Enough’s Enough

Sometimes, you’ve got to take a good, hard look in the mirror and say, “Enough’s enough.” And friends, that is a very frank and very difficult conversation to have with yourself. In just two little words. For in that small-but-powerful statement…shit.gets.real. A lot of times, in recovery, you can get…a little too comfortable. I know I did,Continue reading Enough’s Enough


Battling the Mirror

One of the biggest misconceptions about anorexia and eating disorders, is that the girls (or boys) are incredibly vain. That they’re stuck on themselves, obsessed with their looks, and fatally preoccupied with beauty. That could not be farther from the truth. Sure, maybe the onset of the disease started with a desire to be pretty but byContinue reading Battling the Mirror

Nothing is Ever Wasted

Nothing is ever wasted. No pain is ever for nothing. If you’re going through something — a hard time, a trial, a struggle, a loss — it’s never in vain. What you’re going through matters. Maybe you’re fighting through your recovery and every day is harder than the one before. Maybe you’re on the vergeContinue reading Nothing is Ever Wasted

Bikinis & Body Dysmorphia

If you follow my Instagram, @beauty.beyond.bones, then you know that I was filming an indie film the other weekend. And here’s what you may not know: it was shot at the beach. And I was in a bikini the whole time. Now, before you instantly get the wrong idea, NO — this was not some trashy,Continue reading Bikinis & Body Dysmorphia

Weight Restoration Without an Appetite

Weight Restoration. The crux of recovery. Where the rubber meets the road. Where the physical healing takes place. Where the mental healing is tested. Weight restoration in eating disorder recovery takes many forms, methods, strategies, and sizes. Typically, once the body starts receiving consistent nutrition and adequate calories, your metabolism kicks in and you begin to feelContinue reading Weight Restoration Without an Appetite