Fight Fear Less

What are you afraid of? Really. I want you to put it into words. Verbalize it. What keeps you up at night? During my anorexia and for some of much of recovery, I was afraid of the weight restoration. I was afraid of certain foods; that “all elusive” weight range; how my body was goingContinue reading Fight Fear Less

Weight Restoration Without an Appetite

Weight Restoration. The crux of recovery. Where the rubber meets the road. Where the physical healing takes place. Where the mental healing is tested. Weight restoration in eating disorder recovery takes many forms, methods, strategies, and sizes. Typically, once the body starts receiving consistent nutrition and adequate calories, your metabolism kicks in and you begin to feelContinue reading Weight Restoration Without an Appetite

The Truth about Bloating in Recovery

From Top Eating Disorder Recovery Blogger, sharing the TRUTH about bloating during eating disorder recovery. She shares what helped during her own experience, and helpful tips! A must read! #edrecovery #recovery #eatingdisorder #anorexia #wellness #healing #bodyimage #selflove #selfhelp #bloatingContinue reading The Truth about Bloating in Recovery