Something New

Confession: This post is going to be a little different tonight. As you know, I am on set all week for a commercial campaign. And for those who have never been in or around the acting biz, days on set are lonnnnggg. We’re talking 12 hour days. Add on to that a 45 minute commuteContinue reading Something New

The Exploitation By “To The Bone”

Before tonight’s zinger..which…I’m fired up tonight, so get ready…. But first, I have some incredibly exciting news to share. I just found out that BeautyBeyondBones was ranked in the Top 25 Eating Disorder Recovery Websites on the World Wide Web!   So thank you with all my heart for taking the time out of yourContinue reading The Exploitation By “To The Bone”

Guarding My Heart: Redefined

There are certain things that I’ve vowed never to do again… Number one: Drink tequila on an empty stomach. Number two: Google myself. Number three: Look up ex-boyfriends on Facebook. Because let me tell you, it is a swift punch in the gut to see what they’re up to and who they ended up with. JustContinue reading Guarding My Heart: Redefined

Scientology: The Eating Disorder of Religion?

So I’ve recently watched a couple documentaries on Scientology: Going Clear, and Leah Remini’s 8-part series, Scientology and the Aftermath. Wow. If you want your minds blown, give them a watch…I included the links.   Let me begin by saying, I’m not here to bash anyone’s beliefs. I am all for respect and inclusivity. But I wasContinue reading Scientology: The Eating Disorder of Religion?

Like a Woman Scorned…

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This post tonight, is being served with a side of indignation. Because I am angry. I hesitate to post this, because, well…you’ll see. But I need to vent. You see, I’ve recently started reaching out to various potential sponsors for my blog. Exciting times, I know. SoContinue reading Like a Woman Scorned…

Set on Fire 

So my neighbor is smoking weed. And I’m tellin’ ya…this end of the hallway positively reeks. I swear, walk from here to the elevator and you’re going to be baked by approximation. ANYWHO. If my thoughts seem…well…all over the place…now you know why. 😉 Pentacost Sunday. It was yesterday, in case you missed it. The infamous “TonguesContinue reading Set on Fire 

Dear Kathy Griffin…

Being a millennial New Yorker and actor, I’d like to think I’ve got pretty thick skin. Getting rejected is par for the course in the entertainment industry. The city doesn’t do you any favors — just try battling the check out lines at Whole Foods at 3pm on a Sunday.  Heck, even the squirrels seemsContinue reading Dear Kathy Griffin…