UFO over the Corn Fields??

I’ll tell you what, you never know what you’re going to get when you get in an Uber.

I mean – I’ve got some stories from New York…but NONE of them compare to the story that Steven and I lived through just yesterday.

Allow me to set the scene: we were taking a morning Uber to the Salt Lake City airport from Deer Valley — so it was about an hour Uber ride, where we were the captive audience of a driver who told us about how he telepathically communicates…with aliens.

I mean, I’m not burrying the lead here…this is just so wild, so I’m just diving in head first.

Steven and I barely said 10 words…this man just talked at us for 55 minutes straight.

He was from the Galapagos Island…which he said was how this all got started, because in the Galapagos, you “see UFO lights everywhere” because it’s home to an alien portal. His words, not mine.

He joined “The Agency” when he was just ten years old, what Agency, I don’t know, but he said he was educated and prepared to “see and know things” until he was about 20, when he came to the US. His role at the Agency was “peacekeeper” with the various alien races from space.

He said that in the last six years, a new portal was opened up to earth, leading to an abundance of new visitations by different alien races.

“Aliens are all around us” — he said. And many of them look like us.

Steven asked “If they look like us, how do you know they’re aliens?”

Because you will just get this feeling. It’s like when you have to do a double take, and then a triple take with someone.”

I asked if Elon Musk was an alien…he laughed and said no, but that he had extra intelligence help.

He went onto explain that there are other races of aliens like the “tall greys” that are what people envision when they think of aliens. He also said that given all the different races, intergalactic war is almost inevitable within the next “six to ten years,” and that The Agency is there to keep the peace.

Lastly, when Steven asked him how he communicates with the aliens, this man said it is done telepathically.

It was just WILD. W I L D.

And I’m not here to poke fun at this man. He truly believed what he was saying. Both of his children work at NASA, and he did not read as “crazy.”

The last thing this man said as we got out of the car at the airport, “This conversation never happened.”

So who knows.


Once we got to Wisconsin that night, it was about 9:30pm. We had a connecting flight, and with the time change, it was just a LONG day of travel!

So we were driving in the pitch black through the corn fields, and all of a sudden, my mom: who was in the front seat (my dad was driving and Steven and I were in the back) was “What the heck is that?!”

And sure enough — out the right side window, there’s a perfectly straight line of about 15 bright lights. And they traveled up, up, up, and then one by one they disappeared. This all happened in about a span of 90 seconds. I took some photos of it.

But what are the odds?! Steven and I had just finished relaying that story of our Uber driver to my parents, and then we see THAT out the window?

We were all instantly intrigued, and a little spooked! Now listen, I’m not an “alien person” but I DEFINITELY felt a little creeped out after everything that day!

In conclusion:

Do I believe that our Uber driver telepathically communicates with aliens? No. Do I think he’s a bad person and is a liar and a kook? No. I just think that he probably has watched one too many sci-fi movies, and perhaps took that job as an Uber driver to have a captive audience to share his theories to. But does that make him a bad person? Heavens no!

And as far as those light are concerned over the corn fields of Wisconsin, after much research and asking readers and friends, the consensus is that they were from the SpaceX Starlink Satellite launch. So thank you, Elon — you may not be an alien, but you certainly know how to fake us out with an “almost” UFO sighting!

All that to say, who knows what is out there? I believe in heavenly bodies: angels and demons. I believe in Heaven and Hell. And frankly, other than God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t really matter to me what “else” may be up there.

But I would love to hear your thoughts!! What do you think about that conversation in the Uber?

30 responses to “UFO over the Corn Fields??”

  1. Wow, he indeed had a captive audience! You were almost to Las Vegas, I’ll buy you guys lunch sometime! I believe in all of the things you do, Caralyn, but these sightings have been happening for decades. There must be some weird truth to the sightings.

    When I was 10 or 11 years young I was walking with a friend after dark and we saw a HUGE round disc above us. It moved very slowly, made no sound and had bright white lights all the way around it’s circumference. We both ran like the wind!

    I’ve never seen anything like that again. Very creepy! And, how does this fit in with the Bible, if at all? Probably not.

  2. Well…. the Uber driver is definitely in need of some kind of counseling. Whatever.

    But for the lights, it sounds very much like a drone swarm. No UFOs, no aliens, just someone (heck, it might even be the government, the air force has been experimenting with drone swarms) getting in some flight time. 🙂

    • I agree. After watching the Olympics in China and seeing what they did with drones, I certainly thinks that might be what they saw.

  3. Reminds me of the time someone stole 19 vials of morphine out of the Pyxis at work under my name. Even though they knew at the time who actually did it, I still had to be drug tested. Because of this I was not allowed to drive myself home so my hospital sent me home in a cab. I texted my friend who said I was lying till I sent her a picture of me. I called my mom and told her the story. I had never been in a cab. The driver was quite captivated and confirmed he would be sharing my story at dinner. It also happened on my favorite day Leap Day so I will never forget. I’m sure he is fully orientated but yet believed every word he was saying. A great story for you and beautiful photos.

  4. Yep, those pretty lights were the Skylink satellites of Elon Musk’s and whilst I do believe in UFO’s to me the acknowledged stuff from governments is slowly mounting, that guy was definitely on another planet bless him. Its a great story though.

  5. Your Uber driver sounds a lot like someone with paranoid schizophrenia, and the “telepathic communication” sounds demonic. Schizophrenics don’t always read as “crazy.” And most UFO sightings are explainable. They’re our military craft, spy craft from other countries, drones, or other explainable phenomena. Consider watching Hugh Ross, a Christian apologist and scientist in physics. On YouTube, he gives a great explanation why contact from alien civilizations is impossible.

  6. I wonder if the dude was just pulling your leg. Sounds like some of the tall tales a few of my eccentric relatives might tell just to see if they could get a rise out of the listener. In any case, it certainly is interesting. . .stay safe out there. I’ve never been too comfortable with the idea of rideshares because you never know who the driver really is. God’s blessing to you and Steven.

  7. LOL! I kid you not, a while back we cut down a grape vine in our backyard and from the kitchen window the stump soon began to look just like Jesus. Some friends came over and genuinely thought we had bought a statue and we were just pulling their leg. I took them outside to show them up close that it really was just a grape vine and right at that very moment we looked up and saw that row of satellites passing overhead. Ha! This is why we can’t have “normal” friends. Everything is always a little surreal at our house. 🙂

  8. I don’t go along with conspiracy theories though I do believe in angels we can’t see some good and some bad. The former can perform miracles which are always beneficial and the latter have some powers that can be deceptive which is what they want to do to humanity. However most unusual sights like this while grabbed by the UFO believers as signs of aliens can be explained away as regular or experimental aircraft or the tricks mother nature herself plays with atmospherics. I wouldn’t get too excited about your sighting which is obviously real but certainly not threatening.

  9. I honestly don’t know what the taxi driver was talking about and why did he mention anything at all about Aliens. I mean that isn’t a topic that comes up in conversation easily.
    Maybe he’s a Huge Will Smith fan and think Men In Black is real. Hey, for all we know, it might be real. I’m a firm believer in the existence of life on other planets. There is a quite a lot of evidence out there. You should watch a documentary called Ancient Aliens.
    It would foolish to consider ourselves the only intelligent life in this entire universe. Millions of galaxies with millions of stars in each, each with solar systems of their own, and God chooses only one to house intelligent life? That sounds a bit more far fetched.
    I’m sure that there are many. Why would they choose to come here? Who knows.. Maybe they have or its just our imagination.
    All I know that there is plenty of evidence to support the theory about the existence of Aliens and many unexplained sights like the one you just saw. But the reason for all of this, that is still unclear and God only knows.

  10. I think you were treated to a delightfully creative storyteller! He most certainly gave you a ride to remember. I come from a long line of master storytellers, and a truly good one creates credibility in his listeners by feigning adamant belief in whatever tale he’s concocted. Imagine the long hours this guy has to do this while driving in his car. What a great memory you have from what could have been just another dull road trip. (We see the Starlink lights all the time in our area. Pretty cool, isn’t it?)

    • I believe there are angels and demons. I also believe there are other worlds with beings created by God. Like what we see in Job chapter 1 where it says the sons of God gathered… I believe they are representatives of other worlds (Satan stood as representative of this world because Adam was deceived out of his authority). I believe they didn’t fall into sin like this world did. So they don’t want to visit this world.

      But the sightings of “aliens” we are seeing now (and so much more now) are demons playing tricks. A deception that will bring signs and wonders, miracles but will also say that we should disregard what the word of God says. The other reason I believe it’s demons is because there are so many people who have had such encounters who say they are dispelled by mentioning the Name of Jesus Christ.

      In the end I think your Uber drive is a cool guy. Maybe a little weird but also genuine… Or just entertaining. But believe in aliens or not just make sure that the stand on salvation and Christ is not changed by their (non) existence.

  11. Uber isn’t cheap, so I’m happy that for the price, you not only got a ride, you were entertained, and got fodder for a blog. Pretty sweet deal, huh!? 😁

  12. As a huge astronomy and science nerd in my high school years with a dad who was almost as bad, we saw some unidentified aerial phenomena several times. We even documented some on film. One such phenomenon was seen once a week for a month by hundreds of people and reported in the local newspaper. With that said, what really got my attention was your driver going off on the telepathy, alien beings, and semi-supernatural bent.

    A few months ago, a neighbor out walking his dog stopped to visit with my wife and me. Out of nowhere, he suddenly volunteered a story about meeting a psychic who could read minds, communicate telepathically, and sense the spirits and souls around her. Last week, a lady from our church told us a very similar story of her meeting someone who claimed to be psychic.

    In both cases, the individuals telling of the encounters are churched, and any reference to something akin to aliens was skewed toward angles, spirits, demons, etc. Whatever the reality of all this, we live in interesting times, and the constant stream of media attention in all its variations pushes some of us a tad too far from reality.

    The pictures were great by the way. If I’d had digital cameras or iPhone 14s back in the ’60s, I might have gotten some better pictures of the stuff I observed.

  13. C.S. Lewis had some interesting thoughts about beings in “our” outer space; after all, to them WE are in outer space! Some of his thoughts made it into his sci-fi series, a Space Trilogy. https://www.christianbook.com/the-space-trilogy-volumes-in-1/c-s-lewis/9781451664829/pd/664829
    As he notes in its introduction, most either despise sci-fi or are in love with it; very few are neutral. Good reading though while we still live on “The Silent Planet.” 😉
    Stay in Ohio from now on, or in Kentucky. They don’t seem to bother us here!😂
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  14. Fascinating! And what are the chances you’d have those lighting sightings right after sharing with your parents. Oh my gosh! I’m not one to be spooked easily, but that would have freaked me out!! Are there aliens up there!? re some down here? Probably 😂🤣

  15. Oh yes I saw those lights in the sky myself one night and also immediately thought that they were UFOs. But later research indicated that they were Starlink instead. But how many people would know that? And your Uber driver sounds very entertaining! I would’ve enjoyed that ride, maybe he gets a kick out of telling stories. 🙂

  16. Certainly there are other beings out there. The evidence strongly suggests that it now, in these last several years that these beings are demonic and or angelic. The great spiritual war that America is in suggests through both evil and the praying believers in Jesus these sitings have ramped up! Do not be afraid, the demonic always loose when the praying are involved. Justice is coming and God will save America!

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