Washing Feet and A Recognition

Recognized by HealthLine as the Number Three Ranked Eating Disorder Recovery Blog of 2019 — how does this align with the timing of Holy Thursday, before Easter? Turns out “washing feet” can look a lot of different ways. #lentContinue reading Washing Feet and A Recognition


Lessons from a 91 Year Old

I’m going to say something and I really hope it doesn’t come off as insensitive….But… Old people love me. Hear me out. First of all, I’m not talking about people who are 50 or 60…because hey…that’s young! I’m talking 90s. OLD. But I’m going to be honest, they flock to me. Drum up conversations likeContinue reading Lessons from a 91 Year Old

Finding Life’s Sand Dollars

So I spent the weekend at the beach. Well…scratch that…I spent an hour at the beach, and the rest was at my cousin’s wedding. But I’ll tell you what, an hour was all I needed. And I’m not talking about getting sufficiently burnt to a crisp. Because, you better believe that I’ve got a medical gradeContinue reading Finding Life’s Sand Dollars