Censored by Facebook

I’ve gotta tell ya – something stinks around here. And it’s not the Brussels sprouts I’ve got roasting in the oven.

It’s Facebook’s bully culture, silencing any voice that counters their liberal agenda.

Story time: Remember just last week, I published a passionately pro-life piece after New York’s Governor Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act into law, thus allowing abortion up to birth?

Yeah – well…Facebook censored my article.

That sound you hear, is my head, banging against the wall.

Yep. Facebook — and their aggressively liberal agenda — would not allow me to advertise that particular post on my page.

Not once, not twice, but four different times, I tried to purchase an advertisement for that pro-life post, and all four times, it was denied and “banned.”


What are we, in some utopian society where they’re burning books and censoring what we can and can’t think about?!

I’ve got to believe that it was because it took a pro-life stance.

And this isn’t the first time this censorship has happened either. My anti-pornography post — Facebook banned that one, too!

It is just disgusting.

Nevermind the pathetic moral fiber of our USA — where’s the freedom of speech?

Where’s the freaking First Amendment?

Facebook, I’m calling you out! How dare you censor something, just because it is pro-life?

How dare you silence a voice, simply because it is standing up against the culture of death you’re pushing?

I’m sick and tired of it.

Arrogance. That’s what it is.

Arrogance. Almost as bad as the display of self-importance demonstrated by our democratic, female House representatives wearing all white suits at the State of the Union Address.

Photo: CNN

Honestly, their behavior made me ashamed to be a woman.

Here’s the beautiful and hilarious irony in all of this:

The Suffragettes that those women were “honoring” by wearing all white — Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Victoria Woodhull — they’d be appalled by the pro-abortion agenda today’s feminists are fighting for!

Photo: Alamy

President Trump, in his SOTU address, proclaimed some of the most inspiring, pro-life words, ever:

To defend the dignity of every person, I am asking the Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late-term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother’s womb. Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life. And let us reaffirm a fundamental truth:  all children – born and unborn – are made in the holy image of God.” – President Trump

Photo: KCRW

It brought republicans to their feet in wild applause. Meanwhile, our democratic “women in white” sat there and pouted like petulant teenagers.

The beautiful irony is that the original suffragettes would have been on their feet cheering, too. Women’s rights were not – and are not – abortion rights. In fact, Susan B Anthony, herself, said, “it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit.”

Photo: Stylist

What do you have to say about that, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

I am all for the celebration and recognition of women. We are strong, beautiful, intelligent individuals that are capable of doing everything a man can do – and more when you add bearing children to the list!

One of the buzziest phrases of the moment is “women supporting women.” Women should build each other up instead of tear them down.

Okay – so tearing them down, is a no…but tearing them out of the womb is okay?

I digress.

It is a very dangerous thing when thoughts and ideas are banished simply based on political affiliation or religious belief.

It is the beginning of a deeply destructive end.

A small spotlight was shone on this alarming pattern of behavior during the media’s smear campaign of the Covington Catholic students.

But that was only one isolated incident that got caught.

There are sooo many other instances of censorship, biased/selective reporting, and abuse of journalistic publishing power that are happening all the time that we are completely unaware of.

In things as big as how Major Networks frame a story, to things as small as refusing to allow a pro-life article on Facebook’s platform.

I ask you: what is it that the mainstream media is fighting for?

What climate and culture are they pushing? Because I can assure you, it is not one of life.

How can we trust them? And frankly, what are we to do?

Honestly – what do we do about it?

I ugre you to approach the news and mainstream media with a discerning eye.

Is it true? Who is it serving? What is the other side of the story?

And most of all – What do they have to gain from it?

And lastly, I invite you to help me stick it to the “Facebook man” — and if my prolife post resonated with you, please give it a “share” on Facebook. They can try and snuff one pro-life voice. But let’s see them try to silence a chorus!

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430 responses to “Censored by Facebook”

    • Gosh, it is just so discouraging, isn’t it? Keep at it though – all the more reason to keep putting it out there! 🙂 thanks for stopping by! hugs xo

  1. My dad, a lawyer who does discrimination, libel, slander, appeals, and Constitutional rights, says that freedom of speech doens’t apply in this instance, because the individual entity (I.e., facebook) is allowed to control their speech, if that makes sense, including what the rest of us want to say through them.

    I’m hoping this brings you comfort: I was thinking about it, and the concept of killing Baby right before or after she’s born is so repugnant that it should push the consensus toward the prolife side. 🙂

    • Thanks Meg for this insight. Yeah, that makes sense since it is a private company. Gosh, I hope you’re right and people wake up to the truth! hugs xo

  2. Wow! You? Banned? I’m one of the mouthiest conservatives on Facebook and twitter, and although individual people have complained about my opinions, to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t even been shadow banned on twitter. One of my links to an article on the Holocaust was initially denied on Facebook, but that was only because some algorithm thought that starving Jews in a concentration camp looked like “pr0n”. When I pushed back, a human being reviewed the content and released it. Yes, social media is biased toward a highly specific agenda, so I suppose this is going to come up more and more as time passes. More’s the pity.

    • Thanks James, yeah I was pretty shocked and disgusted by The FBook. A pity for sure. Sorry you know first hand what I’m talking about. Big hugs to you xox

  3. Wow. It’s disturbing to think the Facebook might be censoring content. Particularly based on political views! I sincerely hope that wouldn’t be the case.
    I got a comped “boost” after I created – I mean was forced by the Facebook to create – a FB blog page. I had some trouble with my blog’s language, so they aren’t big on the profanity, let me tell you! Do you find that boosting posts drives new readers to your blog?

  4. Thank you for taking a stand ♥️ I couldn’t agree more with your evaluation on the arrogance displayed at the SOTU address, it is simply appalling behavior of women in leadership and it is an affront not only to the legacy of other women leaders, but to the larger American constituency they seek to represent. I share your frustration and dismay at the narrow perception of what means to have freedoms and rights as women in modern society, but let’s keep praying and hoping that God protects the innocent and gives grace to the humble (as we try to stay humble and keep hustling to live out our values).

    • Thank you Isabel for your support and encouraging words. Yeah, it was a shock to the system to say the least. I will definitely join you in that prayer! Those little babies need our voices! big hugs to you xox

  5. I feel very strongly that, as a Christian, I am called to develop and nurture relationships. I prefer to seek change that way rather than raging against the machine.

    When God closes one door, He opens another. Facebook (among other platforms) has become a place of division, deceit, and destroyed relationships. Maybe God has shut that door for a reason.

    As to the women honoring suffragettes… I’m not sure we’re required to believe all that another person does in order to honor their legacy.

    Peace, Sister.

    • Thank you, for joining the conversation! That is definitely a great point about the Suffragettes. They are absolutely worthy of honor. And you’re right, we don’t have to agree on all things, but respect is something that we all can agree on for sure. 🙂 Thanks for offering this perspective. hugs xox

  6. Sorry to hear that but not surprised.
    It’s for the best. They don’t want you to hurt any sensitive and tender souls with your hateful thoughts.
    That’s joking sarcasm of course.

    I’m proud to see your strong stand.

    The drumbeat of oppression is growing louder, but in the name of protecting everyone from harmful speech.

    God bless you,


    • Thank you so much Doug, haha love the sarcasm. yeah, it is just discouraging, because by silencing the voices of prolife people, or believers, or XYZ, people can believe they are on an island if they believe differently than societal norms – and that’s a shame. Thanks so much for stopping by! big hugs xo

  7. This is such a shame for multiple reasons:
    1. Facebook promotes itself as a forum to exchange free ideas – but only if you agree to their leftist bent.
    2. The Suffragette was world wide and meant to lift up women all over the world. New Zealand was the first country to grant women the right to vote, well before the US did. You’re right – now, it’s been “hijacked”. 🙁

    Keep speaking out! We need more courageous people like you! 🙂

    • Thank you friend. You’re so right about that. I didn’t know that about New Zealand! That’s awesome! thanks for your support. hugs xo

    • Thank you friend, yeah I don’t blame you. It’s all one big propaganda machine, to be honest. Thanks for your support. hugs xo

  8. I shared it on FB. As an author, I’m told to stay away from mentioning my stance on politics and other controversial issues, but there’s only so much silence I can take. In the area of abortion, I’d rather honor God and reflect His heart than stay silent just so I don’t anger potential readers. Thank you for being so bold.


    • Thank you so much Laurie, I appreciate you passing it along! You’re so right – there’s only so much silence on can take. Amen to that! I think there are a lot more people out there that believe the same about life than society at large wants us to think. Love that you’re using your voice! thanks again for your support. you rock, and I’m cheering you on! 🙂 big hugs xo

  9. I hear ya – this is happening more and more. Its pretty clear that most of the major platforms are run by the regressive left – conservative viewpoints are being censored and people are being platformed for all kinds of non-reasons, where hateful leftist drivel (the Covington commentary being a case in point) can carry on just fine thanks. But have an NPC avatar (which I happen to think is very funny!) or mention that maybe killing babies after they have been born is perhaps not a good thing and boom, kicked off everywhere nano seconds after you hit send or like. The left, natural home of the authoritarian.

    Also – Patreon – same same, deplatforming people it doesnt like. If you’re thinking of making some kind of actual statement against this regressive agenda, you can take your money away from them! SubscribeStar is where its at.

    And as for AOC – she thinks shes some kind of sorority queen bee, but the reality is her views are immature and pretty far left for America and dont resonate with most people. I notice even the leftist media were commenting that she behaves like a petulant child and I think she’ll have lost a lot of political capital after her stunts and sour faced pouting during the SOU. Given the left loves to eat its own and the Democrats are actually a rather conservative bunch, I think she’ll be in for a shock when she’s sidelined as the DNC starts to assemble its forces for the next election. We can only hope!

    • Thank you Charlie for sharing your thoughts on this issue. I didn’t know that about Patreon – such a shame. Yeah, I agree – I think both sides were put off by AOC’s behavior last night. Extreme views for sure. And you’re so right about that – other than Fox news, all the other major media outlets are left-leaning, and those that aren’t, get ridiculed, made fun of, and discredited – like Fox. It’s just awful. hugs to you xo

  10. Facebook has been censoring a lot of content of late. Recently there was a controversy of censorship of LGBT content on the platform as well. While I’m neither associating as strictly liberal or conservative (I’m the person in the middle of heated debates offering cookies to diffuse tension lol Yes, this has actually happened IRL 😂) if someone’s pro-life, ok many people are. If they’re pro-choice, many also are. There’s a difference between stating one’s opinion and using said opinion to spread hatred. Either way, censorship on social media platforms regardless of political stance proves to be shaky ground. Peace ✋

    • Thank you friend for joining the conversation. hahha offering cookies – that made me smile 🙂 Yeah, i think respect and seeking to understand is something that everyone can agree on 🙂 thanks for sotpping by! hugs xox

    • thanks friend – I know. Crazy, huh?? Sorry you can so personally relate!! big hugs to you xox

    • That was a smart move, Ryan. I admire that decision! thanks for your support and friendship 🙂 hugs xox

  11. I admire you for always standing up for what you believe in! It truly warms my heart! I don’t believe in abortion but I don’t believe in telling any women what to do with her body. That isn’t my choice. We all have to live with the choices we make and only God can judge us. FB censoring YOU is ridiculous. We all have a right to speak and being pro life isn’t a reason to censor someone.

    I’m a Democrat but we’re not all alike so don’t put us all in the same box. It would be like me thinking all Republicans are alike and therefore disliking all of you if I based you on Mitch McConnell (who I think is the devil)

    Keep standing up for yourself even if you stand alone! Its admirable.

    You and I disagree on alot of things but we are still able to support and respect each other! Why can’t everyone do that!

    Keep writing my friend. 🤗🤗

    • Thank you so much Lane for your support. And I really appreciate you joining the conversation. You’re right – respect and seeking to understand are two things that should be granted to everyone, no matter what they believe, or what their political affiliation!! 🙂 So grateful for you 🙂 big hugs to you Lane! Have a great night! xox

      • You’re welcome my friend! I’m a fan of yours and I support you. Wanna hear something funny? My fiance’ is a Republican…..😂🤣😂 Have a wonderful night!😍😍

      • hahah that’s amazing!!! Just another beautiful example that you practice the love and respect that you preach! rock on!!! 🙂

  12. Caralyn, You and I come from very different political views but I agree with your right to share your views and have never seen you do so in a way that slanders anyone, even when you are passionate about what you share. I believe the media is only here to promote division and ensure our country never lives in unity. I guarantee from reading your posts that if we met in person we’d have a great time despite our very different views on some issues and ideas. But the media would say we would never be able to support one another. I believe it takes raising our voices and speaking up. How can I truly say I promote and support free speech but then ban everything that doesn’t align with my beliefs? And how do we think we are well rounded if all our friends look and think like us? Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Hi Shell, thank you so much for your support and for joining the conversation! They promote division — i think you’re absolutely right about that. A country living in unity – gosh, isn’t that the dream!! Respect and seeking to understand go a long way 🙂 thank you so much for being awesome! big big hugs to you xoxoxo

  13. FB is going down hill. They are double standard hypocrites like many politicians. They claim that they for equality, fairness, life, etc.. but obviously we are seeing that it is a big fat lie. All lives matter no matter how old or how young. A life begins at conception. Murder is murder. Pornography in any form is evil. Destroys lives and should be thrown out like the trash that it is.
    This is a disgrace to see how the world is becoming how our world is okay with killing young life just because the child may not have all of his/her body parts. A disgrace that people not all people turn their eyes away from the truth.
    I don’t know how they can all sleep at night. Maybe each of them needs a Jacob Marley to come and haunt them. lol.
    Actually, they need Jesus.’
    God Bless, Caralyn

    • Thank you so much for passing this along, Mike! I really appreciate your support. Yes! And you, too!! hugs and love xox

  14. I keep telling everyone to say a pray for what is going on right in front of our eyes. There is an agenda here and the ones that are pointing it out are getting attacked. People need to open their eyes and see it for what it is and say it our loud too. The Emperor has no clothes people…he is naked. Thank you for being one of those people that has the courage to speak up and point this out. I told my son the story of the Emperor’s new clothes a few months ago. I guess I never read it to him when he was little. What a great lesson it teaches. With more and more censorship, the world will change. We need to make sure to tell our grandparent’s stories, read books to our children and never be afraid to say the truth.

    • I am right there with you, friend. We need PRAYERS majorly. Thank you so much for your support. You’re right – we need to hang onto those precious stories and stand up for the truth! hugs xox

    • Thank you so much Debra, I really appreciate you passing it along! Nothing is going to happen to you or your page! It was only denied when I tried to purchase an advertisement for the post, which i will often do for my posts to grow readership. So Facebook is refusing to promote it on their advertising platform. but sharing it on a personal page will have no negative consequences for you! 🙂 Thank you again, I really appreciate having you in my corner!! God bless! hugs xox

    • thank you so much Izzy, I really appreciate your support! hope you have a beautiful night! hugs xox

    • It made me just so sad to see that representation. I think JPII’s Feminine Genius should be required reading for everyone! 🙂 hugs xox

      • My sincerest apologies to you by my cackling hens comment. My words were meer observation at their antics as the President of the U.S. made statements, and they sneered, rolled eyes, and talked back and forth. Their actions were rude and self-righteous. I was relieved that some one else felt the same about these womens’ behavior. Forgive me if it brought on a disagreement with another follower.
        In love, I’ll agree with you, for hearts to be softened and the cries of these unborn (but alive!) babies be heard.
        Be blessed bbb. I am with you in prayer on this💜🕆

      • Thank you for saying that. Yeah, I definitely understood where you were coming from. I knew you were referring to the behavior and not the actual people themselves. thank you for clarifying that. Yes, I will join you in that prayer!! Hugs and love xox

  15. I’m sorry to hear that your post was censored; Facebook is a mess of all kinds these days, but it is not a liberal agenda by any means. Facebook does not care about politics, it cares about money. That sense of one-sided woundedness, coupled with the misrepresentation here of what the abortion law was doing, who the suffragettes were and why the women of the House were remembering them, and how “women supporting women” can, should, and does include pro-life alongside pro-choice is the end of the line for me and this blog. As a pro-choice female pastor, I have to step away from what this blog has become. I wish you the best in your journey toward love, your career, and your continued recovery from ED.

    • Hi Christina,
      Thank you for sharing your heart on this issue, and for expressing your thoughts about my blog. I almost didn’t publish this post tonight, because, you’re right – these past few posts have been more political than I like to be, instead of focusing on recovery and positivity. I just couldn’t ignore the news and the current climate and turn of events. As an anorexia survivor, coming from that depth of self destruction bore in me an undeniable belief in the sanctity of human life, after almost destroying mine. The absolute crux of my recovery was realizing and believing that I had worth as a person, for the *sole reason* that I was created by God, claimed as His daughter, and purchased on the Cross by Jesus. That, and only that, is why I have worth, and why I was worth nourishing my body, and choosing life, and embracing recovery. And when I realized that I had that worth, simply as a child of God, I realized that I *had to* extend that same worth and value to every other person — especially the child in the womb. That is why I am prolife. That is why I have spent these last few post addressing the attack on prolife beliefs lately in the media and in the laws of this country. Because people are terrified to come out and say that they’re prolife because of the backlash they’ll receive, being labeled as anti-woman, or not-progressive, and shunned by our peers. I am hoping to be an ally. That’s all. That being said, I absolutely respect the beliefs held by others. Everyone is entitled to their own position, I stand by that. This is mine. And I appreciate and respect your position and beliefs, and I thank you for your readership, and wish you the best along your way! Know that you and your ministry will be in my prayers 🙂 hugs and love xox

      • Thank you for your response to Kelsie and I (it’s Christiana, actually; unusual names get mucked about with on text, I understand).

        I appreciate your understanding of life and your view of what constitutes sanctity of life, especially in the context of your having brushed up against death in such a powerful and sorrowful way. I am glad that you can make that connection within your theology, and while I disagree with you I have no intention of challenging how you got there.

        I’m not responding to pick a fight, but I want you to hear why I’m no longer going to follow you. Yes, I vehemently disagree with your politics, and yes, you and I have vastly different understandings of God’s path for us, but that’ s not it. Part of it is the misinformation that you spread (“I have spent the last few posts addressing the attack on prolife beliefs lately in the media and in the laws of this country” is fascinating to me when we have a majority conservative Supreme Court and the ability of Planned Parenthood to operate in many states is down to practically nothing; this New York law is quite a break in abortion news of late). But most of what frustrates me is the dismissal of that which you perceive to be opposite you and your unwillingness to engage those who do not “respect the beliefs held by others.” In your post you call the women of Congress “petulant teenagers” and accuse them of “self-importance” in their remembrance of the suffragettes. How is that respectful?

        You make a point of responding to every comment, which I find amazing and slightly exhausting. But when people take your stance of pro-life as permission to call pro-choice women “cackling hens” (karidawayblog) and you simply laugh and agree, you are not promoting respect or civility or any of the values for which you so rightly call. This blog is your domain, and I respect that, but as such you are responsible for the tone of it–and it saddens me to see that there is no spine to your words of welcome.

        My thanks for your continued prayers for my ministry. I am sure it will be quite an adventure.

      • Hey BBB, just a thought, respecting a person right to their belief doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, these two seem to be stuck in warm fuzzy god mode, not even considering His righteous & holiness, you owe no one an apology, whether from your religious or political beliefs.

        Keep faith in Christ alone, not cackling hens.

      • Welcome to this side conversation, Its Dat Guy. I’m not sure why doubling down on the “hens” insult is comforting for you, especially since karidawayblog was graceful enough to explain what she meant by it. Although you didn’t directly address me, I answer your accusation of being “stuck in warm fuzzy god mode” by asking for your basis of it. God’s righteous(ness) and holiness have not been part of the conversation thus far whether as confirmation thereof or denial.

        Nor have I asked Caralyn for an apology for her beliefs. I respect them, and respect how she got there; I appreciate very much her understanding of the sacredness of life as a natural growth from her experiences. My faith is in the Christ Who loves enough to share that sense of sacredness, right down to the people with whom I vehemently disagree–and also in the “cackling hens” who are standing for my right and Caralyn’s rights as women to have such a disagreement, here in this faceless forum. I have asked for a stronger sense of moderation from her in this space, that is true; considering a recent post in which she admitted struggling with confrontation, I understand such a request to be a gentle remonstrance in a difficult area. But please, explain to me: how does your inaccurate portrayal of my faith help her in finding her voice? Or help me in understanding your point? From what sense of Christian charity do you issue your dismissal of my part in this discussion?

      • You told BBB that you wanted her to know why you were unfollowing her, I would be waving “buh-bye”.

        Then you wrote (…part of it is the misinformation that you spread…).
        In laymans terms, you’re calling her a LIAR.

        THHEENNN…. you called her spineless when you rambled about no spine to her words.

        So she’s a spineless liar because you disagree with her.

        What you’re trying to do is subtley shame her into silence, thats how TROLLs try and control a conversation online or in forums.

        You write as if you belong to the judge not cult…http://www.letusreason.org/Pent44.htm

        People like you redefine word usage such as the often vaulted “respecting the beliefs of others”… does that mean everyone? Even those petulant teenagers in Congress? What about Jihadis that have the belief its ok to kill infidels? Or a padeo who wants to be redefined as child attracted?
        By redefining usage people like you misconstrue truth and create what you want instead of accepting truth.

        If you claim to support pro-choice and claim to be a Christian, then you my dear are the spiness liar, not BBB.

        If you are, as I am assuming, a do not judge cult member, then you again are part of the problem because you’re taking Scripture out of context, ..psst…manipulating word usage to create your own version of truth.

        So cackling hen, keep cackling away.

        She’s right you’re wrong.

        Buh bye. 😉🖑

      • Its Dat Guy–you lovely, judgmental manchild.

        You have twisted what was a civil disagreement fueled by equal but opposing views between Caralyn and I into a nasty and venomous brawl. Waving “buh-bye” would have been you ignoring my comments entirely in favor of supporting her; engaging me indirectly is not waving but shouting, clamoring for my attention in your desperate attempt to be right. I absolutely claim to support pro-choice and be a Christian, and considering I am a pastor I’m pretty sure I can do that.

        Call me “my dear” again, though. I have years of practice with condescending chauvinists like you.

      • Actually I don’t think have experience in much of anything, you didn’t read the link I posted because you are that spineless coward you said she was.
        Also my desperate attempt to be right? Buwahaha, I don’t have to attempt, Jeremiah 6:15 & 8:12 defines you, as well as Proverbs 13:5, Jeremiah 2:34… Being prodeath you forgot Exodus 21:22 or Jeremiah 32:35.

      • As for a clamoring brawl, your pathetic respone to her, hiding your own nastiness and venom, is truth, you’re just lousy at hiding your true colors.

      • Also your claim of being a pastor?

        Of what lies and cultism?
        Progressive socialism?

        I know now 2 Peter 2:1 perhaps.

  16. There is a better life without FB, Caralyn. We’ve been gone about two years now, but if you must, here is a recent what the pope says about it


    Also, to fully understand what is going on with the why of the censoring, here is a great read in French, but well worth using translation of it https://www.ladn.eu/tech-a-suivre/reseau-sociaux-lente-derive-web-caterina-fake/

    Finally, you are on the best platform now, and here is a dated but relevant podcast by its founder as he explains why https://tim.blog/2016/10/01/matt-mullenweg-on-the-characteristics-and-practices-of-successful-entrepreneurs/

    Remember, as Seth Godin says, something like Social Media is a symptom of something working, not what causes it to work.

    Great blog post by the way … well said, everything.


    • Thank you so much Frank, for sharing these eye opening articles. wow. I think there’s a lot of truth in that – social media, especially Facebook – excels at promoting and deepening division. big hugs xox

  17. It’s happening to some of my friends on FB, too. It’s disgusting that FB doesn’t believe in free speech, just speech that conforms to their standards…which, as you say, are not about life and godliness. Keep fighting, girl! I believe America has awoken to the truth, or is well on the way to doing so!

    • Thank you friend, yeah it is truly disheartening for sure. I appreciate your encouraging words!! hugs xox

  18. King Solomon said “For the more my wisdom, the more my grief; to increase knowledge increases distress. ” Ecc 1:18

    Also he said the following, when I first read it, I chuckled, for it is the irony of the world, no matter what century or era it is.

    “In this silly life I have seen everything, including the fact that some of the good die young and some of the wicked live on and on. So, don’t try to be too good or too wise! Why destroy yourself? On the other hand don’t be too wicked either- don’t be a fool! ” Ecc 15-17

    We can feel inspired to fulfill a good work, or stand up for a cause we believe in, one that is just and upright, but we would do well to prepare ourselves for the consequences. I don’t say that to invoke fear, ‘o be careful’, the truth is we all are headed toward death, lying down your life for the sake of goodness may end our life early, but the sooner we will transcend into eternity.
    The higher we set our aspirations to help others, the higher our number rises on the enemies most hated list. The is no better example than Christ.
    Plain and simple.
    Next, the apostles and how their mortal lives ended.

    The words of Solomon the wisest king ever to live, ring truth. But even so, true light bearers, don’t hold back to save their lives in a cowardly fashion, we take the flaming light of Almighty God and head straight at and into the darkness, knowing that we already destined to perish and shed this physical body in order that we may be free to rise to Glory!!!

    Who’s with me?
    Remember, those wishing to save their lives shall lose it, those willing to lay down their lives shall gain it.
    Is it intimidating, YES. Am I scared- YES. Is there any other choice- NO.

    • Thank you so much for this thoughtful response! You’re right, God knew this would be the way for His believers no matter what century. We must keep our eyes on Him! hugs xo

  19. Really used to like your content when it was about recovery and getting better after your eating disorder. Your overly political posts lately are a huge turn off.

    • Hi Kelsie, thank you for expressing your thoughts about my blog. I’m sorry that my blog hasn’t been your cup of tea lately. I almost didn’t publish this post tonight, because, you’re right – these past few posts have been more political than I like to be, instead of focusing on recovery and positivity. I decided to approach these news stories and “get political” because i just couldn’t ignore the news and the current climate and turn of events. As an anorexia survivor, coming from that depth of self destruction bore in me an undeniable belief in the sanctity of human life, after almost destroying mine. The absolute crux of my recovery was realizing and believing that I had worth as a person, for the *sole reason* that I was created by God, claimed as His daughter, and purchased on the Cross by Jesus. That, and only that, is why I have worth, and why I was worth nourishing my body, and choosing life, and embracing recovery. And when I realized that I had that worth, simply as a child of God, I realized that I *had to* extend that same worth and value to every other person — especially the child in the womb. That is why I am prolife. That is why I have spent these last few post addressing the attack on prolife beliefs lately in the media and in the laws of this country. Because people are terrified to come out and say that they’re prolife because of the backlash they’ll receive, being labeled as anti-woman, or not-progressive, and shunned by our peers. I am hoping to be an ally. That’s all. That being said, I absolutely respect the beliefs held by others. Everyone is entitled to their own position, I stand by that. This is mine. I do hope that you continue to stop by my blog. This blog is about recovery and positivity, and despite the past few posts, I’ll be back to programming as usual next week 🙂 Thank you again for your readership, and this helpful feedback. big hugs to you, Kelsie. xox

      • It’s cool to have your opinions about stuff but it’s not cool to shame people for their personal choices, especially hard ones like abortion. If you’ve never been in that situation you will never understand. As someone who had no choice but to have my child removed from my body otherwise I would’ve have died because it was in a Fallopian tube, I know what that situation is like. And it’s hard, scary and stressful. Please think about what these women and families go through before you pass judgement on them. Especially the ones who are making decisions to have late term abortions because their children will be born dead or will die shortly after birth. I can imagine that here is nothing more heart wrenching than losing a child you wanted and carried for 9 months, and finding out last minute that your child will only live for moments after it’s born if it lives at all.

      • Hi Kelsie, thank you so much for sharing your story. Gosh, I am just so sorry that you had to go through that. My heart breaks for you that you were faced with that incredibly difficult and terrifying situation. And i wish i could be hugging you on the other side of the computer. Please hear me that I am not passing judgement on those women at all, in any way shape or form. and if my words have made it seem otherwise, then I apologize with my whole heart. The situations you described are so tough, and I do not have anything but compassion and love for those women and families, faced with that overwhelming decision. Being prolife does not mean I am against women who have had abortions. I believe in love and compassion for every single person – that’s what being prolife is all about. And I believe and support prolife ministries that offer support and resources to women after they’ve had abortions. There is no judgement here. Only love. I’m sorry if my passionate words against the act and legislature of abortion were mistaken as being directed at the women themselves, because that’s not where they were directed at all. There is a big difference there. Thank you again for sharing your story, Kelsie. Sending all my love to you. Hugs xox

      • Jeremiah 6:
        15. Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the LORD. 

        Shame isn’t always a bad thing unless you’re guilty, then its terrifying.

      • I’m sorry, but you are being very contradicting with saying that your blog is about positivity and respecting others beliefs. If you’ve never been put in that kind of situation you really shouldn’t be able to pass judgement on someone for their very personal choices, especially when it comes to abortion. As someone who lost their child because it was in my Fallopian tube and had no choice but to have the embryo removed it was very scary, stressful and took a huge toll on my mental health. I can only imagine how hard it is to carry a child and be so excited for your child to come into this world only to be told it will be born dead or die very shortly after birth. That is why this law was passed, for women who wanted their children but also do not want their children suffering for the few moments they are alive. Please have empathy for the families that have to go through things like this. For the mothers with names picked out and nurseries set up only to come home having to make the hardest decision on what’s best for their child that they know they will never see grow up. You have a right to your beliefs, but you really should take other people’s suffering and experiences into consideration before being so black and white on a very tough and painful subject.
        On that note, I have unfollowed your blog. I hope you continue to work towards recovery and being kind to yourself.

  20. I don’t agree with your viewpoints at and you know what, that’s ok. What upsets me is that people are being censored for their beliefs. Even though I don’t agree with you; you have the right to express iit and post it on your facebook. I have never seen an article written from you that is hateful or inappropriate in any way; not in the least. I don’t think censorship belongs in a free society and Facebook is out of control and has far too much power. They had no right to silence you and I am an ultra liberal. Can we get back to a point where we can be civil, respect other people’s viewpoints and not shut down people who think differently from us?. I am really sorry that happened to you. You seem like a really sweet person that has a positive outlook; it’s a shame that Facebook bullies users who are conservative. One more reason I don’t like FB. Thank you as always for sharing your thoughts, friend

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this, and for joining the conversation! You’re right – we all are entitled to our beliefs, and respect and seeking to understand is what we should all strive for. that’s what will bring this country together and allow for peace and unity. You’re a great example of that! I am so with you on that quest for civil and respectful harmony! thanks again, friend. big hugs xox

  21. I agree with you. We should say what we want to say. I think those 5000 priest who molested those children should not get to say what a person should be able to do because of the bible. Clearly they do not follow all of the bible just the parts they like. No I do not agree with late term abortions and I love Our Father in Heaven aka God. But I think God will forgive one abortion just as he will forgive all those priest who molested those kids over and over and over and over again. I wonder will you post or censor this.

    • Thank you, friend, for sharing your thoughts on this. I do not pretend to fully grasp or understand the heart of God, but I do believe in His mercy and forgiveness. And I have seen His mercy and forgiveness in my own life for the horrible things I have done, and so I believe that there is hope for everyone 🙂

    • Thank you so much Jennifer, I really appreciate your support. I means the world. yeah, I am too! And i am seeing more and more people leave the platform. Interesting for sure! hugs xox

  22. I see FB as just another business. Their goal is contented users and income. And why wouldn’t it be? If we paid for the platform and if we signed an agreement that stated what we can and can’t do, then I think you have a great argument. As it stands, though, we exist here at their pleasure. And we make lots of money for them.

    • Thank you Dennis, for sharing your thoughts on this. You’re right, it is a business through and through. ugh. hugs xox

  23. Free speech is in danger of being eradicated from society. It’s very scary. Thank you for speaking out. Aborting (killing) a baby at birth is unthinkable! How can anyone think it is the right course? I don’t understand it.

    • It really is terrifying. Thank you Cindy for your support. When voices are silenced, it makes people believe they are alone in their beliefs. We need more voices for sure! 🙂 big hugs to you xox

  24. Caralyn, Unfortunately, or not, Facebook is a private company and free speech is neither a right or guaranteed. I really don’t understand how or why we have given it so much power and influence in our public sphere.
    Let’s hope someone can devise a suitable public forum that is more free than FB. Until then, maybe refrain from using it. Every subscriber is another dollar in their pocket.

    • Thank you so much for your support. You’re right – they’re a private company and a business. Very true – powerful way to look at it. a dollar in their pocket. ugh. hugs xo

  25. I absolutely agree with everything you said. Thank you for having the courage and morality to stand up for what you believe. There is a very obvious agenda that is filtering out pro-life and Christian sentiment. Thank you again for who you are and speaking out.

    • Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it. Yeah, it is so sad how it is filtered out. It makes people believe that they’re alone in their beliefs. Makes me sad to think about. big hugs to you xo

  26. I am in no way surprised to hear this. It was only a matter of time before you got caught in the crossfire, regardless. But you’re more than a bystander, you’re actively opposing their agenda. Good for you.

    1 Peter 4:14-16

    • Thank you so much Matt, yeah it’s the sad state of reality, unfortunately. But the One who matters is listening! hugs xox

  27. Oh wow, I’m totally with you Caralyn. I’m sooo skeptical of what I hear on the news… whether it’s liberal or conservative. Sometimes I don’t know what to believe. And about the Facebook ban… first thought was WHAT?? Terrible. Your posts always get me thinking. Thank you!😊💕

    • Thank you Jenny Marie for your support. I know – it is so bonkers and unfortunate. And that’s so true – it’s hard to find the straight story any more – everything has a slant, no matter which way! what happened to stright line journalism!? hugs xo

  28. I shared your FB post, but I honestly ever look at my account anymore. I only have for the “business” account I link to my blog. I was going to ask if you plan to stop using FB, but I suppose the overall good you can do outweighs instances like this so far. I hope your readers share your post.

    I hope you are having fun with family at Sundance!

    • Thank you Jeff, yeah that’s the same with me. Aside from looking at my mom’s page, I’m only ever on it to post for BBB. And i see more and more people leaving the platform too. They leave for Lent and then realize how much better life is without it! hahah Thank you for your support and friendship. Grateful for you! And oh! I’m back in NYC now. It was a great time while it lasted. Now back to the grind! haha hugs oxx

    • Thank you so much Lisa, for your words of encouragement. yeah, I might take a page from your book on that! i’ve seen more and more people leave the platform. I’m beginning to understand why! so glad you stopped by! hugs xo

  29. Yeah I don’t see why this will be censored on Facebook, because isn’t Facebook a social media and this your thoughts on what you think and believe, I also with you on pro life because once a life gets started inside a womb that life form should have a chance in the world and why those life forms don’t have rights to come out in the world?
    I also can get women feelings for being rape but is that the life form inside of them fault? I don’t get if some women got pregnant young, why kill that life form because of that?
    I can see pro choice actions in a taboo matters that I won’t get in details on because those life forms won’t be normal because of those same genes that will be pass down in those life forms so it won’t be right? Also will it be right to give an abortion to a taboo life form or will it be right to have it be born in the world like that of never being normal? I know people say a taboo life form don’t have a soul but how do we know that because it’s not it’s fault for coming a life form in this world.
    I don’t mean to get in to taboo matters but those are life forms also and let face it those are going to come up with abortions.

    • Hi Michael, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this tough issue. Yeah, it is complicated and messy and there are a lot of gray areas. As a survivor of anorexia, I have a staunch belief in the sanctity of human life – that is the sole reason I was able to recover and find my worth. So as a result, I have no choice but to extend that worth to the life in the womb. But i respect that other people have differing beliefs, and I respect that. These are mine. Thank you again for stopping by and for expressing your heart! big hugs to you xox

    • “I also can get women feelings for being rape but is that the life form inside of them fault?”

      We can disagree about abortion all day long, but if Caralyn won’t engage this one I think someone has to. The “life inside” of a rape victim is most certainly not their fault, and I appreciate that recognition in your question. But in that case, I think it is so so so important to understand that it is not about the life; it is about the trauma and the constant reliving of trauma that pregnancy resulting from rape can cause. Some women choose to carry pregnancies from rape to full-term, and I can only bless their strength. But some simply cannot be trapped in that reminder day in and day out as their body changes in huge ways that they did not seek. The life form is not their fault, but neither should it ever be their burden.

    • Thank you so much Yanike! I really appreciate your support and for being in my corner. means the world. big hugs xo

  30. Facebook is a dead end. As a company it can and will edit as it sees fit. Just as any newspaper picks and chooses what will be printed. That said, please know that I hear you. Everyone that has commented and many, many more are hearing you. I believe that the people that facebook tries to lead and fool, aren’t quite as easily led or deceived as they expect. Thank God they still have the conscience or the shame necessary to try and avoid telling the truth about the murder they perform. They try and never say the words “baby,” “abortion,” “death”…And watch them scurry for an explanation when you challenge them to explain exactly what is happening to that innocent child.

    • Thank you friend. yeah they are definitely in it for the money, that’s for sure! I really appreciate your support. You’re right- Planned Parenthood trains their employees NEVER to use the word “Baby.” Those euphamisms are desensitizing and sanitizing what’s actually taking place. makes me so so so sad. glad you stopped by. hugs xo

  31. I understand completely. Facebook has harassed me consistently for years for being Conservative. It’s very discouraging at times, but I consistently post my perspective. Love the brussel sprouts.

    • Thank you Jack, I’m sorry you can relate on such a personal level. discouraging for sure. thanks for your support. ahha they were delicious. hugs xo

    • Hi Dawn, gosh, thank you for being in my corner. Haha, yeah, for sure – The Big Apple is turning sour after everything, if I’m being really honest. makes me sad because i love this city so much. i appreciate you being in my corner! big hugs xox

  32. I totally get that sinking feeling! They have banned my posts several times too. And then you can’t get a real person to answer your message of inquiry! But God will make your voice heard! Thank you for trumpeting His truth!

  33. I wanted to post about my latest book which is about our faith journey in the church and it was removed because supposedly someone reported the ad as violating their policies. Seriously? It’s a story of our faith journey. I see way more offensive things on Facebook than an ad for a book people can order and buy.

    • Oh my gosh, i’m so sorry to hear that 🙁 Yeah that’s so disheartening. Keep putting that good stuff out there! the world needs to hear it! big hugs xox

  34. I can’t believe how so much in America has changed. The people who fought for our freedom is now rolling in their graves. Slowly our rights are being taken from the liberals. Once upon a time we opposed taxes and government which was the reason for America, because people wanted to get out of a controlling government.

    So much blood has been shed from the wars and history is repeating itself. Liberals and the democrats have one common theme, they want to destroy the Utopian views of making a country a wonderful place. Now it’s you got to spend money for others and you have to “deal with it”. You have to give up your trusty combustion engine because “electric vehicles are the future”. You now pay an amusement tax so your city politicians can get paid more. And you can’t speak your mind on Facebook. If you deny climate change your a flat earther that voted Trump and you drive a huge diesel truck for some sort of inadequacy.

    Sadly this country isn’t the same. Even my brother has turned Liberal. I don’t know how these people can kill an unborn child but care so much about whether people get vaccines. You are not pro-life or care about life if you only protect the life you find convenient to protect. Oh wait there’s more, there’s people who defend the “i forget my child in my car for 8 hours accidentally” because people forget things, but forgetting their child? These pro-lifers are extremely stupid.

    Watch the movie Idiocracy and that will tell you how this country will end up.

    Bottom line is we’re going to keep butting heads because these leftists are only here for one reason, to disrupt the lives of those who are trying to live the American dream. If you enjoy something a lot, they want to take it away. Ok, I’m off my soapbox.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. We definitely need to come back to the truths, morals and principles this country was founded on, and keep our eyes on Jesus! hugs xo

  35. Actually, it doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you’re on. I’ve been hit by them as well, and I consider myself moderately liberal. What happens isn’t initiated by FB most of the time; there’s someone who reads what you write who has chosen to complain to FB about your post. FB will tend to rule in favor of the complainer unless there’s a clear reason not to do so. It’s just less hassle for them to do that. Frankly, they really don’t care; all they care about is money.

    • Thank you Vic, I’m sorry that you can so personally relate. Yeah at the end of the day, it’s a business. Hugs and love xox

  36. Can’t say I’m surprised. But the fight in you is inspiring and can only help the cause of the unborn. Every little bit matters. I’m still praying for you.

    (And by the way, your expression in your header picture is sublime perfection.)

    Out of curiosity, since I know nothing about NYC, are you perchance from the district that elected Ms. Ocasio-Cortez?

    • Thank you Brandon, yeah pretty disappointing on facebook’s part but you’re right- sadly not surprised. You know, I’m still an Ohio voter, so I’m not sure which district elected AOC, but i presume it was Manhattan. Ohio needs my vote more than NY! Haha Hugs and love xox

  37. Fakebook as it is more appropriately named, uses uber left wingers and Muslims in their censorship tasks. Also, if any snowflake hints they don’t like your article because it mentions Jesus, God, Trump, Christians, Reagan, Jews, American Constitution or just about anything else that they don’t particularly like at the moment, Fakebook will spring into action.

    The worst thing you can do on Fakebook is to tell the truth about Democrats or Muslim. They can’t stand the truth and Fakebook will guard these folks feelings with harsh penalties. I just got through a 30 day suspension because I mentioned that anyone having sex with a prepubescent child was a pedophile.. boom.. no questions, no warning, 30 days in Fakebook Jail.

    Consider yourself lucky.

    • Wow. Facebook Jail – I cant believe that’s a thing! Yikes. Sorry you can so personally relate! Big hugs to you xox

  38. You can’t speak God in God groups. you can speak about coming off drugs, but yet you can take a video smoking them and those are fine. just don’t come against them. You can’t say you believe the human body is deigned for men and woman, you can’t talk about anything that is “right” thinking and no real articles on Jesus either, unless it is all about fake love and false doctrines. I have been banned, blocked removed. Force to show proof I’m a person numerous times. and many other things. God bless facebook as long as you don’t have an opinion or anything with morals you can post whatever you want. I.E fighting. stealing, stealing prancing naked. all that is allowed can even have hard core porn tagged on your page and you report it and they will say we see nothing wrong with this and the pron page continues tto stand. it is a well known fact to some of. God bless facebook!

    • Hi Michelle, I’m so sorry you can so personally relate. Yeah, so disappointing on Facebook’s part. We’ve got to keep putting out the truth! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you friend for your support. It really means a lot. Yeah – and now they own Instagram too! Hugs and love xox

    • Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear that. So sad. Im sorry you can so personally relate. Thank you for stopping by. Keep promoting the good! Hugs and love xox

  39. Well, it’s going in the right direction, our country, that is. The social networks will hopefully be taken down a notch in the the not too distant future…like they are ‘monopolizing’ and are doing more interference on our elections that Russia EVER did! Anyway, keep on doing what you are doing, and don’t give up. We are in a war, but God is in control…and we’ve only just begun to fight! Love the babies…value life, and keep on speaking out for those who don’t have a voice…God bless you!

    • Thank you so much Karen. Amen to that – God is in control, and we can trust Him!! Thanks for your support! big hugs xox

    • thank you friend – oh yes, i definitely get it now! you’re onto something there! thanks for being in my corner! big hugs xox

    • Thank you TR, I appreciate your support and prayers! Susan was a smart and inspiring woman!! Hugs and love xox

  40. “What are we, in some utopian society where they’re burning books and censoring what we can and can’t think about?!”

    Yes, we are, sadly. And even worse, the Left has convinced their kind that the Right are the ones doing the censoring. I’ve seen a lot of my friends on the far left posting pictures of fake MAGA merch saying “Make Orwell Fiction Again.”

    • Gosh that’s so sad and disheartening. I think we need a return to truth! So glad you stopped by. Hugs and love xox

  41. I am so proud of you! You are a very courageous young lady! You are so strong in your faith. You are absolutely right on all points! I have shared your post, again, on Facebook. I am very tired tonight, but I will be promoting this post tomorrow. God bless you, dear one!
    I have a suggestion: Please put your “Comment” button right at the end of your blog, don’t make everyone scroll down past the commercials, to try to find where it is. It is discouraging to try to post a Comment to you.

    • Thank you Delores, I really appreciate you being in my corner. 💛 And thank you for passing this along!! I am truly touched by that. And oh gosh, I didn’t know that was an issue!! I will definitely try to fix the layout! I don’t have any control over how the page is set up, but I’ll fiddle around this weekend with perhaps finding a new WP theme where that’s not an issue!! Thanks for the feedback!! Hope you have a great night! Big hugs xox

  42. Ok – I think I do need to make an exception to my “no sharing anything remotely political on Facebook” rule. You talked me into it! 😉 And rules are made to be broken, right?
    So! Last week’s and this, going on Facebook!
    This whole issue, both parts, the horrendous action in NY and the increasing tendency to either ignore or shut down any opposing view, does need to be talked about – and you have done a fantastic job of it! Thanks 🙂

    • Hahah I am honored that you would break your rules and share it!!! Wow, thank you so much!! You’re right – needs to be out in the open! Hugs and love xox

  43. It’s so unfortunate that Facebook is leaning increasingly to the liberal agenda. I’m often tempted to disable my account as not only is it so blantantly liberal but also many who participate in discussions online are so ill-tempered. Great article!

    • Thank you Lea, yeah disappointing for sure. I agree – what happened to a simple, family friendly way to share cat videos and photos with loved ones across the country?? Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you friend. Yeah it is super disheartening. I appreciate you kind words and support! Hugs and love xox

  44. Chicken and Egg. Before, the memes and politics of the last election. Facebook had less restricted guidelines between ad revenue and political themed advertising. No you’re not a victim. No first amendment violations in a publicly offered but privately held server. There’s no liberal agenda just good old attempts at curbing political ads at the point of origin. Which means, users must reveal who they are, what political organization they represent, and where the money is coming from to purchase the ad. You are angry at an algorithm. Even the replied email from a “Facebook staffer” is another algorithm. Facebook generates 105 TB (Terabytes) every half hour. Or, the equivalent of 2,000 iPhones. So. In the vastness of the Facebook experience its not that they care about issues its a lot like a phone tree um, automated customer service. There’s meaning in each of our photos and posts on our side but like the data suggests its not one-on-one on their side. Nor, will it ever be. Let’s all, take a minute to not be victims and accept that this “struggle is real” and not Orwellian but that we are small and insignificant. 😂 I mean as I’m writing this 105 TB of data was just added to Facebook. Ads. Videos. Livestream. Photos.

    Here’s the Facebook political ad policy:
    Facebook’s new policies require those seeking to promote posts on political topics and candidates to register with the company and mandate that the ads include information about their funding, or the advertisements will be blocked. If these companies had taken the steps to register as political entities with Facebook, a process that requires a driver’s license or passport, a personal home address and the last four digits of a Social Security number, then the ads would have been permitted.

    • Thanks Kenzie for sharing your thoughts. Wow that’s a LOT of data. Yikes. Great perspective. Just to be transparent, I am fully aware of their advertising policy and have taken those extra steps necessary. 👌🏼 Thanks again for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

      • Uh. Yes and no. Reviewing the actual policy and what I’ve known from messing with the back end of Twitter and Facebook. What you wrote is a little misleading. Let’s say you put up $200 for a small ad about anti-abortion. Sounds like a fair chunk but, it’s not. If, a certain percentage report the content of the ad from viewing it. The service pulls the ad. The service factors in how many report it but also want users engaging rather than a small ad. It goes by tiers, which is why I don’t drink whiskey but I’m in the demographic and I always see the ad. If I report the whiskey ad as inappropriate, I see the ad less and less. If I mock the advertiser or manager of the marketing campaign I am blocked and never see that ad again. 😂 It’s great. Now. What you’re asking Facebook to do is recognition your citizenship over their service, social capitalism. That’s not what they do. If we wanted digital rights, we should have fought those changes when Trump took office. Making all social media government regulated and the Internet as a public utility.

        It is not censorship if it is a private server with public accounts. Public, a vague term referring to us as citizens even though only 60% of America has Facebook accounts. All ads must include a disclaimer AND paid for by…line if it’s a national issue. If you completed the Facebook authenticity process by mail you should be able to run ads if you’re the admin. I’ve saw weird ads for anything and everything so, don’t blame the process if it’s not followed. But again, your ads of targeted to the wrong audience are going to reported. So, is it really Facebook? Or, just a few dozen disgusted readers that could definitely shut an ad down. I’ve told you, if you’re going to choose a side you need references to look legit. It’s how the algorithms are setup for just about every service.

      • See. That’s what an algorithm would say. Canned response. Don’t get mad at the system, you wouldn’t be here without it.

      • Haha not a canned response. I promise. Just out grocery shopping and that’s all I could type juggling a shopping basket. Read every word of yours 👌🏼

      • Just messing with you. I’m all for perspective which takes the talking points of both sides into account on any issue. I’m not really big on emotional rhetoric mostly, it dilutes facts and reinforces impulses like anger and fear. I really don’t know why I’ve commented on your stuff for years. It’s not like we have a ton in common. 😂

      • Hahah well I for one am grateful for conversations we’ve had! You always offer a powerful perspective !

      • I am too. I just never met anyone that likes everything I dislike. 🙄😂 Like, everything. Ha ha. There’s a kind of balance to it. You have a good thing going here. You can use your influence to inform without victim status. I’d like to see that more. You are stronger than you think.

      • Thanks. I hope you don’t think I play the victim card. That is not something I ever do.

      • You did do that here though. You blamed Facebook for following a “liberal agenda” but, it’s not really Facebook as much as it is known policy and your own political party. That created those limitations and the comment feedback makes you a martyr to anti-abortion. Without any acknowledgement to the first cause, anti-abortion or the known Facebook policies on ads, on issues of national importance. So. I disagree but the users agree with your victimhood. The same as the previous post of Covington Catholic high school. You can, overcome this but you’d have to acknowledge certain facts that are negative to your side of known conflicts.

      • I can assure you, I’ve never once seen myself as a victim. Sorry if you read it that way.

      • You blamed the Facebook denial of your ads because they didn’t follow your intention? That’s your whole post is this stance that you’ve been wronged. Smh…ok.

      • I am reporting what happened that, yes, my post was censored. But I am in no way playing a victim. Just the opposite, actually. That even though my post was censored, I’m not going to remain silent.

      • Well. Not following policy on a corporate social platform. I’m on your side, if there was censorship but if you didn’t create the message on the ad as a political ad then, it’s not going to reach anyone. Did you follow those guidelines to the T? Any post on a national issue now requires a more limited structure to include a lot more of what anyone would not want to offer up. Like, an address, a disclaimer, and who is paying for the ad, as well as their affiliation to a political party or action committee. It wasn’t like that before Trump but, now it is. 🤷🏽‍♂️

      • Fine. Don’t understand the process and be just like the other conservatives strong on belief and blaming systems they voted for. Here’s an example. When I was on Facebook, I had a bunch of adult film star friends so, all the ads I received were for personal female massaging devices. 😂 I have to assume the code for the potential audience for targeted ads includes name recognition as my name is considered female in the states. Not a bottom. 😂 I get the same targeted ads in dating apps and even Google search results even when logged in. I could care less about fashion and makeup. It’s a fault of the ad algorithm. You can’t change the algorithm but, you can work within it or just do what you think is working. Which is, get your ads taken down. I’m trying to help you.

  45. Hey Caralyn: obviously you have pushed a few buttons in different areas and people. But you know that Jesus Christ spoke Truth continually also, and many people were upset with Him. People with even more authority and power than FB staff. They were so upset they beat and lashed Him, spit on Him, and crucified Him.
    And Jesus asked His Father in Heaven to forgive them all, because they didn’t know what they were doing.
    And then then great news of the resurrection of Christ, followed by the coming of Holy Spirit to all believe in, and accept Jesus as Saviour.

    BUT—— we know the ONE who has complete authority — the KING of kings Himself, Jesus the Christ, Messiah. And some day or night, every knee is going to bow before Him, and every tongue is going to confess, that JESUS CHRIST IS TRULY LORD, GOD, KING OF ALL.
    I stand with you Caralyn, bowing the knee before Christ now, at our choice, as well as later, rather than be with the many who deny now, and will be sorrowful in the future when they can no longer deny the Truth.

    I know you will keep living for Jesus Christ, sharing the Truth and Love of His Word and Life, because His Spirit is within you, guiding you.

    Praying protection of the Blood of Jesus over you Caralyn, mind, body, soul and spirit. Praying the complete armour of God upon you, and the continuing Boldness the Spirit of Almighty God gives when you serve Jesus Christ.

    Am sharing this post, and I dug through and located the prolife post to share on fb.

    God Bless you Caralyn,
    Luv, 😀🌹❤️😘

    • Thank you George, for your support. Yeah I knew this post would take a lot of heat. But you’re absolutely right – Jesus instructed us to stand up for His truth. Not the “truth” of the times. And amen to that – He will ultimately prevail. Thank you so much for your prayers and for passing along my post. Very grateful to count you as a friend! Big big hugs to you xox

  46. Welcome to the censored crowd sister, John 15:18. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. 
    19. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. 
    20. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep your’s also. 
    So just an acknowledgement, you’re right, they’re wrong.

  47. Facebook and some other social media want only their viewpoints aired. It will not be long before they are gone into the sunset. They use prrsonal information, have security breaches and are unaccountable. I find them creepy. Hugs!

    • Thanks friend – yeah it’s super disheartening. And scary when you think about all they have access to!! Hugs and love xox

    • Thank you DT for your support. How equally terrifying and eye opening! Thanks for sharing that article! Hugs and love xox

  48. Great post! From a systems point of view they Facebook are struggling with using automation to provide basic screening functions. So I am a little sympathetic to FB. They stopped allowing me to post from my blog directly to a FB account unless I was of commercial interest to them. But I also left FB for similar reasons of censorship – they allowed huge volumes of posts that were untrue, of foreign origin and deliberate attempts to undermine our country. So for me yes and no. Boo on FB and yes to improving their screening but needs work!

    • Thank you Gerry! I’m sorry that you can relate on such a personal level. Yeah Boo on Facebook for sure! And yes! It needs some work! Hugs and love xox

  49. Welcome to 1984!
    Though I have managed to get a recent pro-life post on Facebook sadly I’ve found no one dares to “like” it, not even friends that I know are pro-life (though one did share it God bless her.) So many folks are afraid to speak out, they just don’t want to hear/believe these atrocities. Good for you speaking up.

    • Thank you Claire. Yeah – it’s a topic that people are terrified to publicly align with for fear of the horrible backlash or being labeled as “anti-woman”, or “backwards thinking” — it’s why we need more voices our there letting people know they are not alone! Thanks for using your voice! Hugs and love xox

  50. You asked, “…..
    I ask you: what is it that the mainstream media is fighting for?….” Answer – Global Governance

    What climate and culture are they pushing? Because I can assure you, it is not one of life.
    Answer – Global Governance

    How can we trust them? And frankly, what are we to do?
    Answer – you can’t trust them.
    Answer – do as you answered below, look for alternative sources of news & facts.

    Honestly – what do we do about it?
    Answer – Hit them where they fill it most, the pocketbook, money talks when people walk away, no profit means no business.

    I ugre you to approach the news and mainstream media with a discerning eye.

    Is it true? Who is it serving? What is the other side of the story?

    And most of all – What do they have to gain from it?….”

    Their world view pushes a Global Order, one which sets forth then environment for the Biblical End Time scenarios of Revelation.
    But when the media is waving their news for the world to see, its a distraction from whats really going on.
    When they say look here, look in the opposite direction, there’s the news.

    God bless.

    • Wow that is a terrifying thought. Thank you for sharing this eye opening perspective. Looking in the opposite direction from now on! Hugs and love xox

  51. And yet they allow racist pages and groups to keep going – no matter how many times you report them! I did manage to get one group banned a few years ago, but only after responding to their “You did the right thing but” message: I had to tell them that the Arabic translated into “Sex Children” (I found that out from someone equally as horrified as I was commented about it on the page itself, and the comment “I love bellydancing girls” still haunts me to this day – I mean, the girls couldn’t have been more than ten years old). A whole slew of my friends reported the page after a mutual friend made us aware.

    Personally I’m pro-choice, and that’s because a third pregnancy would have killed my Mum, the baby, or both of them. I also had a difficult pregnancy, and it’s only because I started bleeding that my son is now a healthy Hulk of a 22 year old (23 this coming June – where does the time go? Lol). Had I not started bleeding, he would have died inside me, the situation was that dire. However, pro-choice doesn’t mean that I’d be able to face an abortion. Pregnancy was dangerous for both myself and my beautiful son, and so I asked to be sterilised, because I would never be able to face having a potential life inside me being killed just because I’m not well. Thanks to my genetics, there was also always a chance that a second child would be autistic with learning disabilities (as is the case with my son) or epileptic like me – and I’d not be able to cope with either situation because of my own poor health. Best that I make sure I can’t become pregnant again – and by now I’m at the age where a pregnancy would be unlikely (I’m 45).

    I honestly can not believe you went to Facebook jail for having an honest, non-confrontational opinion!

    • Gosh that is so sad about Facebook. Thank you for expressing your heart on this difficult issue. I appreciate you sharing your story – gosh I cannot imagine how scary it must have been in that situation. Praise God that your son is alive and well!! 🙌🏼 Hugs and love xox

      • It’s only because of my disabilities that keep me at home and on Facebook. My sister and myself both have a phobia of phones, and so Facebook is our main way of communicating – and my niece seems to change her mobile number every week lol. I’ve seen things online that I never wanted to see – it’s sickening, the amount of cruelty to animals and humans that goes on.

        I’ve actually just rocked up to the hotel in my hometown so that my husband and I can be at my Mum’s birthday party tomorrow, and we have an adorable new squishy great-nephew to meet this evening! We’re going to see my handsome Hulk at some point tomorrow, before getting ready for Mum’s party.

        I have absolutely no problem with pro-lifers (I know that a lot of you catch some really nasty flack) because each to their own. In my case, I was so very lucky that my body alerted me to a serious problem (no amniotic fluid and he’d stopped growing!) but for other women it’s heartbreakingly different.

        So, while I respect people who are pro-life *and* pro-choice, I just couldn’t have an abortion myself – so it was best to make sure that I couldn’t become pregnant again.

      • Thank you friend for your support. And how fun! I hope you have a beautiful weekend with your family and great nephew! That’s so exciting 🙂 big hugs xox

      • It was a really fun weekend, and I fell in love with baby Riley! I was never able to bond with my autistic son because he abhors skin contact (he’d even fight the breast, and at 22 I still have to ask if it’s okay to hug/kiss him), and Riley’s big brother and sister weren’t babies when I first met them.

        But my niece literally plonked Riley in my lap, he curled his little tiny hand around my finger – and I promptly melted! And when he opened his big blue eyes he had me lol. It’s the first time that I’ve ever felt that I was bonding with a baby: I genuinely thought – right up until that moment – that I lacked a maternal instinct (I knew that Rhys doesn’t like skin contact but I didn’t know why, 22 years ago).

        So, here I am – 45 years old, perimenopausal and sterilised for health reasons – looking at this tiny little Squish and feeling him tugging at my heartstrings. I just went all mushy and broody and it was actually the most wonderful feeling. A shame that it came far too late for me, but that’s in no way my son’s fault – I have textural issues, being autistic myself, and so I understand why he prefers not to be touched unless he has to be.

        In some ways, Riley reminds me of my Rhys when he was a newborn. He was low birthweight – just a little heavier than my son was, but not by much – and he has a similar little heart-shaped face. Maybe that’s why I fell so hard for him.

        I love all three of my greats, but I think Riley is always going to be my favourite, because he actually imprinted on me. 🙂

      • He’s just beautiful. At one point my niece thought he was starting to cry, when he was just uncomfortable, so I found a way to cuddle him that he liked and stroked his dear little cheeks until he went back to sleep.

        Even my husband fell in love with him (although, when questioned, he’ll always say “It’s a cat/dog/tarantula/baby” as if I’ve not known him for 11 years and haven’t seen how he reacts to all of the above lol). He responded to a post by my niece on FB, and said something about “his lovely little hands”. I’ve seen him smiling in a really sappy way at some of my tarantulas too – he’s not the tough, emotionless bloke that he makes himself out to be lol.

        I don’t know if my niece would want me to post the photo on such a public domain, but if she gives me the okay then you will definitely see a post featuring a picture of me with my gorgeous little Squish 🙂

  52. My wife is an immigrant from Holland. Her cousin posted information on FB that documented internment camps in Holland during the war for Indonesian independence. My wife had been in one of those camps, so she wanted me to read the article, but it was already deleted. In my wife’s case, her father was able to contact his sister who vouched for the family. A year later they started the legal process to come to the states.

    • Oh my gosh that is so horrible. First of all, I’m so sorry to hear that your wife had to go through that awful treatment. So heartbreaking. And I’m sorry that FB silenced her voice. It’s not right. Hugs and love xox

  53. It is sad that Facebook blocks this kind of content but allows so many other offensive or useless things to flow into our brains.

    I remember in 2018 randomly having a discussion with a co-worker about being a Christian and some of my points of view. I’m not really sure what sparked it but we both became a little closer and spent more time together as we were on a 2 week work trip out of the country! It seems to me that many Christians do not really have this perspective but he actually loved that I shared and believed that this is how more Christians should be.

    I believe as a Christian, that what has been allowed in New York and even proposed in other states (sadly my home state of Virginia is one) is a wrong and a sin. That is exactly what it is.

    But, sometimes, I think it is good for us as Christians to remember that the world does not live to God’s standard. I try to imagine if I was a woman in some of the situations they are in or as other people (homosexual) what would be my thoughts if I wasn’t a Christian? Absolutely I think I would consider an abortion if I thought it was best for my health or financially I wouldn’t be able to support the baby or maybe I was rapped and it was not something I wanted.

    Or if I was homosexual and attracted to other men, why couldn’t I love who I wanted? I should be able to love in whatever way I wanted to feel my best and feel true to myself.

    I hope and pray that one day, God will show them in some way that there lifestyles or desires or decisions do not satisfy their needs and desires as a human since they are living against the natural order of life that God intended. Hopefully then they will understand his purposes, his love, and his forgiveness.

    I think its important to not be judgemental to these people and show them the same love and treatment as we would anyone. But, at the same time we cannot just look the other way and not state they are in sin because according to God they are. We just have to be understanding and sympathetic to other peoples beliefs and way of life, otherwise, they might never understand ours or know God.

    • Thank you Steven. You’re so right about that. The law in New York is just plain wrong. You’re right – it is so important to consider what other people are going through. I will definitely join you in that prayer. And you’re right- we were called to love, and not judge. Thanks again for stopping by. Hugs and love xox

  54. Ok yes looking up your post to share. I am with you, or shall I say I am with Jesus who came to give us life in abundance, not so that we would whittle away and snuff each other out both in the womb and in the world. #wearestrongertogether

    • thank you Julie, I really appreciate you passing it along! Yes! with Jesus – amen to that!!! stronger together for sure! big hugs to you xox

  55. Triple B,

    Please never stop being the individual that you are. The one with a pulse and a genuine opinion and a set of rules not set in silly putty. Because it’s beautiful AND important in this day and age.

    That said, I am pro-choice. Putting that out there right away so you can see that your stance is not preaching to my choir. And that’s alright. To not agree. As long as we do so as right minded adults who give a damn about these issues. Disagreement too oftentimes rhymes with discordant in today’s climate, and that’s a shame.

    And speaking of shame. Shame on FB for doing you that way. This is what scares me the most about social media. It’s not the perceived enemies we’re told to be afraid, but the ones we cannot see. Who navigate our thoughts, opinions and values into their own convoluted message.

    Keep fighting the good fight. And sorry for the ramble but this post inspired it.


    • Hi friend, thank you so much for sharing your heart and for your words of support. You’re so right – it’s okay to not agree, but respect and understanding are two rights that are necessary for peace and living together in harmony. Thank you for walking the talk in that regard 🙂 So glad that you stopped by and gave this beautiful response. hugs xo

    • Thank you so much John for passing it along! I really appreciate you being in my corner 🙂 big hugs xox

  56. I wonder why you all who are so passionately pro life are not adopting any children. Why are you so against birth control and why are you so against anything that would help families. Shame on you! Care about your own lives and let other people be. You don’t want abortion, don’t get abortion but don’t tell other people how to live because you are no better than other people. Believe in Jesus if you want but don’t push other people to believe in Jesus. Don’t start wars and stop being so righteous.

    • Hi Anna, thank you for joining the conversation and for sharing your thoughts. I’m sorry that you feel this blog is coming from a place of righteousness. I can assure you, it’s not. And just so you know, i plan on building my family, when the time comes and God willing, through adoption. I have so many beautiful people in my life who have either done the same or they themselves were adopted. It is such a beautiful thing. Just so you know – it’s not simply lip service. 🙂 thank you for stopping by. Blessings and love to you xox