#RealTalk : Private Spirituality

We’re in the home stretch of Lent. Easter is less than two weeks away. And if you’re anything like me, then maybe you’ve slipped up a time or two – or twenty – on what you’ve “given up” for Lent. So these last two weeks are the final push – the home stretch where youContinue reading #RealTalk : Private Spirituality

International Women’s Day…

Well, last week was apparently International Women’s Day. I hope you can hear the dripping sarcasm in that last sentence. Does anyone else throw up a little bit in their mouth when, come March 8, social media turns into an estrogen fest of caustic female pride? I mean, double standard much? Honestly, I walk aroundContinue reading International Women’s Day…

The Bachelor Finale & The Disappearing Line of Decency

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, leave it to The Bachelor to pull an Emeril Lagasse and “Bam! Kick it up a knotch!” In case you haven’t heard, The Bachelor season finale was on Monday and Tuesday of this past week. And…wow. Just…W O W. It was a dumpster fire of everything wrongContinue reading The Bachelor Finale & The Disappearing Line of Decency

On & Off the Ice

The Winter Olympics have been ruined for me. No, not because a squirrel got hit during the snowboarding slalom race. Nor because a curler was caughtΒ doping. I mean, who knew that ice-shuffleboard was so physically taxing… Juuuust kidding. No, I’m talking about ice skating, sadly. Little known fact, when I was growing up, I wentContinue reading On & Off the Ice

Awareness VS. Understanding

Well hot dang! I was so delighted this morning when I woke up to find that aΒ bunch of you ordered aΒ FabFitFun box! I mentioned in last night’s recipe post that my sister-in-law and I were customizing my box, and I was getting so stinkin’ excited. It’s a quarterly box of over $250 worth of beautyContinue reading Awareness VS. Understanding

My Unseen Recovery

First of all: to the person who usedΒ my Amazon linkΒ to order a pair of pizza socks that literally comes in their own miniature cardboard pizza box….a) Can we be friends? b) You’re winning at life. And C) Thank you for using my link! πŸ™‚ OK, so real talk: this was a tough weekend for America.Continue reading My Unseen Recovery

The Go-Between’ers

I felt a devastating familiarity, hearing about the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida yesterday. These tragedies have become all too common in our current world. Las Vegas, Orlando, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Manchester. It seems like every couple months, the list keeps getting longer and longer. It’s sickening. The prayers we pleadContinue reading The Go-Between’ers