Stolen Identity

Sooo my identity got stolen this weekend. Yeah… And believe me, the irony was not lost on me that this happened right after I revealed my identity on this blog. And after spending countless hours on-hold on the phone with various credit card companies and banks and computer troubleshooters, and online accounts, I was…emotionally exhausted, to say theContinue reading Stolen Identity

Don’t Call Me Princess

I was very much a child of the nineties. I sported a side pony. Ate dunkeroos. Danced the Macarena. Enjoyed non-Pixar Disney movies, and crushed HARD on Aaron Carter. But I was also a “Christian” nineties kid: I went to a faith based sleep away camp every summer where comedian Brian Regan was right up thereContinue reading Don’t Call Me Princess

Raising the Bar

If there’s on Olympic event that is simultaneously the most mesmerizing, and yet the most head-scrating thing ever, it’s…pole vaulting. No, not rhythmic gymnastics. Although, that’s a close second. Pole vaulting. I mean, I’d like to meet the guy who invented that event! Like, Okay, I’m going to willing catapult my body through the air, over a ridiculously highContinue reading Raising the Bar

Sharing a Photo of my Past

Well guys, I officially cannot believe I’m doing this. Seriously. I’m sitting here thinking about it, and I’m like… Yep. That pretty much sums it up. In case you missed the title, I’m sharing a photo with you from my past. When I was in the throes. The video says it all…why I haven’t previously sharedContinue reading Sharing a Photo of my Past

What’s the Point?

Walking around New York, I often find myself just realizing that, if I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t be able to see God anywhere. I mean, if I weren’t looking for Him, God seems nowhere. Sure, I’ll walk past the occasional church that is empty, minus a few fanny-pack-wearing tourists snapping pictures on their iPads.   But, realContinue reading What’s the Point?

Reframing my Birthday – VIDEO

Hey Guys! Happy Monday! I’m coming at’cha one year older and one year…weirder lol Yup, Saturday was my birthday! Sooo, I decided to throw down a few thoughts on how I’m reframing my birthday. And I know – two videos in a row…what IS this madness!? I have a written post all tee’d up forContinue reading Reframing my Birthday – VIDEO