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How faith and cooking helped my recovery from anorexia, and healing from Ulcerative Colitis!


  • Waiting for My Husband Was the Best Decision of My Life

    Waiting for My Husband Was the Best Decision of My Life

    It’s nine days before my wedding, and I’m reexamining my decision to save myself for my husband. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

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  • #TrueLife I’m Making My Own Wedding Cake/Reception Food

    #TrueLife I’m Making My Own Wedding Cake/Reception Food

    TRUE LIFE: I’m making my own wedding cake/reception food! Given my Specific Carbohydrate Diet requirements (and everything that COULD go wrong

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  • Banksy and Blasphemy

    Banksy and Blasphemy

    A blasphemous image of Christ’s crucified body was featured in notorious graffiti artist, Banky’s, traveling art exhibition, Banksyland. How far is too far? #catholic #jesus #banksy #art #faith #christianity #bamksyland #life #cincinnati

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  • Running Ragged!!

    It’s three weeks until my wedding, and I booked the biggest acting job of my life…all day, every day for the next three weeks! Prayers please!

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  • The Wedding Dresses I DIDN’T Choose!

    The Wedding Dresses I DIDN’T Choose!

    I went to the top bridal boutiques in #NYC. Sharing the wedding dresses I DIDN’T choose! (Don’t worry, I’m not showing my fiance!) #bride #bridetobe #wedding #weddingdress #style #fashion #engaged #engagement #kleinfeld

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  • Hindsight and Perspective

    Hindsight and Perspective

    I’ve been documenting my life on the internet for over a decade. A comment from a blog in 2015 brings me back to give me great perspective. #catholic #love #god #jesus #prayer #love #relationships #christianity #faith #blogger

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