Body Image in Quarantine Times

If I hear one more mention of the “Quarantine 15,” I’m gonna lose it. How to stay mentally healthy when you haven’t seen a hair dresser or the outside world in 4 months! #edrecovery Continue reading Body Image in Quarantine Times


The Power of Trust

Quarantine Day 56: NYC We’ve had St. Patrick’s Day. Easter. Cinco de Mayo. Now the next holiday to fall prey to the Coronavirus is…Mother’s Day. Which, frankly is such a travesty, because if you ask me, mothers are really the unsung heroes of Quarantine. They’ve been thrust into a completely upside-down existence, where overnight, theyContinue reading The Power of Trust

The Uncertainty of “Now What”

As our country prepares for opening up the economy after the coronavirus Quarantine lockdown, there are many fears and trepidations over what that future – and new normal – will look like. A powerful and unexpected perspective from one who’s had to build a life on a new normal, post-anorexia. #edrecovery #nyc Continue reading The Uncertainty of “Now What”