Bold Faith

Now, more than ever, if feels like the world needs Jesus. It is an incredibly hard time to be a Christian. It’s time for us to have bold faith! #catholic #christianity #jesus #faithContinue reading Bold Faith

The Lie Women Believe

Paxton Smith’s Valedictory address at Lake Highland High School has taken the internet by storm with her pro-abortion rant against Texas’ Heartbeat Bill. But what does her speech reveal about the lie our women and young girls have come to believe about motherhood? #prolife #catholic #motherhood #mom #familyContinue reading The Lie Women Believe

Aliens: Where Does God Fit In?

Next month, US Intelligence is going to declassify info about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” After the Navy released videos depicting UFOs, the world is wondering, “Do aliens exist?” What would this mean for our Christian faith? And where does God fit into the picture? #aliens #god #christianity Continue reading Aliens: Where Does God Fit In?

Anti-Semitic Attacks in NYC #StopAntiSemitism

The surge of hate crimes in NYC against Asian-Americans – and now Jewish people – leaves our country sickened, heartbroken, and demanding the answer: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! The violence and hatred in this country is despicable, and it all stems from one source. #catholic #faith #stopasianhate #stopantisemitism Continue reading Anti-Semitic Attacks in NYC #StopAntiSemitism