Coming Clean

Eating disorders are all about deception. They thrive on isolation. Prey on insecurities. And really “get ya” with shame and guilt. One of the biggest contributing factors to my shame, guilt, and self-hatred, (aside from my “Capital L” Lie) were all the lies I was telling my loved ones. I detailed in full all ofContinue reading Coming Clean

Celebrate the Little Recovery Wins

Some serious #RealTalk here. And I hope to delicately approach some aspects of recovery by speaking the truth in love. So without further ado: ED recovery accounts on Instagram and other social media are a relatively new phenomena. (Shameless plug: my accounts are: Twitter @anarevealed and IG @anorexiarevealed2.) But this type of global engagement (literally) with otherContinue reading Celebrate the Little Recovery Wins

Living in a Triggering World

There is a universal truth that all women know to be true: Our culture is obsessed with thinness. Ask literally any woman, eating disorder history or not, and she will tell you the pressures that society places on her to be “pretty enough,” “thin enough,” “sexy enough.” Watch any television program, and the female leadContinue reading Living in a Triggering World

The Truth About Weight Restoration

As I’ve mentioned before, anorexia is not about the weight. It’s about the Lie that is feeding her eating disorder, and causing her such intense self-hatred, which manifests itself in eating disorder behaviors. And that true healing comes only when that Lie – that Voice of ED – is silenced and replaced with the Truth:Continue reading The Truth About Weight Restoration

The Voice of ED – Revealed

One of the things that gets tossed around when talking about anorexia and eating disorders, is this notion of the “Voice of ED.” I remember when I first got to inpatient, all the girls and the staff would talk about, “ED this” and the “voice of ED, that.” To be honest, at first, I thoughtContinue reading The Voice of ED – Revealed