore inherently good.

Why can’t that be part of our worldview? Our foreign policy? The way we treat others?


This young man, *sigh* I am just sickened by the cruelness of the world and my heart breaks for his family and friends and my cousin.

Yes, there is darkness in the world, but you and I, we can be lights.


We can live our lives in a way that reminds those around us that there is goodness still. There is hope still. There is a reason to go on.

And if each of us lights up our own little dusty corner of the world, we can make a difference. Because light, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, it makes a difference. It shines and encourages others to do the same.


I pray for those left behind in the wake of this tragedy, and I also pray for you reading this. That you and I may have the courage to be that light when the world is dark.

It matters.

Now more than ever.

It matters.


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329 thoughts on “Light in the Dark

  1. I have to say, “Amen to that, Sister.” Because you are my sister. We are all God’s children. You shared your message beautifully and my heart hurts with yours for your personal loss and for the state of this world. Keep speaking the truth!


  2. What a wonderful, unselfish write, a gift to all of us to remind us:

    “And if each of us lights up our own little dusty corner of the world”

    Thank you.


  3. Yes, we are all Childs of the Infinite One Creator, created in his image and likeness. The Way of Christ is to love even our worst enemies. In other words: we should drop every concept of someone or something that evokes feelings of hatred or fear. It is time to go to the next level and transcend all that nonsense. We are a new Creation in Christ, based on love, grace and communion with the wholeness of creation. Muslims are certainly a part of it and we should respect and embrace the differences. There are differences between Islam and Christianity, but there are much similarities too. Just an example: the Qur’an describes the nature of God as the All-Merciful, AR-RAHMĀN (THE ALL-MERCIFUL). Let us pray for your cousins friend.

    ‘Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us all, because we are sinners. We proclaim your name with our lips, but negate you with our stony hearts and our inner darkness. May you enlighten our Souls and guide us to the Way of light and goodness, make us to an mirror of your divinity. We are poor beggars before you. Please, make us to an instrument of thy peace and your infinite compassion. Give us your vision, in order to see in everyone a reflection of your presence, even the least, or maybe especially in them. Please, make us to a window for your kingdom, a channel for your melody, and transform us in the Body of Christ on earth.’

    Blessings to you,


    1. Hi Mark, thank you so much for this perspective. You’re so right, we are to love everyone, no matter if they look differently, speak differently, believe differently, live ina culture that is different than our own. Thanks for the food for thought. Hugs and love xox

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      1. Jesus of Nazareth/Yeshua leads to the Universal Truth of the Kingdom of Heaven beyond religion, in my opinion. If he says „I am the truth and the way and the life“ that doesn’t mean that all other ways are false and of minor value. This only means, that the Way of Christ is the highest expression of truth and all ways who are truthful lead ultimately to the Gospel as the highest point of culmination. There are indeed sparks of truth in islam, in buddhism, in hinduism, in judaism, in secular humanism and atheism. The problem is, that on the external level of religion, there is much separation, created by the human ego and its tendency toward fear, prejudices and conflict.

        But if we are brave enough to look to the heart of humanity, we can see common human intuitions of the divine, that we share with each other, there is a underlying oneness of humanity. I very appreciate the mystical dimension of islam. Ibn Arabi said: „My religion is love. Whichever the route love’s caravan shall take, that shall be the path of my faith“

        All spiritual traditions celebrate the wonder of being alive and affirm the nobility of the human soul. As Christians we are called to become „partakers of (or participants in) the divine nature“. Not against other religions, but beyond religion, and embracing the best of them all. We can share love, communion and solidarity with all of them. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. For the friend of your cousin: „Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul“(Matthew 10:28)

        Hugs in Christ :),


      2. They can kill our body, but not our Soul, because it is a eternal part of the Infinite Spirit of God. It is simply out of their reach. With that in mind can we embrace the wholeness of life, joy as well as pain.


  4. Dear Sister:

    Blessed are those that mourn – for to mourn is to hold space in our hearts for goodness. Thank-you for sharing your memory of this young man with us. In an earlier era, it took a man like Jesus to denounce the prejudice against a Samaritan. I find it encouraging that today so many possess the courage to do the same.



  5. People are sick. Really… They need to take a few lessons in anatomy and physiology. We are all made up of the same materials. Above all… A lesson in Christ’s word would show them we are all fearfully and wonderfully made!. My heart and prayers go out to that yoyng man’s friends and family.


  6. Jesus wasn’t a pushover, though. He had some pretty harsh words for the scribes, pharisees, and a woman whom he likened to a dog. Maybe a Samaritan women, I’d have to check. And not to forget his causing a ruckus at the corrupted temple!

    My kinda guy. No b.s. with Jesus. 🙂


      1. I like John Eldredge’s take on the Samaritan woman at the well, and the woman he called a dog. In “Beautiful Outlaw” he point out that the response of the people He spoke to tells us how the comment was delivered. Maybe a wry grin, perhaps a twinkle in the eyes telling the person He spoke to that there was no malice in His words, rather an invitation to enter and be accepted – whoever they were.

        I strongly recommend the book. It changes how you see almost every interaction Jesus has, and shows Him as even less of a pushover!


  7. We live in rough times – yet that very fact is why we have the opportunity to grow strong through it, especially when we touch the transience of life, sharply through those we are connected to.
    My wife and I recently translated for the first time ever in English, the sacred poetry and verses of Hoja Ahmed Yassawi, a 10th century mystic Sufi founder. He saw these times coming and wrote us how to manage them ourselves and find the path to Love – to release us and by extension others through our example from such pain and sorrow to a higher calling of fellowship.

    I therefore dedicate some of his words to the young man as he travels on to a better place and a tranquility beyond comprehension:

    No mind can fathom the power of God,
    Nor is it known who orders either good or bad,
    I cannot bear to be muzzled amongst people,
    Where can I go, I am not sure.

    One is created proud, another Christian, another greedy,
    Another Muslim, another unbeliever and yet another Jew,
    From Heaven evil is evicted,
    For what reason, I am not sure.

    Many sins, heavier than mountains with even less patience,
    Nor committed to service, year on year life passed by,
    What gifts am I bringing if granted a place in Heaven,
    What sort of person am I, I am not sure.

    Those lovers rescinding their soul saw God,
    Those He made love Him from the start,
    In His mercy He sent them Love,
    If I arrive will I see His Face, I am not sure.


  8. All we can do is remember and try to be an example of our new commandment “love one another as I have loved you.” It doesn’t read, “love one another as long as they look, love, live, and pray like you do.” You cannot destroy hate with hate (that just makes more hate right, math wise anyway) you can only destroy it with love.


  9. Thank you for writing this. It is amazing. Unfortunately, it is inspired by a tragedy; My heart and prayers go out to the loved ones, may this young man rest in peace.


  10. I am sorry to hear about this occurrence. I don’t live in the States, I live in the “Down Under” (little wink) but this is certainly a horrible tragedy. May his soul rest in peace. I’ve always been abused as well given my gender orientation, religious views, political stance, my race…. Etc. People will always have a reason to hurt you because we are all judgemental creatures – capable of judging and placing judgement and bias on others. It truly is a shame. Take care, you!


      1. No problem, girl! And thank you for your kind words. I’m holding up better than before. I wish the same to you (and many blessings) xoxo Take careeee~~~


  11. This is a beautiful post and I thank you for bringing light into the darkness . I am so sorry to hear of such tragic news for this man at the hands of hate.
    Jesus loved. Why oh why can’t more just love. I am thankful for the ones who do.


  12. Thank you, Beauty, for this tragic but educational and loving post. It relates to a recent post of mine about early voting and working towards healing in our nation, which my pastor preached about on Sunday. With the Presidential election not going “my way,” there is the temptation to catastrophise and give up on our present and our future. But that is not what Jesus calls us to do. Instead we must act with love toward every single person.

    This post of yours shows that you are indeed a Beauty inside as well as out! 🙂


  13. I work in Menomonie and used to live there. It’s a small college town. It’s hard to believe that something like this happened there. It breaks my heart. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Reblogged this on Echoes In The Ether and commented:
    Nice post. I totally agree with the author here: Each of us needs to be the light we want to see in the world. Do what you can – big or small, it doesn’t matter. If you can touch even one other soul, you’ve done your part.


  15. Ermmm as nice and emotional as this post is. I’ll like to point out a few things. Actually the world Jesus found himself in was actually a much worse world. They killed people too then, not just ordinary killing, they sometimes nailed them on a cross, beheaded some and others stoned till death. And Jesus himself said ‘marvel not when the world hate you for it hateth me too’ and we r not all children of God. The ones killing and living in disobedience to God can’t be from God. God doesn’t create evil. In him is light and there is no darkness at all. So all these evil people are from the devil. Nevertheless Let us shine as Light even in a world full of darkness. 😊


  16. I loved this post! It’s always so refreshing to see a blogger that believes in God and Jesus Christ and isnt afraid to speak on being a light in this world!! My heart is heavy for the people suffering in this world. I hope we all take the time to be the light and love this world needs!!

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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