Hearty Vegetable Soup

I’m writing this, curled up in my bed, sick as a dog. Even though I got a flu shot this year (first one ever, I might add) I still ended up with a nasty bug. Such is life. Anywho. When I was out at Sundance last week, we ate some pretty delicious food. And one night, whileContinue reading Hearty Vegetable Soup

The Grammys Headline You DIDN’T Hear

Well, the Grammys were last night. And in true entertainment industry fashion, the stars just couldn’t help themselves from turning a would-be artistic celebration into a political drag fest, complete with roses, resistance letters, jabs and mockery. Not to be out-shined by the Golden Globes, the music industry wanted to flex their political muscle, andContinue reading The Grammys Headline You DIDN’T Hear

Sundance FUNdance

What up from Sundance!? I’m still in Park City! The snow is still snowin’ and the film festival is still boppin’. I’m so glad you enjoyed my monster cookie recipe yesterday! Those have been a serious hit around here. Healthy, nutrition packed, delicious cookies? What’s not to love. I can’t believe it’s only Thursday! ItContinue reading Sundance FUNdance

Sundance Film Festival

Hey friends! I’m blogging from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah! It’s 10:40pm on Sunday. I’m 2 vodka-sodas deep, which, if you know my one-drink tolerance, is shocking. And I’m just sitting in front of the fire, watching the bobcat groomers go up and down the slopes, creating that picture-perfect corduroy for the morning.Continue reading Sundance Film Festival

“Girl Power”

**Please be aware that this post contains an image that may be triggering if you are in recovery from an eating disorder.** Well, Victoria Beckham is in some hot water this week. Yep, that Victoria Beckham. Equally known for her previous life as the enviable Posh Spice, and her status as David Beckham’s ridiculously fashionable wife. Honestly,Continue reading “Girl Power”

Grain Free Veggie Burger Stacks!

Nothing beats a good burger. Granted, I like the non-meat variety, but seriously, there’s nothing better than a drip down your chin, ketchup on your fingers, all-American burger. And boy, do I have an awesome recipe for one! Grain Free Veggie Burger Stacks! Quick shoutout to this week’s sponsor: Amazon Prime! I love my PrimeContinue reading Grain Free Veggie Burger Stacks!

Dating Etiquette for the Social Media OBSESSED

Romance is a dying art. Truly. In the age of smart phones, Snapchat and communicating through emojis, dating is, frankly, limping along like a squirrel run over by a semi. Too much? Perhaps. But in this era of 140 character expression, chivalry has taken a hit. Which poses the question, what are we to expectContinue reading Dating Etiquette for the Social Media OBSESSED

PB & J Fruit Pizza

My goodness, just wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone who shared and commented on Monday night’s post about Oprah and the Golden Globes. Clearly, people had a lot to say about it, so thank you for voicing your opinions! I love the healthy dialogue and reading everyone’s perspectives and thoughts about suchContinue reading PB & J Fruit Pizza