Sweet Angel

My heart is heavy today*. I woke up this morning to learn that a dear friend, and radiant member of the BBB community, passed away suddenly. She had been battling against the repugnant monster that is anorexia, and it stole her life, way way too soon. She was radiant in every sense of the word: encouraging, loving,Continue reading Sweet Angel

Community by Twilight

I was recently babysitting on a Friday night. It was late. Midnight. And the apartment has these beautiful bay windows with plush window seats. Perfect to peer down onto the streets below. The cobblestone street, dotted with cafes, where people dine alfresco on the sidewalks outside. Or you look across the street at various rooftopContinue reading Community by Twilight

What I Learned From My Mother

Tammy Taylor. Carol Brady. Claire Dunphy. Marge Simpson. Claire Huxtable. Kate McCallister. Mrs. George. When it comes to movie and TV moms, we have been #blessed with all kinds. And these characters are all so lovable because we can see glimpses of our own mothers in each and every one. Some more than others, (I’mContinue reading What I Learned From My Mother

Body Positivity Week???

Well, in case you didn’t know, it’s “Body Positivity Week.” Yep, thanks to BuzzFeed, we’re being bombarded with full-frontal content about Forget-You-I-Love-My-Curves, and NGAFudge-ing about what anyone thinks about our cellulite, and Dag-Nabit I’m wearing a bikini if I want to, and how dare you body shame me. It’s actually kind of ironic how it’sContinue reading Body Positivity Week???

Claim It

Well here we are: May. Not only is it Justin Timberlake’s favorite month… …but it is also the beginning of wedding season, Mental Health Awareness Month, Cinco de Mayo, engagement season, and graduation season. I swear, my Facebook feed is spewing cap and gown photos like they’re going out of style. And rightfully so. I mean,Continue reading Claim It

10 Truths for Navigating the Modern Dating Culture as a Christian

We are living in unprecedented times. At least for those of us trying to navigate this nauseatingly complicated travesty that is the modern dating culture. The noncommittal guys, the “rules for communication,” the necessity for seeming like you don’t care, the casual approach, the ‘swipe right’ mindset of romantic relationships. But for me, there’s a whole ‘nother layer to navigating thisContinue reading 10 Truths for Navigating the Modern Dating Culture as a Christian