An Open Self-#RealTalk Sesh

Sometimes life is less than optimum. For one reason or another, we just feel crummy.

Maybe ED’s lies are particularly loud. Perhaps we’re feeling anxiety over an intake increase. Maybe we’re feeling down about our body image. Or we had a squabble with a loved one.

Whatever the reason, we’re just feeling crappy, for lack of a better word.

I know I get this way sometimes.

So I wanted to share what I do. How I try to pick myself up and give myself a little truth sesh…because as you know by now, I’m all about the #RealTalk


Hey you. What are you doing? I know life seems like a big bunch of crap right now, but just hang in there. Because at this very moment, you are loved. Right now, maybe you don’t feel like loving yourself. Maybe you don’t feel like there’s anybody out there that loves you, but believe me, you are loved. By God.


Maybe you feel like your life’s in the pot. Maybe you feel like you’re a sad sack of horse crap, but that is a lie. Because you’re worth something. And there’s something that’s waiting for your that’s big. God’s got a plan for you that you have no idea about yet. But it is good and you are the only person with the specific skill set and ability to do the job. It is destined for you. So hang in there. This feeling right now is only temporary. And the pain will cease. 

Think about your life. You may not believe it, but it is precious. It is a gift. You are a gift. And hear this, Self: You are one of a kind.


God made you to be exactly who you are. Every hair on your head is numbered. Every cell in your body was designed to be you. God did that. And because He did — because you are His child and His creation — you have incredible worth. You’re more precious than gold. So just let this sadness that you’re feeling right now just wash over you, because you are the daughter of the King. And He loves you and wants only the best for you. 

And I know you feel you don’t deserve that. You feel that you’ve caused so much pain and screwed up so freaking much that you couldn’t possibly be worthy of such love and compassion. Well, Self, just let that anxiety go, because He forgives you. So you know what? Forgive yourself.


So you screwed up. So you said something that you shouldn’t have said. So you don’t have your ducks in a complete and perfect row yet. SO WHAT. You’re a work in progress. You’re not supposed to be perfect – no one is.


Tomorrow’s a new day, so just put today to bed, get some freakin’ sleep and do better tomorrow. You can. You can do it. Just stop wallowing in self-pity and get back on your horse. There are mountains to climb. You’ve got a freakin’ life to live! The world is waiting for you. And the world needs what you’ve got. God has equipped you for the journey ahead. So don’t be afraid. Don’t let the fear of not being able to do something stop you from even trying. That’s baloney. Just follow Jesus. Listen to Him. Do His will. Love Him. And let Him love you. If you just let Him in, everything else will fall into place. 


So you can either sit here in the mud and think you’re worthless and unloved, or you can get up and change the world. You can get up and change your life

So what are you going to do? Right now is the time to decide. Not in five minutes. Not after another episode on Netflix. No. Right. Now. What’ll it be?

So yeah, that’s how I talk to myself. And just a disclaimer, I promise I’m not batty. I’m not off the deep end. I just like to be thorough in my musings with myself. 🙂

Sometimes you’ve gotta speak the truth in love – to yourself.

Things happen and sometimes we fall off the horse. Or sometimes we just feel like sh!t. But whatever it is that has us down for the count, there is always a way out. There is always hope to be found. But sometimes, you’ve got to be your own cheerleader and your own #RealTalker at the same time.


Next time you’re feeling a little off or down, don’t be afraid to tell yourself what’s up. Sometimes loving yourself means telling yourself the truth, even if the truth isn’t the easiest thing in the world to hear.

So the question is, what’ll it be?


13 responses to “An Open Self-#RealTalk Sesh”

  1. 😍 your posts help me EVERY time . Really! You find so beautiful words, express so beautiful thoughts, I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN 🙈💕 thanks for sharing all the honest & amazing thoughts that made me think about so many things <3

  2. I really adore this 🙂 what a great reminder to be KIND to ourselves. We are so quick to be kind to others but then beat ourselves up. So excited that you came across my blog so I can now keep up with this inspirational, work-in-progress life of yours 🙂

    • thank you so much Lauren. I really appreciate your kind words:) you’re so right. Allowing myself to be a work-in-progress is so freeing. there’s no longer the pressure for perfection. Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to your next post! xoxo

  3. I am new at this. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that the scriptures might find a place inside your heart as it has in mine. I know that many people are hurting and what can I do for them? How did Jesus answer those who came to him or crossed his path? We must read the scriptures to know these answers. The Holy Spirit can only speak to us through the Word of God, for he will only say what the Father has revealed to him. Jesus said in John 14:6 I am the way, the truth and the Life, no man cometh: unto the Father but by me. He is talking about the Father and he is the only way and He is the only truth and He is the only Life. This being so; then all others ways,so called truths and answers to eternal Life are false. God commands us to have no part with them. The reason is truth is pure and simple and not mixed with leaven. Jesus told the woman at the well to get her husband and come and drink of the water of life,she must repent of her sin first, Have a good night and just dwell on the goodness of Christ.

    • Thank you so much Emily. Yeah, there’s comfort in knowing how much He loves us and knows who we truly are. Kinda overwhelming to think about 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

  4. I definitely needed to read this right now. I feel like I beat myself up for making mistakes. Which is so easy to do. But thank you for reminding me that God will forgive.

    • Thank you so much. You’re right, God forgives and loves us so much. It’s so easy to forget that and to fret over little things, but there is comfort in His love. Thanks for stopping by:) xoxo

    • Amen to that, Julia! It definitely does NOT define you. It has helped shape us into who we are today, but we have grown so tremendously much from what we’ve endured. Stay strong, beautiful warrior! thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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