This Post is Raw

I had been putting off writing this post for about a month and a half. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Feb 26-March 4 I had been dreading writing this post because, obviously BBB is an eating disorder recovery blog, so I feel kinda…obligated…to address the topic, but honestly, I’m kinda luke warm on the wholeContinue reading This Post is Raw

Renaissance of the Heart

It’s a funny thing, nostalgia. Whether it’s rewatching Harriet the Spy, or finding your suede, sea-foam green converse shoes from when you were a kid (#style), certain things have the power of just bringing you back to moments in time and making them feel like just yesterday. That happened today. One of the things IContinue reading Renaissance of the Heart

Dear Beyoncé,

There’s something really beautiful about humility. I’ve been kind of on a pop culture “fast” recently. Not by choice… Ever since my mom had her stroke over Christmas, we literally haven’t turned on the TV. Which is crazy, considering how glued I was to the news during the election. But for whatever reason, tonight myContinue reading Dear Beyoncé,

Better Tomorrow

Well here we are, Saturday night, 10:00pm, and I’m…in bed. People. I am turning into an old fogey. Seriously. Pretty soon I’m going to be eating tapioca and wearing Depends! Juuuuuust kidding. But honestly, that has been one of the bigger changes since coming home to help my mom post-stroke: Going to bed early. No joke.Continue reading Better Tomorrow