A video of one young woman’s powerful story of overcoming anorexia, and the central role faith played in her freedom from that eating disorder. BeautyBeyondBones at the 1:38 Women’s Conference! 2021 #edrecovery #recovery #catholic #mentalhealth #healing Continue reading VIDEO: HUMBLED AND HEALED

Uncomfortable Christianity

It turns out, if we look hard enough, the Gospel is written into our own story. But uncovering it is often
painful, and involves the uncomfortable task of revisiting seasons of pain, or hurt. But it’s there. Written into our very hearts. And getting uncomfortable, right now during Lent, just may give you the most meaningful Easter ever. Continue reading Uncomfortable Christianity

COVID19 – NYC: A City Flatlined

A powerful and honest account of the devastating toll COVID19 has taken on New York City. NYC is flatlined. Its pulse is gone in the wake of the coronavirus. As we prepare for Easter, the situation in New York and our restriction on worship are eerily similar. What we can learn from both. #catholic Continue reading COVID19 – NYC: A City Flatlined