How Did I Recover?

I’ve been sitting, staring at this blank page for about 2 hours now. Granted, I’ve taken a few breaks to peruse Buzzfeed, watch a Korean makeup video, and get ready for bed, but let’s face it. I’ve got writer’s block. Which royally stinks. So I’m going to go back to my roots here tonight. Return toContinue reading How Did I Recover?

Truth Serum

I learned something about myself this weekend. Allow me to set the stage. Saturday night. Out with friends. Well, correction…I was out with the guys. Because all my female friends decided that Netflix was more appealing than a gorgeous, open air rooftop bar in NYC. #NoJudgement…To each his own. But there maaaay have been some potential love interestsContinue reading Truth Serum

Get to Know Me – Video!

Alright y’all. Thought I’d lighten things up a bit tonight. The past couple posts have been slightly on the more serious side, so I wanted to take a breather and introduce you to…well, me! I collected some of my favorite questions y’all have emailed/DM’d and had some fun answering. Everything from my writing process to my trip toContinue reading Get to Know Me – Video!

Putting my Foot Down

Ok. It’s time I step into the confessional. My personal life has been…a struggle recently. I’ve been feeling out of control. And I’m going to be honest…it’s because I have just been mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted. I’ve been getting home after back to back to back 12-hour days just in such a piss-poorContinue reading Putting my Foot Down

Swiping for Love

Warning. This is a post about my love life. Or rather…lack there of. You guys, I have a confession…I recently joined the dating app, Bumble. It was a moment of weakness. I was out with friends and my inhibitions were…how should I say…compromised. (Dang tequila…) But my friends made a profile for me and…whatever. It’s honestly beenContinue reading Swiping for Love

Stock the Panic Room

Whaaaat?!?! BBB on a Wednesday??!!?? I know. Stock the panic room. Things are getting craaaazy! JK JK But I wanted to just fill you in on the Special Announcement I mentioned in my last post. I’m going to be starting a new series on Patreon called Journaling Through Recovery, featuring the transcripts of my inpatient journal.Continue reading Stock the Panic Room

Eating a Jackfruit – Video!

Hey guys! First of all, a huge THANK YOU for 16,000 blog subscribers! I am so incredibly grateful and love the beautiful little community we have here 🙂 Secondly, I have a fun video for you today! About JACKFRUIT! If you are unfamiliar with Jackfruit, it’s pretty much an alien-looking, massive, tropical fruit. I got myContinue reading Eating a Jackfruit – Video!

Ohh Back to School

You know what I miss? Back to school. Back to school everything. The excitement. The shopping. Decorating my locker. Getting new pens and school supplies. Finding out my schedule and comparing it to my friends’ and crushes’. *Sigh* Those were the days. I was always one of those people that geeked out over school supplies. I loved color coordinatingContinue reading Ohh Back to School