Hello beautiful warriors.

I’m truly heartbroken this morning, as Instagram disabled my account, AnorexiaRevealed2. (And yes, you are not seeing things. This is the second time this has happened.)


Apparently I was reported for being “Pro-Ana.” This is incredibly disheartening because if you’ve been following me, or have read even one sentence of my story, you know that I am 1000% PRO-RECOVERY and trying to spread HOPE. There was absolutely nothing — zero, zip, nada — that was even remotely close to anything negative or “pro-Ana.”

I was using Instagram to reach out to #EDwarriors that were in need of encouragement, support, a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, etc. And at 1000 followers, to be deleted because of a false accusation is just so discouraging.

But I am back on IG, @beauty.beyond.bones

So I would ask that you please follow me on there for more inspirational quotes and images, as well as blog updates. And if you wanted to give it a shout out, that’d be beyond awesome 🙂 Thank you for reading and joining me on this journey! I love each and every one of you!




5 responses to “INSTAGRAM UPDATE 6/18”

    • i agree. It’s a shame. Hurting people hurt people, and someone wanted to thwart the hope i’ve been trying to spread. We must carry on. Thank you for this comment. it is so incredibly appreciated on this discouraging day.

  1. Poor you :/ happened to me too. I had a fitness/recovery account, they deleted it. I had many accounts that were deleted, but some were kind of ‘pro-ana’ I think, not because I liked this area of the web, but because I used it to type out my worries within my worst times.
    It’s super annoying to be deleted. I think it depends on the hastags you use. They never read the blogs they delete. They just delete everything with the hastag #anorexia or #bulimia used too often. At least that’s my theory…

    • Thanks for that insight. Yeah I am not going to have the word “anorexia” in my name anymore in the hopes that it won’t happen again. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this annoyance before. Xoxo

      • ‘Bones’ often results in the same sh*t… But hey maybe you’ll make it through without. I think they have a system that counts how often you mentioned specific words, and as soon as you reach a specific number they will maybe delete you. At least that’s part of my theory, but they never answer if you want to know the reasons… I’ve been deleted twice without any warning, had never been reported or so before. Just don’t know. Sometimes I ask myself wether they even have reasons to delete us. -.-

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