7 Things I Learned This Election Season

Well, here we are, on the eve of the election.

I don’t know about you, but I’m plum near ready to wave the white flag and just surrender.

I can’t take the negativity any longer!



We have seen, unprecedentedly, the worst of humanity.
I’ve seen people on my Facebook newsfeed proclaim, “unfriend me if you’re voting for Trump, because I’m not friends with bigots.” I’ve listened to podcasts where the hosts berate their Trump-supporting listeners, calling them “racist/homophobic products of incest.”




I’ve seen people on Instagram proclaiming that Hillary’s supporters are actually the “basket of deplorables,” in love with pantsuits and okay with killing babies.

The lowness of humanity has been rampant, on display, and it’s all about to end, come tomorrow night.



I’m not here to tell you who you should or shouldn’t vote for. That’s up to you, and I hope you will prayerfully consider your choice.

But, walking away from this election season, I have learned a few things.

#1. Honesty is always the best policy.

Doesn’t matter if it’s about your homework, about your whereabouts on Friday night, about why you want to bail on a get together, about the state of your recovery or sobriety…the truth matters. And it always comes out.

#2. What you eat in private, you wear in public

OK, so that’s the saying we’ve all heard…but it applies to, well, a lot of this election. *cough cough* The Clinton Foundation and their pay-for-play scandal. Her deleted emails. The Trump Access Hollywood Tapes…

And speaking of which

#3. Mind what comes out of your mouth.


Donald Trump, I’m lookin’ at you.

But no really.

Eph 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up.

#4. What you put out on the Internet can and will exist forever.

Remember how we all were afraid of this when Facebook first came out? Yeah, well it turned out to be true. Thank you, Wikileaks. Hillary, if you’re going to do some shady communication, it will sooner or later come to light.

Luke 12:3 “…what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.”

#5. Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Slogan

After all of the debates, all of my friends, regardless of political party association, walked away going, “All I can think about is, ‘Make America Great Again.'”

But above all…

#6. Don’t be a Weiner


This is for both The Donald and Hillz. They both demonstrated some pretty vile and just downright inexcusable behavior. More than be role models of what to be, they’re role models of what not to be.


#7 If all else fails, Beyonce.

Hillary, if you win tomorrow, Beyonce better be getting one hell of an Edible Arrangement on Wednesday.


And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Now go vote!

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239 thoughts on “7 Things I Learned This Election Season

  1. “We have seen, unprecedentedly, the worst of humanity.”

    I’m not sure if you meant this as hyperbole, but humanity has done far worse things than we have seen in the course of this campaign (even as awful as it truly has been).

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  2. Nice balance of humor and poignancy (I didn’t even now poignancy was a word until I just tried to type poiniance…) I do like your mention of Eph 4:29 because Unwholesome talk has hurt me before, both from my own mouth, and then in a twist of ironic justice false unwholesome talk from others in the form of rumor! If I ever run for office I will take one of my moral inventories and publish it on twitter, instagram, facebook, and even myspace so that my past becomes public knowledge and not news! Great post dear!

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  3. In line at 5:50 AM with my oldest son, out the door by 6:25 AM and that was Presidential election number 11 for me and number 1 for him and his younger brother who voted early a few weeks ago. Good post and have a blessed day! Jim

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  4. I’ve had so many people preach to me to get out and vote, but when I’ve done all the research in the world and still wave my hands in the air and go “I don’t know who I’d want to lead this country” I can’t just go eeenie meenie miny mo. I’m not someone who votes based on parties. I vote based on person, but I’m not liking anything I see. We are supposed to pick a leader, but no matter who is elected today, I won’t see any leaders. Leaders are supposed to inspire and be role models. I don’t have kids, but if I did I would not want by kids saying I want to grow up to be Donald or Hillary. We may make history today and vote in the first female president….great for women…yet not so great in my opinion. If I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her looking up to someone who has been investigated by the FBI. I’m not a supporter of either candidate I don’t affiliate with either party. I’m just a person who wants a good, genuine person to represent our country. That might be impossible in politics, but at least someone who appears to be good. Ha! I’m honestly worried for this country for more reasons than this election. The past few years I’ve noticed more hatred towards each other even at trivial matters. If we keep going on spreading the hate, and not raising our children right to open their minds and seek compassion I’m worried about what we’ll turn into.

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    1. Well, it’s almost too late to worry about it now. Those of us who have been close enough to see “the orange yam” in action are voting against him. Whether it’s sending jobs to China, cheating on taxes (the $30 million he owes NJ, not the income tax thing), or not paying contract workers and using illegals as employees, he’s done exactly the opposite of everything he’s said in this campaign. If you want to encourage hatred in this country, let him win. He’s already filed lawsuits to prevent Latino votes from being counted. Think about it: He’s not carrying NY, NJ or Vegas, the three areas that know him best. There’s a reason.

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  5. I am totally with you in all this!! What a time we are living in. It amazes me daily how far we have come as a nation and how far we still need to go. Let God be with us like never before.

    P.S. Lol @ the Beyonce comment because she surely shut down social media with her speeches. She does stop the world… World stop. Carry on. (name that tune) 😉


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  6. Loved everything about this post. I’m at a point of where I can no longer look at the media, I no longer want to be confused of who it is I should vote for. I’ve been praying on this situation, and hope that God leads His people to make the right decision.

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  7. I think the best thing that can be said for this election…and this is stretching it…is that sometimes life can defy satire :/
    I think I’m going to have some dark chocolate tonight 😛

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  8. I stand for Donald Trump as he was the underdog but see how things have changed overnight.I like it how people are ready to risk for a better tomorrow. ☺

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  9. Marianne Williamson: A Prayer for America
    „Dear God,
    We the people place in Your hands
    The American Presidential campaign. We atone in our hearts
    For all mistakes leading
    To the debasement of our political culture.
    We surrender to you any judgment of others,
    Our own unforgiveness and fear,
    and pray that Your spirit prevail.
    May Your hand be upon both Trump and Clinton.
    May they both arrive where You would have them be.
    And place your hand upon us all, dear God.
    May we not be guided by fear
    but by love,
    And our nation returned to its highest ideals.
    Forgive us for our foolishness,
    Our carelessness,
    And our lack of compassion
    For each other and the world.
    Dissolve the walls that divide us
    And heal the wounds that bind us.
    Just as in our beginning,
    May Your light shine bright upon us.
    Make of us again, dear God,
    a light unto the world.


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  10. We, all of us, need to look deeper and work for true change. It will take more than a gentle application of the consumer brake pedal to avoid some of the kaka that’s coming down. Hindsight is 20-20, and my comment is dated November 9th, but this election is kinda like an x-ray that tells us that some serious surgery is required… We need it north of the 49th as well. Proportional Representation would be a start. Thanks for being one who cares.

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    1. Thanks for this. You’re right, we need change. in the form of love and inclusiveness and peace and understanding and respect. All of those things, I have faith, we can and will one day see. Thanks for this perspective. Hugs and love xox

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    1. American now ranks 4th as best places to live in the world — and that was before the election. Some analysts are projecting a loss of 3.4 million jobs due to Trump’s economic plans, but most don’t expect him to pay attention to much that he said in the campaign. My expectation is that two things are going to happen. Either people are going to be very disappointed, or some people are going to be very hurt from a family, financial and health perspective. Probably both.

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      1. I honestly believe he will help the working class, like my daughter and son-in-law, with his reforms. Those “analysts” and pollsters have been wrong these past 15 months!


  11. It was eye opening for sure! Hate has won the day again (and I’m not talking about who won or lost the election; fans of both sides are egotistical, self-obsessed bigots). It is a reminder to those of us who are working on being enlightened individuals that it is so important to be a beacon of goodness to those around you. It made me reflect on some of my own negative habits and motivated me to stamp them out.

    But yeah I’m glad it’s over. Hallelujah

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  12. I actually got the opposite. I chose to vote third party and I had friends troll me and write passive aggressively for supporting either of the chosen ones. It was very frustrating and hurtful. I would change one thing on your list, #7, if all else fails Alabama. “It’s that Five o’clock Five hundred!” LoL!

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  13. If I was American I would have definitely voted after reading this! Maybe you should have been president because you are honest, you want to and do help people and you live in the real world and apparently anyone can become president with no experience needed. I think you would have smashed it! This may sound a little sarcastic but it’s not meant to be I’m actually being genuine x

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  14. Well it’s finally over and to be honest I am disappointed but I realize that I have to live my life and I am praying to God for everything to be alright. The plan of God was done and I don’t question that. I pray that from this point on this Country can heal and come together. Yes there is fighting everywhere for rights and being Black I know that fight but we should not be a country where people have to fight for rights because we are better than that. For me I will pray each and everyday for my family and friends and of course All of Gods Children that we move forward in unity. Great post.

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  15. This has certainly been a controversial election, with less-than-perfect candidates. Honestly, Trump’s victory took me by surprise (not that I wasn’t rooting for him over Clinton); I guess the polls were wrong. Nice post, and through it all, it is a great comfort to know that God is in control.

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  16. I agree with you that the candidates (and audiences at debates and events) demonstrated how not to behave. I see irony in Trump winning the electoral college by a slim margin of 7 votes over the 270 votes required to win (must have been WV’s 5 votes); and, Clinton winning the popular votes 48/47%. No mandates, other than to listen carefully to what our laws and citizens say. Keep your observation skills keen (must be in Proverbs somewhere, or Star Wars).

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    1. Sorry! Sent too soon! Yeah it was definitely a tight race. Which just points to the need to come together and set aside differences and pray for the healing of our nation. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and love xox PS: I’m part of the .001% that hasn’t seen Star Wars!! 😱😱😂

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  17. Great insights. I like how you examined the behavior of both sides. Thank God he holds the heart of the ruler in his hand and turns it where ever he wishes.

    On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 6:59 PM, BeautyBeyondBones wrote:

    > beautybeyondbones posted: “Well, here we are, on the eve of the election. > I don’t know about you, but I’m plum near ready to wave the white flag and > just surrender. I can’t take the negativity any longer! We have seen, > unprecedentedly, the worst of humanity. I’v” >

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  18. You did it again, Friend, brightening a day for many with truth, humour, inspiration, with a good Scripture base, showing where your foundation base is.
    Thanks as always,
    Now, Americans, that the election is over, it doesn’t mean the praying should end, probably more needed.
    I know we in Canada need to keep praying for our Prime Minister and Cabinet, with some of their ideas, as he has been in office for one year now.
    Particularly our Premier in Ontario we need to pray for also, as her plans are morally destroying our province, and some of them are spreading Federally.
    If it wasn’t for a Loving God who will, and does control, we would have no peace.

    Have you considered writing a book. You are an excellent writer. 😀
    God’s Blessings, with hugs and love back to you. 💐

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    1. Thank you so much. Yeah, prayers for our leaders are so important. And Oh my gosh, that is so kind of you to say! I actually have a manuscript that I’ve been sitting on for over a year…I just don’t know what to do with it now! Haha thanks for your encouraging words! Hugs and love xox


  19. This resonated with me. thank you. I was a trump supporter, different from an endorsement, from the get go. I’m also a devout christian with a passion for the republican party. I hated the way some of my favorite christian lady authors made me feel while they touted their support for the other candidate. Today I make a joyful noise for my country and President elect. I love no matter what! xo

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  20. You are one of my favorite bloggers and this post just bears that out once again. I live in Canada and am lucky I didn’t have to pick a person to back in the presidential election. This was a great article and gave me a wonderful perspective from an American viewpoint.

    I hope you don’t mind but I did a post on a prompt from the 365 Days Of Writing Prompts and chose your blog (this post actually) in order to write from the prompt. 🙂

    The prompt was :
    Third from the top – Head to your favorite blog. Scroll down to the third post in the list.Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into a new post of your own.

    Here is the link to my blog post so you can see it. I gave your blog a shout-out as you can see at the top along with a link to this post.



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