Lent is Anti-Everything-Society-Stands-For


The season of “No-Meat-on-Fridays;” giving up little pleasures, the priest wearing purple, no Alleluia/Gloria during Mass…It’s our spiritual bootcamp as we prepare for the death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter.

Lent stands for everything that modern society doesn't. And that's okay. #faith #catholic #lent #christianity #jesus #god #bible #prayer #edrecovery #recovery

It’s the season that always catches me by surprise…It’s Lent already???

And as of last Wednesday, we are officially in it.

It was interesting to be on vacation during this period.

First of all, fasting while on vacation is certainly not a normal activity. (To be clear, I do not fast from food given my history with anorexia, but rather add in other spiritual sacrifices).

But secondly, it was just really blatantly obvious that…Lent is about as counter cultural as you can get.

As I you know, I was in Utah skiing last week. And our place belongs to this collection of condos that has a communal clubhouse. And one of the “perks” is that every day during the ski season, you get free breakfast and free aprés ski in the community lodge.

Lent stands for everything that modern society doesn't. And that's okay. #faith #catholic #lent #christianity #jesus #god #bible #prayer #edrecovery #recovery

And so, of course, on Friday — a “no meat” day — we went down for breakfast and snacks…and there were no non-meat options. It was a ground beef taco bar, and the soup was chicken noodle. Beautiful — but not “Lent-friendly.”

But sure, the Friday food observances are one thing….but the whole concept of self denial and sacrifice of Lent…that is a concept that completely goes against modern society.

The society that worships at the altar of “my truth;” the society that has created the religion of woke ideologies; the society that has glorified the self to deity-status… the society doesn’t do self denial. It doesn’t do inconvenience for the sake of faith. It doesn’t do living for someone other than oneself.

But that is precisely what Lent invites us to do.

The self-denial of Lent isn’t meant to be something that one parades around on Instagram for likes or visibility. But rather, it is a deep spiritual exercise that allows us, in the void or desire for that thing, to draw close to Christ and cling to Him in our neediness. And to focus on Him. To prepare alongside Him as He makes his way towards Calvary and His Passion and death and ultimate resurrection.

It is a way to get ourselves out of the way, so that we can more deeply connect with God.

And yeah, it goes completely against what our culture dictates as normal and “right.”

It’s a pretty tangible confirmation that, being people of faith, we are, in fact, on an island. Sure, it can feel isolating, but no one said following Jesus would be easy…or popular.

Yes, Lent is inconvenient. No, self-denial isn’t fun, and it certainly isn’t something you’d choose to do on vacation.

But at the end of the day, it’s those little sacrifices that allow us to join Jesus in His suffering, which we are preparing for on Good Friday and at Easter.

Know that I am praying for you during this Lenten season!

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19 responses to “Lent is Anti-Everything-Society-Stands-For”

  1. Thank you for your prayers and focusing on Jesus and keeping to Lent while on vacation. These things are appreciated, sweet sister in Christ. May God bless you richly! Hugs!😃❤️

    • thank you Tonya! yes! it’s always a little different to be away from routine and the “ease” of home when observing Lent. I will also be observing on my Bachelorette party in a couple weeks…which will also prove some challenges! haha but all good! My besties are getting us a private chef for our AirBnb and he knows to cook pescatarian on Friday!!! 🙂 sending big hugs! xox

    • oh my gosh that’s awesome! i hope you have a beautiful and safe trip! Hugs and love xox

  2. I began fasting on a regular basis a few months ago as a means of drawing closer to God. First, I bought a book about fasting. One thing the author wrote that hit was this; There are no strict rules about what does/doesn’t work for fasting. The one guideline is that if it means something to you, it means something to God.

    Sacrifice by definition means it hurts at least a little, but after that, if it truly means something to you… The real benefit is to replace it with prayer and studying Scripture. THAT is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. Fasting is the lens, if you will, that focuses and highlights your prayers and study.

    And fasting doesn’t need to be absolute. It can be partial in that you might, say give up a particular items for whatever period you decide. The whole point is to reach out to God purposefully. James wrote, ” Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

    • Hi Jeff! oh my gosh i feel like we haven’t chatted in ages!! how are you! what an incredible exercise in faith. I will pray for you on your fasting journey. It really does put the focus on our need for God. Amen to that. That’s the rubber meeting the road! thank you for this awesome insight! hope you are well! Hugs and love to you and your girls xox

      • Caralyn! Yes, I’ve missed our chats online here too!! And I apologize for not always offering a comment – for some reason I find myself a bit lacking on ideas since coming home, whether a comment for you or a post for myself. All that said, I am well. I’m still getting around very well and adapting to the limitations that I’m saddled with, like my left hand, weak and not very dexterous. It looks like I’ll remain on disability and will eventually segue into retirement. I’m extremely grateful to be alive and have found the blessings of my situation. God truly does make all things work for good, whether your ED or my COVID coma and nerve damage. All the best to you and Stephen as your wedding day approaches!!

      • Glad to hear that you’re well, Jeff. You’ve got quite the healing road ahead of you, and I am inspired by your spirit, your heart and your positivite outlook. You’re absolutely right – God finds a way to make goodness come from all situations. And sometimes that’s the only way to make it through a difficult day, is remembering that *God will find a way!* Praying for you every day! Sending love and hugs!

  3. A blessed share especially during these times. Self-denial for me, allows for the emergence of a fruit with a deeper more meaningful spirituality in preparedness for God’s coming kingdom. 🕊Peace.

  4. Sadly all true. As I read this I wondered how much (though I loathe the whole self focused mania of our society), I wonder how much it may have caused my habits and perceptions to be skewed?! I shudder to think! I’ll be praying, working on that!

    Thank you! Hope your trip was lovely! 💞

  5. Yes, Caralyn, self-denial is not popular in today’s culture, but during this Lenten season, it is what Jesus is calling us to do. Thank God there are others who still observe the tradition and keep it alive. It is the least we can do considering all that Jesus has done for us! I have a question (excuse my ignorance), What is “religion of woke ideologies”??

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