Check Your Snark at the Door, Sister

Inauguration Day. The Biden/Harris administration has officially begun. How to overcome any anger or resentment you may feel towards the current political/cultural climate. When unity doesn’t cut it. Continue reading Check Your Snark at the Door, Sister

Is Woke Culture Killing Our Kids?

This week, the Hudson Yards Vessel closed after a third suicide occurred in this past year. These three tragedies, all from Gen Z. Where have we gone so terribly wrong as a culture that this is seen as their only way out? A heartbreaking look at our reality, and what it’s doing to our kids. Continue reading Is Woke Culture Killing Our Kids?

In Memoriam

It is with a heavy heart that I share tonight’s blog post. This weekend, we lost a member of the eating disorder recovery community. Eating disorders are so grossly misunderstood.
It is my prayer that we can raise awareness about the severity and warning signs of such a devastating disease – which has the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses. Continue reading In Memoriam