Where’s the Line?

First things first, I have to just express how incredibly thankful I am for the outpouring of support on my last post. Your kind words about my singing — shucks guys — thank you. So I was in Whole Foods yesterday, waiting in line — because there are legit 50something registers at the WF Union SquareContinue reading Where’s the Line?

Are You Tired?

“Are you tired?” Isn’t that the worst thing someone can say to you? “Wow, you look tired..” Thaaaaanks. Seriously though, I feel like, especially in NYC, people are just TIRED. All the time. How you doing? Ugh, long day. How’s life? Exhausting. Sound familiar? But there are really two kinds of tired. There’s body tired. Which, anyone who hasContinue reading Are You Tired?

A Case for Food

My last couple posts have been a bit on the heavy side, so I thought I’d lighten it up a little tonight. So. Food. Let’s talk about it. Because, frankly, it’s time to bust open a can of #RealTalk about it. Scroll through the #edrecovery hashtag on Instagram (I’m @beauty.beyond.bones – shameless plug 😛 ) and you’llContinue reading A Case for Food