Relationship #RealTalk: Toxic Relationships

The dictionary defines “toxic” as “harmful or deadly.” Other synonyms include poisonous, lethal, and virulent. Yikes. There will come a time in your recovery, where you have to take a cold, hard, look at your past, and ask the question, “Do I have toxic relationships in my life?” Spoiler alert: This is not a funContinue reading Relationship #RealTalk: Toxic Relationships

Relationship #RealTalk: Broken Relationships

If you’ve lived though an eating disorder, it’s no secret that they take a toll on your relationships. We all know the damage it brings to the body and to the mind, but the havoc ED wreaks on relationships is often overlooked. Eating disorders are like a Category F5 tornado. They rip through and leaveContinue reading Relationship #RealTalk: Broken Relationships