Profile of a Trump Supporter

I was going to do a cheeky post on Taylor Swift or something, but…I just couldn’t. As much as I realllly didn’t want to write about the election, ignoring the state of our nation right now just didn’t sit well with me.

Scrolling through social media and watching the news today, there was definitely a tone. An overwhelming consensus of, almost arrogant disbelief in our country that manifested in highly divisive and passive aggressive comments.

A few highlights: written by my friends on Facebook or sent directly to me:

Trump supporters are “dumb, uneducated, delusional idiots pushing for change, regardless of what disaster may entail. This country is breeding ignorance.”


“If you voted for Trump, explain to me why your female, black, latino/a, LGBTQ+, and Muslim friends don’t matter to you.”

“Trump Supporters: racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, misogynist clowns with an affinity for orange spray tans.”

“Wow. There are racist and ignorant idiots all over this country.”

Reading these comments, it hurt. Personally. Why?

Because they were about me.

Yes, I voted for Donald Trump.


Now before you “X” out of this post, I invite you to just read to the end.


If you’ve read any of my posts before, I think you will know that I am none of those things. I am not some filled-with-hate monster that my friends are tweeting about.

I am a young Christian woman, college educated, who is friends with nearly all immigrants and ethnically diverse millennials in NYC. I am an artist with tons of LGBT friends I have been sexually assaulted. And I have been working – yes, professional acting brings in a pay check – since the age of 7.

And my heart is full of tremendous love.

I’m not here to judge anyone. And I’m not going to sit here and tell you to think like I do. I wanted to just share why I voted for this “unconscionable” candidate.


First of all, this was a difficult election for me. 

Neither candidate was a beacon of morality. I had to look past the individual and vote on what they stood for. Or rather, what they stood against.

Donald Trump, (much like Bernie Sanders, honestly) was the candidate that was taking a stand against the corruption of far left, liberal, big government, and its mainstream media accomplice, trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Honestly, I don’t blame my friends for tweeting these ill-informed things out. The mainstream media has been crafting the Trump narrative, painting him in as corrupt light as possible (some of which, he definitely earned), and failing to pay any lip service to Hillary and her criminal activity.

Wanting to have secure borders and supporting legal immigration does not make me a racist or xenophobe.

Wanting to become energy independent does not make me irrational and idiotic.

I am allowed to vote against government-funded abortion facilities and healthcare with mandated aborticants.

I am allowed to vote for fiscal responsibility. Getting America back to work. Reducing our national debt.

But mainly, I am allowed to vote in protest to the onslaught by the liberal far left and the agenda they push in the mainstream media, in newspapers, at public universities, in celebrity/pop culture. That does not make me a bigot.

My vote was a big “middle finger” to the extreme left.

It was me taking back that day when I was a freshman in college and I had to do an oral report to my class of 200+, what a “rim job” was. For a grade. At a public, liberal university.

It was me taking back that time a liberal professor spent a semester trying to talk my brother out of his religious beliefs.

It was me standing up for the 8 month baby in the womb, days before delivery, who, under Hillary would have been legally allowed to be killed.


It was me standing up for our military and the men and women who have risked their lives to protect mine.

It was me voting to create job opportunities for all Americans.

It was me declaring that there is corruption in Washington, and I won’t have it any more.

It was me taking back America.


One of the biggest things I heard echoed across social media today was, “What am I going to tell my children?”

You’ve probably seen it too.

How will I tell my children that this country approves and celebrates bullies, rapists, homophobic, racist, sexist, and hateful people? And elected one to run our nation?

Here’s what I’ll say.

I voted for you. I voted to protect the constitutional rights that our country was founded on. So that when you grow up, you have those unalienable rights that, at the time, were under attack by a corrupt government and slanderously biased media. I voted for the unborn. For the safety of our country. For religious freedom.

I voted for you. For your future. For your liberties, that have been slowly eroding by an extreme liberal agenda that neither respects God or the common man.

And I am proud of that vote.

Am I proud that Trump was the one I cast my ballot for? Not especially. He has said and done some incredibly horrendous things, but I had to look past that for the greater good.

And please, let he without sin cast the first stone.

Would I have loved to see a woman break that glass ceiling and become President? Absolutely.

But I refuse to elect a woman that reeks of corruption, simply because of her anatomy.

That would be the epitome of nasty.


So that’s the last you’ll hear about the election or politics from me on here.

Back to “programming as usual” on Monday.

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1,167 thoughts on “Profile of a Trump Supporter

  1. You are so very charming. I haven’t felt this from someone’s writing in a long time. Your honesty and realness are so very strong. As Ralph Waldo said, and that would be Emerson, “When you read these words of mine they will smell of the pine forest and the sounds of birds singing. They will bring to your mind pictures of vast meadows filled with colorful flowers, and babbling brooks of cool, clear water, of sunshine dancing on the early morning dew, and of butterflies playing. For what you are cannot help but come out in your words.” Not an exact quote, and to be honest I ad libbed it, but you get the drift of it. I like very much the sensations, smells, sounds, and pictures that burst into dance and song out of your words. As a ballerina or a concert pianist, they are pleasant to the eyes and ears. Your words are like an injection of hope, goodness, purity, humor and health. And they all speak of a master painter’s depiction of womanhood who openly shows her inner beauty and virtue. As for this article, you voice artistically what I myself felt concerning this election cycle. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you for this blog, half of my relatives old and young are liberals and also non believers, which may somehow go together. Every day I see some other negative comments on Trump and the press is not letting up. I believe God had a plan, Trump and the other pro life candidates are here to give us another chance to bring this Country back to life from the conception to the grave. Mother Theresa said we will not have peace until Abortion is abolished. I believe God is giving us another chance. I am very happy Trump won for many reasons. I am one of his Despicables. I am in my 70’s, college educated, a mother, wife, and was a professional insurance agent and adjuster before retiring. I have found that what I read and listen to, is entirely different the my liberal relatives. It’s like we live in a different world, I read Newsmax, along with lots of other articles from liberals and conservative organizations. Two different worlds. No wonder the other side is so close minded. I do pray Trump and Pence can overcome some of this animosity from the other side. Everything the other side accuses us of, it seems they do.
    I really like your blogs and shall follow them. Thank you for this article.


    • Hi there! Thank you for the encouragement, it really means a lot. You’re so right! I saw this website that showed side-by-side a liberal Facebook newsfeed and a conservative news feed and like you said — two different world. The headlines. The stories. The slant to how things were reported. It’s truly astonishing how differently the narrative on the same issue/person can be constructed and reported. I know if I spent all my time listening to the uber liberal news sources, I’d believe those same things too! What’s a girl gotta do to get a fair and balanced deliver of actual, factual news nowadays?!? So glad you stopped by. Big hugs xox


  3. You nailed it. I was not a Trump supporter, but I really liked how he took on, used and basically took down the media, turned the establishment on their heads and made the left miserable. I believe most people don’t look at everyone and everything in terms of race and sexual orientation. Trump has a lot of bad masculine traits, but I don’t believe he is racist in the least.

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    • Hey again friend! I really appreciate your encouraging words. You’re right- thought he has a lot of less-than-ideal traits, I do have hope that he will do some good! Should be an interesting run to say the least:) thanks for taking the time to read my posts tonight! Merry Christmas xox

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  4. Hi and Merry Christmas. I’ve visited your blog before, but a link on another blog brought me back tot this post. I really appreciate the calm demeanor with which you most eloquently stated your case for voting for Trump.

    I did not vote for him, nor the other candidate (who shall remain nameless, because just the mention of her name conjures up images of Lucifer) but I support him 100%. Let’s give this man a chance. His “America is great” attitude is such a refreshing change from the intentional and perverse demeaning of this country by his predecessor. Obama’s evil plan to strip this country of it’s cultural ideals and morals is beyond treasonous in my opinion.

    It’s a small sampling, but it seems to me his business like persona has already achieved more in changing this country and it’s economy to a more positive tone than Obama did in 8 years. And he’s not even in office yet!

    We’ll see, but with forward thinking and morally straight people like you behind him, there’s an excellent chance he will succeed.


  5. Thank you for this (and for liking my recent post about the Nativity).
    From across the pond, all of what is happening appears bizarre and unpleasant. The media portrayed both of the candidates very differently. I am intrigued and encouraged by your ‘take’ on Trump. Thank you
    Happy Christmas


  6. I’ve felt a need to bury political questions as much as possible, as it tends to cause division. I have found it a good principle to follow concerning the church, as I would not want to bring in division among the brethren. I probably won’t cover it much unless I feel it lines up with prophecy over at my blog “Let Us Reason Together” either. I try to bury it when it comes to sharing my faith with others as well. That being said, its been hard not to feel supportive of Trump for the very reasons that you have listed in your post — concerns with regards to liberty.


  7. Now that young lady was a fine article, great writing, great read. I am going to reblog this one for you. I would like to see as many eyes as possible getting to see this piece of your work. Great job!


  8. Thank you so much for this post which so clearly reflects your honest expression of hopeful possibilities for our nation. You are courageous and outspoken, revealing great insight without becoming strident or harshly critical. Indeed, you are so compassionate. I especially appreciate your artwork which always reinforces your message. This poster is especially suited for your comments posted here: “Don’t explain what you stand for–embody it.” Well-said, indeed.

    As always, thanks for the likes you post on my blog. I appreciate so much the encouragement.


    • Thanks Dr. J, for your reflection. Yes, I am definitely hopeful 🙂 And I’m glad you like my quote art! They’re a bit of a bear to make, but I enjoy it, and I think they add a little somethin’somethin’ to the articles 🙂 Yes, keep up the great work on your blog! big hugs xox


  9. You feel the need to justify yourself and your vote?

    Why not just spit in their wannabe dictator eyeballs?

    For myself—I never vote. That way I can blame the ones who do with a clear conscience. And I do …

    You’ll be attacked by bigots and closed minds whichever way you go—don’t take them seriously. I dare say that curs yap at the heels of even Santa …


  10. Loved your comments about Trump and Trump supporters. It’s good to see see someone express her views who actually understands what’s going on. There’s been too much expression of views from those who don’t. God bless.


  11. Thank you for liking one of my posts, and I absolutely appreciated your post on this. I live in “flyover country” and I have relatives and friends in more largely populated areas that just assume everyone around here is dumb as dirt and can’t think for themselves regarding politics. You said everything I try to say to them in a manner that was thought-provoking, firm, but very respectfully. Kudos to you! And Happy New Year too!


  12. I wish I had not read this…. as i see it, a person who voted for that guy may have been misled by fake news, may be someone who ignores sexism or racism. I am sorry, but I just cannot understand a woman who voted for that guy. I am not being very erudite in my writing, so you may not get my drift. But I do feel sorry for you.

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    • Hi Julianne, thank you for joining the conversation. I can see where you’re coming from, and definitely respect your feelings. At the end of the day, I had to look past the person and vote on issues. I think my posts pretty much expressed that. 🙂 but i really appreciate you sharing your opinion. This was definitely a difficult election. Neither candidate was ideal and we all had tough decisions on how to vote. Happy new year! Big hugs xox


    • Hi Hawk. Thanks so much 🙂 I’m sorry you feel that way. This blog *is* open and free for all, Just so ya know 🙂 Patreon is just a way for those that this blog has touched to donate a dollar or two if they feel so moved. I have provided (with great humility and broken pride) this opportunity for my readers to give only if they so choose. No one has to. The content is free on my blog. Patreon just gets a podcast reading of my posts. The Truth is, I spend 40 hours a week -no joke/not exaggerating – on this blog: writing, replying to every single comment, making the quote art images, managing all social media accounts, researching the facts for the posts, praying for and emotionally investing in each and every one of my readers. And I need to be able to support myself. So I am grateful for those that have chipped in a dollar or two to help me continue to provide this blog for free. But again, no one has to:) I’m sorry if this has turned you off even more, but I just wanted to set the record straight that this blog is, in fact, free and open to all, just like yours 🙂 thanks again for stopping by! Hope you have a blessed and happy new year xox

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  13. I voted for Trump because I don’t like the direction the Dems are taking our country. I am a Christian and it seems they think everyone has rights but Christians. I feel our right to worship and express our beliefs are not important to the Dems.


      • I understand. I enjoy all views. Trump is not what I would like to see in a president but I like his blunt honesty. I can see he is a narcissist.


      • That’s the nature of the disorder. This is about more than “personality” in the sense of dating someone; it’s a serious and pretty much untreatable condition. Whatever knowledge he might have won’t really influence his actions, and he doesn’t bother much with knowledge. Principles don’t affect his overwhelming need for attention and control. (Plus, if we study his history, he doesn’t have principles other than greed and notoriety.)


  14. Hi beautybeyondness. Thank you for liking my post. I loved yours. I so appreciate the honesty of someone in a younger generation than mine and who didn’t just go with the flow to be cool and with it. I totally agree.with your vote, I voted pro BRexit for pretty much the same reasons. God richly bless you and keep me posted as I’ll keep you posted. God bless America and Great Britain Johnx


  15. Spot on! It seems as though Trump won against all odds. Or at least against all loud and obstreperous odds!
    So many reasons for why she lost. So many factors for why he won. But the most overlooked factor of all may have been the ‘God Factor’.
    I keep asking how it is that we have completely contrasting views with liberals. And I think it’s because they are listening to a completely different narrative. A rather false narrative. #fakenews But then facts can be so annoying. With a little research however, the truth is revealed. If they would only take the time.


  16. Thanks so much for this post! I, too, supported Trump — not because I’m all the things my liberal friends accuse me of, but for many of the reasons you voted for him. (Plus, the Donald and I share a birthday, so I think I know where he’s coming from.) As a Bay Area teacher living in San Francisco, it’s so sad to see how hateful the left can be, more hateful than anyone I’ve ever met on the right, and so righteous and unforgiving. My son attends middle school here in SF, and he’s deathly afraid to tell anyone that he and his Dad like Trump, and the school prides itself on being blatantly anti-Trump. I’m keeping him out of class on the 20th so that we can watch the inauguration from the safety of our living room. And yes, also like you, I voted on behalf my of my son’s future, to prevent him from becoming just another slave to the global elites who, whether liberals believe it or not, care nothing about us but our ability to pay taxes that feed their financial coffers. Kudos to you for your courage. And thanks for happening across my blog!


    • Hey there Jota! Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m glad this resonated with you! I hope you and your son enjoy watching the inauguration together. That will be a special bonding time. Anywho, thanks for stopping by! Hugs and love xox


  17. Hi Carolyn (hope I spelled that right!)

    I love your Blog. I’ve battled major depression for 30+ years (and I’m only 44) along with PTSD and ADD, and while the battles you’ve faced have been physically different (my own eating disorder was comfort-eating and I hit almost 300lbs at my heaviest as part of the depression) I can very much identify with the way you express your fight, the emotional struggles and battle for self-love you’ve been through and continue to endure. Your grace, strength and beauty shine through every word you write, and having just re-watched your “revelation” video of yourself again last night through every word you say as well (and I love your accent!)

    I’ve been following this particular comment thread and I’m pleasantly surprised how supportive most people seem to be of your decision. I’m not saying if I’d had a vote I would have cast it for Donnie, but I certainly wouldn’t have voted Hillary. It would have been hard for me and I admire that you and the other commenters have been able to find peace of some measure in voting for him. It certainly does NOT mean you agree with his views on race, gender rights etc, but – as you so eloquently say – that you can reconcile what he said in his campaign about the actual issues (coverage of that was “sketchy” in South Africa) better than Hillary’s socialist position.

    I’m curious now, however…

    The news we get here is a bit limited but it feels like the major policy decisions are being made by Paul Ryan for the new administration. I’ve not seen anything Mike Pence said since November and we only hear about Donnie talking to Taiwan, declaring “go” in a new arms race (God help us – and I mean that literally if he does it) and his twitter outbursts and dubious “billionaire’s club” cabinet. But it seems when there’s an actual major issue – like Obama expelling the Russian diplomats for example – Ryan pops up and says things completely counter to what Donnie had said in the run-up to November. It looks like he’s painting Trump into a corner and that he’s actually the guy running the show in the real political scene with Trump as his puppet.

    Now while I think dear Donnie needs some serious reigning in – particularly in international relations and intelligence briefings (which someone needs to tell him has nothing to do with how “smart” he is – can’t someone buy him the box set of “24” to watch so he gets an idea of what intelligence briefings are about?) – it looks from outside as though he’s being undermined in a big way, which even if the statements and decisions being issued by Ryan’s office are better than Trump would have said in 140 characters is still a dangerous precedent to be setting 11 days before inauguration.

    Is the outside world missing something or is Paul Ryan as dangerous as he appears from here?


    • Hi David! Thank you so much for this thoughtful response! I really appreciate your kind words about my blog. And thank you for sharing your story. You definitely raise some great question. It’s hard to really know what’s going on behind the scenes. And to be 100% honest, I haven’t been keeping up with the news recently. We’ve had a prettty serious family emergency this Christmas, resulting in a full 7am-10pm job of offering care. So I haven’t even opened up my news apps or watched the news. So forgive me, I’m behind as I struggle to adjust to my new normal. But yeah, I think only time will tell about the power struggle between Don and ryan. Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with this thread!! Hugs and love xox


  18. Hello beautybeyondbones, I also voted for Trump, and I took all the negative comments personal. It was okay for people to voice their opinions on the candidates, but why did they have to bash the people who did not agree with them? I respected them for what they believed. People/friends showed their true colors. I refused to be insulted, so I ended up unfriending some “so-called” friends. I am reevaluating my circle of friends and only surrounding myself with positive, uplifting, people. I want peace in my life with no drama. Thank you for sharing your post. Happy 2017! ~dp


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  20. Thank you for having the courage to post this. I agree with all you have so logically laid out. I also voted for Trump – not to be my spiritual adviser – but because of the two choices, he seemed to be the best one for our country. (It is ironic that I have to use the word “courage” – this is supposed to be a nation of free speech!)


    • thanks so much , Coffeebean! glad it resonated with you. You’re right, we don’t all have to agree on everything, but respect and love span all beliefs and positions! 🙂 thanks for your encouraging words and support. big hugs xox


  21. Firstly, let me say I REALLY enjoy your blog. Although you are speaking on your experience with eating disorders, the psychology behind it is relevant to anyone who has issues they want to overcome.

    I was not a Trump voter. However, I am also a minority, and my take on it may be a bit different. I initially feared the changes he was espousing, the types of people who supported outright racism and persecution of the others. While I tend to agree with him on some points (immigration and the right to worship – because I, too, am frustrated with Christianity being intolerable in this country), he is the embodiment of a corrupt system that has a dictatorial slant, particularly against women and minorities in general. The next thing I thought is Lord, we can’t unite under either of these people…and the answer I got? Jesus did not come to unite, but to divide. Divide the chaff from the wheat.

    When I prayed about who to vote for, the answer I got was to look at the fruit. The and root of both parties were corrupt and rotten. The biggest question I had in my mind is legacy – the legacy my children and grandchildren (because they exist) would have to endure as people of color under this leadership. In the end, I received peace because my destiny is in God, and at the end of the day, I recognized long before the election began that the Lord wanted Trump in the White House period. I defer to whatever the Lord wants in this area.

    I sincerely believe that Trump will bring revival to the United States. What most Christians are either ignorant of or don’t care about is most national revivals do not occur during times of peace. They occur during times of great danger, turmoil, division, persecution and enslavement. The fact this leader has been appointed at a time such as this grieves my heart in ways I cannot describe…Trump is a reflection of both the good and bad intent of our country. It reminds me of the Israelites when they begged for a king instead of the judges God appointed, and the first King they received was Saul. It didn’t end well.

    Spirituality aside, healing for this nation really needs to begin the way you have done so here: a simple conversation between two people. I love that you’ve done that here and lent yourself to all that goes with it.


    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! That’s such a powerful perspective. Our destiny really is in God. And you’re right- he is a reflection of both goodand bad. That’s a really interesting way to look at it. Thanks for your kind words and support. Hugs and love xox


  22. I voted for Donald Trump; because, I did not want a president of the United States; instead, I wanted a working man to hold the office and title of president of the United States. I reside in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, and Manhattan throughout the year; and, I have no problems proudly stating my vote for Donald J. Trump. I did consider Hillary Clinton; but, I could not support a person that seemed to have no regard for work-protocols — as a corporate executive before my acting career, I fired employees that breached corporate policies; hence, I couldn’t support Hillary Clinton’s breach. Ten days later, after Donald J. Trump was sworn in, I new my vote was the correct vote. I am happy with his work and actions this far.


    • Those are some really great reasons! It sounds like you have a lot of life experience. Yeah I am hopeful that his administration will do good things for our country! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! And for reading all my stuff here today! Hugs and love xox

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  23. First, thanks for liking my blog posts. Second, I admire your courage for speaking out about your eating disorder (my daughter had one, but is doing much better now). Now… about your pro-Trump and anti-liberal essay:

    I (respectfully) feel you are very misguided. I also noticed quite a bit of hypocrisy. Let’s start with the hypocrisy. You say “My heart is full of tremendous love.” Then a few paragraphs later you say your vote represents a “big middle finger to the extreme left,” a direct contradiction to the love you proclaim. You also say you’re not a bigot. Bigotry comes in many forms, Carolyn, as exemplified in your “big middle finger” quote aimed at liberals, many of whom, like me, are concerned about excessive gun violence, environmental concerns, health care, women’s rights, gay rights, fair and equitable taxation, a responsible foreign policy, and many other things. We’re also seriously concerned about an authoritarian, tyrannical leader who’s used divisiveness and hatred, and even condoned violence (at one of his rallies) in his vault to power.

    Now, the misguided part: you say you voted to protect your children and the Constitutional rights that our country was founded on. Have you read the Constitution? I’m serious. Because if you had, you’d realize that instituting a ban on American travel for seven Muslim nations and all Syrian refugees is UN-constitutional. The ban is an arbitrary and irrational act by the Executive and is exactly what the framers absolutely feared. It’s as unconstitutional as rounding up Japanese-Americans into concentration camps during WW2. The ban also violates the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause because it’s based on hostility toward a religious group (Muslims). Not every starving refugee is a terrorist, Carolyn, and not every Mexican immigrant is a “criminal and rapist.”

    You also say you voted for Trump to get Americans back to work. I find this incredulous. Are you unaware that we had 10 percent unemployment in 2009, which dropped to 4.6 percent by November 2016 thanks in large part to the policies of the Obama administration? Yet you claim a Wall Street billionaire like Trump, who numerous Republicans leaders have claimed is a danger, is going to “get Americans back to work” and “make America great again” by glad-handing Big Business and causing even further income disparity? Sorry, but I don’t make enough money to vote for someone like Trump.

    I’m sorry you have liberal friends who said nasty things on Facebook, as well as irresponsible college professors. But I’ve had nasty conservative “friends” who’ve regularly thrown venom in my face (and one conservative professor that was extremely insulting). I had to unfriend an extreme right-wing individual, and old school chum, because he had the temerity to get snotty with my daughter, when she was only trying to defend me. A grown man! And I won’t mention the blatantly racist posts on his own FB page. I also unfriended a very right-wing (former) friend who recently began, out of the blue, to discuss Jewish versus non-Jewish with me. These are worrying and dangerous signs in post-Trump America. Pick up a copy of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” and you’ll see what I mean. (No, I’m not accusing anyone of Nazism. But there are many parallels with 1920s-30s Germany and America today). In addition to the Constitution, maybe you can discuss such parallels with your children one day, too.

    Judging from your many allusions to Christianity, my impression is that you’re deeply into your faith, and the abortion issue possibly overrides all other concerns for you. There’s nothing wrong with that. But we’re a diverse world, Carolyn, and everyone has their own form of spirituality: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, agnostic, atheistic. Being non-Christian, or being a different flavor Christian from you, does not make someone a bad person. If you really consider yourself a “Christian,” you may want to reconsider raising middle fingers at liberals like myself, and accusing my liberal “agenda” of “neither respecting God or the common man.” That’s uncalled for.

    We agree to disagree (strongly)… but best of luck with your health, and your life.

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    • I agree with your reply. I seek answers to my question: Why would anyone vote for Trump? Unfortunately, I am still looking as the answers I have found this far seem to be more a validation that a reasoning.


  24. Great Post, and right on target. Unfortunately, this election cycle was more about voting ‘against’ than ‘for’. Like you, I voted for the potential and stated positions rather than for the actual person. The one thing that finally helped me reconcile the vote was the selection of Mike Pence as VP…. Thanks for giving me a ‘like’ on my post; I hope to get back into the swing of things and start posting on a more regular basis… Blessing! 🙂


  25. I’m curious to know if your views on Trump have changed at all since he took office. It seems all he has done is appoint unqualified rich friends to cabinet positions, Additionally, his administration has behaved criminally, one cabinet member already resigning. Then he unilaterally tried to enforce a ban that was clearly illegal, not to mention the moral implications. He is wasting billions of dollars on a wall that will do little to affect immigration.


  26. I got a kick out of this post. Thanks for your perspective. Looking back, I don’t think I have cast a vote for a president except, maybe 2004, but I don’t remember those elections very well. Yea, that would be it.


      • 2004 was a foundation year for my life, I guess. It was good in that way, for me. It was, maybe, the hardest year I have ever lived.


      • Is that a saying, an idiom? I’m not familiar with it? In 04 I made a stand for freedom from which I have never backed down. My life has been war ever since. It was Jan. 04. I was given an ultimatum which meant either a lifetime of captivity or freedom. I felt in my gut it was a hard road, but I made my stand, anyway. I saw multiple hospitalizations, eviction, $650 robbery, a six-week runaway to a foreign country to get-away. That’s without mentioning the emotional involved. I went places in anger I thought a human could not go without self-destruct. The pit of my stomach life a flowing volcano. Not a day without a fight once they began. But war has been continuous from that date of January, every day and every night since then. There was also a deceptive, coy young woman in the midst of it.


  27. You are a refreshing point of light in a dark landscape. I’m not just saying that as a fellow Trump supporter. I thought so after reading several of your other posts first. I’m reading this a little late, having only discovered you days ago. I just want to encourage you in saying that I agree with every point you made so succinctly and eloquently. (Courageously, too, I might add). Who among us doesn’t regret things we said or did before encountering Jesus? As you asked – who will cast the first stone? Trump says he encountered the Lord. I believe he is growing in his faith, but that is only opinion.. Only God can judge where he stands. I believe he loves this country and wants to make it great again. Thank you for making this post and thank you for being you! Coincidentally, I just wrote a piece about regret and remorse; “Labyrinth”. I think you might like it. Blessings, love, and brotherly hugs. Your Gloryteller, Len


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  29. I support your opinion, but I am definitely not a supporter of Trump. Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic, ignorant rapist pig, who does not deserve to be president of the USA. I’m not saying that Hillary Clinton is any better, but I absolutely would NOT vote for Trump. He (Trump) said that he will build a wall and “Make America Great Again,” but will he really do what he said? I highly doubt that.

    I apologize for being late to the post, and I do not mean to wrong your opinion or offend you in any way. ❤


    • No worries, Mary! I definitely respect your opinion, and thank you for sharing it. Yeah, neither candidate was ideal, but for me I had to look past the person and vote for the issue that was the most important to me, and that was protecting the unborn. But i fully understand and respect that other people have their own “top issue” and that’s awesome – that’s what makes the us the great country that it is! glad you joined the convo! hugs xo


      • I am so old that I began my political life during Watergate. Richard Nixon taught me that character counts. Not beliefs, not campaign promises. Character, as shown by personal and political history. Trump’s character, for example, has led to international embarrassment, unprecedented opposition, and potential impeachment. That will probably prevent him from giving you the one thing you think you want.Of course, his dishonesty may mean he doesn’t even care since he already got your vote.


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