Seeing RED 

*sigh* This post is going to be difficult to write. The saying goes, never judge a person until you walk a mile in their shoes…or something like that. And I’ve learned over the years that as much as I hate those cliched little nuggets, they actually hold a lot of truth. Stand the test ofContinue reading Seeing RED 

Tipsy Typing

I’m writing this post after two vodka/sodas. And if you know anything about me, then you know…I am properly pissed. #LightweightForLife I actually have never written a tipsy blog post before. Believe it or not, even the Feminism post was written stone cold sober. Stone Cold Steve Austin…I wonder what that dude is up toContinue reading Tipsy Typing

Challenging Feminism

Lately, it’s been really weird to be a woman. Not because of any fashion or makeup trends…although, I will say…I don’t quite understand the reemergence of the shoulder pad. But because of all the recent hyper focus on…feminism. The Women’s March, International Women’s Day, protests, walk outs, I mean, we get it already… But to be honest,Continue reading Challenging Feminism

Top 5 Lessons from my Father

My dad has taught me a lot of things over the years. Everything from a mean cross-over dribble in basketball that’ll make a defender fall on their keister, to how to handle online banking, to how to decode and respond to a guy’s text message with just the right amount of sass and interest. AndContinue reading Top 5 Lessons from my Father

Rear-View Mirror Christianity

What. A. Weekend. Well, I’m currently crammed in a middle seat on an airplane. I’ve got a neck-pillow, mouth-breather on my left and a tuna sandwich-eater on my right. And despite my current state of being sensorily accosted, I’m in a sheer state of bliss. I just had one of the best weekends ever. I took a “mentalContinue reading Rear-View Mirror Christianity

A Defining Question

Over the past week or so, my brother has gotten really into our family’s history. My ancestry. Genealogy. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome. We’re talking 16th century London – ancestors who were contemporaries — and practically neighbors – with Shakespeare! But soft… But I think it’s really fascinating how all of these DNAContinue reading A Defining Question

The Passing of Time 

It’s a breathtaking morning here. One of those mornings that happen only when it’s right on the cusp of spring. Kind of like winter’s last stand. 6am. And there’s this thick blanket of fog that is covering the backyard, with only the faint shadow of the spindly tree branches cutting through. It’s as though theContinue reading The Passing of Time