Being honest – whether about my recovery, faith, love life, etc. – is a staple of my blog. 💛 It’s time to be honest about my smile! 😁
Being an actor means white teeth are a must. But my teeth have gotten so sensitive over the years with all the bleaching I’ve had to do.
Enter my superhero sister, who introduced me (and my whole family!) to a toothpaste that is nothing short of magical. ✨Incredible, rapid whitening with no sensitivity issues!

The results speak for themselves. ⭐️And I had to share because it honestly has changed the lives of my family and I.
Goodbye sensitivity, hello sparkling smile!🙌🏼 
🚫No bleach
🚫No harsh chemicals
✅Safe for kiddos
✅Removes wine/soda/coffee & nicotine stains (🍷!!!)
✅Prevents plaque from sticking to teeth
✅Great taste…and texture (not gritty)
✅Costs much less than whitening strips or laser whitening
Leave me a comment if you’d like to order a tube from me, and I’ll ship it to ya! 
OR, if you’d rather order a tube for yourself, you can order one through my website! — Just click here!