13 Reasons Why: Watch Your Thoughts

[This post discusses topics such as suicide and sexual assault. We can all help prevent suicide. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. You are not alone.] I’m sitting here and my hands are shaking. I am outraged. Honestly, this may be the first time I am atContinue reading 13 Reasons Why: Watch Your Thoughts

Sweet Potato Nirvana

Behold. The Great. Potato. Youuuuu guyssss. This is by far one of the most insanely delicious things ever. Literally, ever. Have you ever had one of those days where you’d like fast forward through dinner and just go straight to dessert? Or rather, have dessert for dinner? Like everyday? Okay yeah, me too 🙂 Well this recipeContinue reading Sweet Potato Nirvana

The MET Gala: Catholic Imagination

One of the perks of living in NYC is that I’m literally in the cultural hub of the world. And I’m not saying that arrogantly, or with any snooty tone. It’s frankly, a fact. People look to Gotham for the latest in news, entertainment, literature, architecture and design, and fashion. In case you were snoozing onContinue reading The MET Gala: Catholic Imagination

PORN: A Virgin’s Perspective

Warning: Tonight, I’m going to be writing about the four-letter “P-Word” that makes everyone squirm. Porn. I read a really scary statistic today. It said that for just one porn site, 81 million people visit it per day. Per DAY! 81 million people! And that’s for just one of the thousands of websites out there. That’s close toContinue reading PORN: A Virgin’s Perspective

Strawberry FroYo!

Hey y’all! I am still sick. This sinus/upper respiratory illness is rocking. my. world. I have not left my bed since Saturday. And let me tell you…the stir-crazy struggle is *real.* I am climbing the walls. All I have to say is thank the Good Lord (literally) for grocery delivery. Amazon has this amazing service called AmazonContinue reading Strawberry FroYo!

Dear Boy Scouts,

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but The Boy Scouts have decided to officially change their name. They’re dropping the “Boy” – and instead, becoming simply the Scouts BSA, in an action that will now include girls in their program. I woke up on Wednesday, checked my phone, and that headline was literally theContinue reading Dear Boy Scouts,

Mexican Guacamole Pizza!

Hey friends! Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on Monday’s post. Gosh I am just so grateful for the wonderful friends this crazy little blog has brought into my life! So I cooked this meal while doing my new favorite pastime — listening to audiobooks. I wish I could say that I’m listening toContinue reading Mexican Guacamole Pizza!

Divine Mercy: Prayer through Pain

I think I’ve mentioned before about how I go about writing my blog posts. Because spoiler alert…it’s unconventional. I literally sit down, and ask the Holy Spirit to write my post for me. And then, it’s like the words just kinda flow. But recently, there’s been a topic that has been put on my heart toContinue reading Divine Mercy: Prayer through Pain