Honesty Hour

I’m going to be honest with y’all. I’ve been feeling really restless in my heart recently. No, it’s not because we’re heading into the Final Four and my bracket is malarky. Not because I’m anxiously awaiting the new Backstreet Boys/NSYNC/98 Degrees movie that’s set to come out soon. ((Be still my preteen heart)) Not because the presidentialContinue reading Honesty Hour

Et Tu, Beauty?

See what I did there? Et tu, Brute…Et tu, Beauty? *Air-fives self* 😛 OK, so yeah, the title has to do with Caesar…buuut, I kinda feel like it sets the mood for this piece. Because we’re going…latin. And not, Ricky-Martin-Livin-La-Vida-Loca-Latin, but dead-language, Roman-empire, biblical-times Latin. Et tu, Brute literally means, “You too, Brutus?” They were JuliusContinue reading Et Tu, Beauty?

A Heart Worth Protecting

Well, in case you missed it, The Bachelor ended Monday night. And America’s boyfriend, Ben, got engaged. I know. Pass the Ben & Jerry’s. Ben’s popularity this season has been unprecedented. He’s handsome. A former quarterback. Christian. Midwestern. Loves his mama. Wears his heart on his sleeve. I mean, I even found myself saying, “I want a Ben!”Continue reading A Heart Worth Protecting

Dear Kim Kardashian West,

In case you haven’t turned on your TV this week, or been online or on social media at all, then I’m sure you’ve heard about what the sweetheart of “America’s First Family” did recently. (And please, I hope you can hear the sarcasm dripping from my lips…) But good old’ Kim K posted a fully nude selfie onContinue reading Dear Kim Kardashian West,

Earbud Life

Confession. I have recently discovered podcasts, and I fear I’m beginning to turn into a geek. But seriously. I have just discovered the Serial podcast. Which, oh. my. gosh. guys, do yourself a favor and go listen to it. And then listen to the spinoffs: “Undisclosed” and “Truth & Justice.” They are addictive. As in, I listened to allContinue reading Earbud Life