Get to Know Me – Video!

Alright y’all. Thought I’d lighten things up a bit tonight. The past couple posts have been slightly on the more serious side, so I wanted to take a breather and introduce you to…well, me! I collected some of my favorite questions y’all … Continue reading

Putting my Foot Down

Ok. It’s time I step into the confessional. My personal life has been…a struggle recently. I’ve been feeling out of control. And I’m going to be honest…it’s because I have just been mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted. I’ve been … Continue reading

Ohh Back to School

You know what I miss? Back to school. Back to school everything. The excitement. The shopping. Decorating my locker. Getting new pens and school supplies. Finding out my schedule and comparing it to my friends’ and crushes’. *Sigh* Those were the days. I … Continue reading