Intimacy and Anorexia

A resounding theme that you may have noticed by now is how anorexia and eating disorders are the manifestations of her intense self-hatred, lack of self-love, and inability to receive/accept love. Putting it like that makes it sound so trivial and so “brushed off,” that it makes it difficult to fully grasp the dire implications that thisContinue reading Intimacy and Anorexia

Vanity, Guilt, and Shame

Let’s talk about a topic that is often misunderstood about eating disorders: Vanity. That’s the thing. People think that girls with anorexia are so vain and beauty-obsessed. And although that may be true from the onset, like everything else in ED’s path, that gets bastardized and tainted into darkness. You see, that’s the confusing thing:Continue reading Vanity, Guilt, and Shame

for those in recovery…

After last night’s journey to understand how to reach someone in the throes of anorexia, and how to answer the “Million Dollar Question” of how to help, I’d like to now address those of you in “recovery,” as well as the loved ones of those in “recovery.” First, for those who have been though this battle, IContinue reading for those in recovery…

The Truth about Relapse

Let’s talk about relapse… Statistically speaking, one third of people with eating disorders relapse after they “recover.” This is for a variety of reasons, but my main guess is that, due to insurance reasons, once the weight gets put on, she gets discharged, as insurance covers the only the minimum amount of time possible atContinue reading The Truth about Relapse