Eclectic Interactions

So I did something this week. I took some time for me. Ever since my mom had her stroke, I’ve been her full time wingman –err, wingwoman — by her side, helping her out. And this past week, was our scheduled family vacation, and due to obvious reasons, only myself, and my older brother andContinue reading Eclectic Interactions

Patience as a Way of Life

It’s pretty clear to me, that during this time at home here, helping my mom recover from her stroke, God is wasting no time at all, teaching me things. And not just any “things…” but real, important, messy things. Things that should come with an owners manual or an instruction guide. In other words, things you couldContinue reading Patience as a Way of Life

Reclaiming Childhood

Sitting here in my childhood bedroom, it’s pretty difficult not to reminisce. I mean, it’s strewn with photos from my brace-faced awkward middle school phase where clearly I thought baby pink, glittery eyeshadow was a good idea. I’ve dug around some drawers and unearthed some old IM conversation threads with crushes from sixth grade. — IsContinue reading Reclaiming Childhood

I Grew Up This Week

I grew up this week. There are few moments in life that change you. That truly transform you. Shake you into existence. Illuminate what is actually important in life and where your priorities should be. And this past week, I had my first real life altering experience. My mom had a stroke. I thought thatContinue reading I Grew Up This Week

Changing the Narrative

If you’ve scrolled through social media at all in the past two weeks, then you know it’s pretty clear: the general consensus is that 2016….went to pot. People are lamenting how horrible 2016 was with funny memes, parody videos, cheeky songs…I’ve even seen some hyperbolic short films buzzing around the interwebs. All with the sameContinue reading Changing the Narrative