Nancy Pelosi: The New “Cafeteria Christian”

Nancy #Pelosi is exactly what #Christianity has become today: a pick-and-choose buffet of Christ’s teachings that one chooses to fit their lifestyle. But that is no #religion at all. It is the religion of self. #catholic #nancypelosi #god #faith #jesus #Politics #christianContinue reading Nancy Pelosi: The New “Cafeteria Christian”

Retinas Burning — Eclipse 2K17

What did the moon bring to the beach on August 21? Sunblock hehehe So who saw the eclipse?? In true Caralyn fashion, I….didn’t. I waited until two hours before to realize that I had to have special glasses to safely look at it, and the low key hypochondriac in me freaked out that I for sureContinue reading Retinas Burning — Eclipse 2K17