Uncomfortable Love

Tonight’s Post Patron! Andrew Yoder is a freelance professional who provides prompt, high-quality support for your WordPress website or blog at an affordable price. Andrew’s impressive work has earned him a wide array of clients, ranging from Inc. 5000 companies to individuals and small businesses. Contact Andrew today at ayoder770@gmail.com to learn how he canContinue reading Uncomfortable Love

Summer Alfresco Bites

Hello beautiful people! And HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! I’ve finally made it up to Wisconsin! Wooo!!!! Bring on the boating, and the sunshine. Pour me a cold adult bevvy, and turn that cell phone on “airplane mode!” Because I am ON VACATION!! But seriously, I am so excited to be at my family reunion. We’reContinue reading Summer Alfresco Bites

Five Minutes to Change Your Life

I had one of those “bang-your-head-against-the-wall-repeatedly” moments tonight. At church, of all places. Allow me to set the scene. So this weekend, I have been holding down the fort in Ohio all by my lonesome. My entire family is up in Wisconsin at our family reunion — the one I wrote last week’s post about.Continue reading Five Minutes to Change Your Life