ED is a slithering, slimy, snake in the way he can sneak his way into unexpected places in your life. A no-good, dirty, good-for-nothing snake. And you know what you do to a snake? YOU CRUSH IT. You chop off its head. Stomp on its face with the heel of your stiletto. You skewer it, cook it over an open flame andContinue reading CRUSH THE SNAKE


He’s Jealous

Jesus is jealous of ED. There. I said it. You’re scratching you head. Whaaaat is this chick talking about? Has she completely lost it? Blasphemy!  Just hear me out. Nowadays, a lot of us envision Jesus as this hippie-esq dude sporting sandals, flowing locks, and an easy-going peace sign, strumming an acoustic guitar, singing Kumbaya. ThankContinue reading He’s Jealous

Read This When Times are Hard

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself free. There’s no more fear surrounding food. There’s no more anxiety about burning calories or feeling enslaved to exercise. You’re just you. Free. Doing what you love to do. Maybe that’s dancing. Maybe that’s frolicking outside in the sunshine, or playing a musical instrument, or laughing with your friends. Whatever it is, ED isContinue reading Read This When Times are Hard

Recover with Urgency #JuneAttackWeekend

A scary thing happened to me today. I was cooking my lunch on the gas stove this afternoon when the pot boiled over. Ugh – annoying. The flame blew out. Oh well, it was finished cooking anyways. So I took the pot off the burner. And since there was no visible flame, I forgot to turn it offContinue reading Recover with Urgency #JuneAttackWeekend

An Open Self-#RealTalk Sesh

Sometimes life is less than optimum. For one reason or another, we just feel crummy. Maybe ED’s lies are particularly loud. Perhaps we’re feeling anxiety over an intake increase. Maybe we’re feeling down about our body image. Or we had a squabble with a loved one. Whatever the reason, we’re just feeling crappy, for lack of a better word.Continue reading An Open Self-#RealTalk Sesh