Thank You, Captain Obvious

*sigh* It was an…interesting weekend. I always find myself on Sunday night, staring at a blank computer screen wondering, “Okay, God. What the H am I supposed to write.” Tonight…I know exactly what I’m supposed to say. Back at the beginning of this month, I published the post, Honesty Hour. And first of all, IContinue reading Thank You, Captain Obvious

*What I Learned From Losing My Hair

I had a haircut today. And sitting in that chair, as my hair dresser exclaims, “You’ve got so much hair!” I remember the long journey that has brought me here. You see, during my anorexia, my hair fell out. I mean, literally all of it. Not just like, “Oh my hair’s thinning!” No. We’re talking…I lost about 90%Continue reading *What I Learned From Losing My Hair

The “Prove Yourself” Society

Are you sitting down? Because I’ve got some news. OK, maybe I’m building it up a little much. #guilty But guys, The SAT’s are changing. I know. High school me is legit wigging out on the inside. The essay — optional. Calculators — banned for parts of it. Vocabulary — less obscure and more “workplace-oriented”…whatever thatContinue reading The “Prove Yourself” Society

Coachella Culture

So if you didn’t know, the music festival, Coachella, was this weekend. I mean. Honestly, if I see another picture of a celebrity wearing a crochet croptop, ripped acid wash jean shorts, and a flower crown while frolicking barefoot in Southern California, I might vom. It’s Coachella. You’re an ironic “millennial flower child.” We get it. OK OK.Continue reading Coachella Culture

10 Things I’d Say to 15-Year-Old Me

You know what I love doing? Looking back at old pictures from middle school/early high school. I mean, the fashions, the hair styles, the flip phones, the boys I had crushes on. It is just a blast from the past. And let’s be real, it wasn’t thaaat long ago. But given every twist and turn my lifeContinue reading 10 Things I’d Say to 15-Year-Old Me