Nectarine Pancakes with Blackberry Compote

Hi friends! Thanks so much for listening to my interview on the Among the Lilies podcast! It meant so much to me that I could share my story, so thank you for your support in listening! I’m going to be honest. Now that we’re on the autumn-side of September, I am doing everything in myContinue reading Nectarine Pancakes with Blackberry Compote

Cauliflower Italian Napoleon

Happy Wednesday friends! I just got back into New York after a beautiful weekend with my family in Ohio. I had a voice over job there, so lucky me, I got to spend the weekend with my family! We celebrated my birthday and my mom’s birthday. And we watched several Hallmark movies. I know! They’reContinue reading Cauliflower Italian Napoleon

Gluten Free Pizza Party!

There are very few simple pleasures left in life. There’s either “an app for that” or something that is so technologically advanced, you feel  like you’re part of some sci-fi experiment gone rogue. Gone are the days where a bon fire and the night sky were your entertainment for the evening. However, there are stillContinue reading Gluten Free Pizza Party!