A Palmless Sunday

For Christians around the world, Easter is going to look very different from the confines of a quarantined existence, thanks to the coronavirus. There’s a powerful truth that came to light this Palm Sunday – without the palms. #catholic #covid19Continue reading A Palmless Sunday


COVID19 – NYC: A City Flatlined

A powerful and honest account of the devastating toll COVID19 has taken on New York City. NYC is flatlined. Its pulse is gone in the wake of the coronavirus. As we prepare for Easter, the situation in New York and our restriction on worship are eerily similar. What we can learn from both. #catholic Continue reading COVID19 – NYC: A City Flatlined

CORONAVIRUS: The Power of One

The infection transmission model for COVID19 is daunting. For every one case of coronavirus, three people are infected on average. How can we use this exponential model and apply it to say, evangelization? A powerful look at how #faith can learn a thing or two about community spread. #catholic #coronaContinue reading CORONAVIRUS: The Power of One