Love Never Fails

I’m gonna just come right out with it: it’s been a rough couple of days. So I apologize for my absence this past Thursday. What was I doing? I was breaking someone’s heart. Please don’t read that in a “My-Milkshake-Brings-All-the-Boys-to-the-Yard” kind of a way. But rather, in a “I-just-had-to-hurt-someone-that-I-care-about-deeply-and-am-feeling-tremendously-guilty-and-full-of-sorrow-because-of-it” kind of a way. As you know, this year,Continue reading Love Never Fails

Little Orphan Annie

As many of you know, I’m an actor. And one of my favorite roles I ever played was Annie. Yes, yes, your red-headed, optimistic orphan was portrayed by Yours Truly. A couple of times. But I mean, come on. You can’t not love that show. It’s like the original Hallmark movie: set in NYC during Christmas, cheesy dialogue (Leapin’ Lizards!),Continue reading Little Orphan Annie