The Vatican Summit: A View from the Pews

As the Vatican Summit ends, one Catholic young woman’s take on this crisis of faith. The sex abuse scandal that has rocked the Church is shedding light on some foundational truths. #JesusContinue reading The Vatican Summit: A View from the Pews

Watching Anorexia on YouTube

On the eve of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week ( #NEDAwareness ) there is controversy on YouTube about a creator who is suffering from anorexia. There is a larger story to tell, and its implications are monumental. In a gross oversight, NEDA really missed the mark. #edrecovery #NEDA Continue reading Watching Anorexia on YouTube

Banana Bread Bites

Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s currently snowing outside in NYC, and I’m curled up with a steaming mug of my favorite chamomile tea, my life changing down puff slippers — (because, yes those are a thing, and you need them in your life) and a plate of these Banana Bread cookies. And let me tell youContinue reading Banana Bread Bites