Read This When Times are Hard


Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself free.


There’s no more fear surrounding food. There’s no more anxiety about burning calories or feeling enslaved to exercise.

You’re just you. Free. Doing what you love to do. Maybe that’s dancing. Maybe that’s frolicking outside in the sunshine, or playing a musical instrument, or laughing with your friends. Whatever it is, ED is not in the picture.

You’re not shivering cold. You’re not preoccupied with thoughts of food. You’re not feeling guilt about eating or anything at all. You’re just present in the moment.

You’re accepting love, both from others and yourself. And then giving it right back.

You’re healthy. You accept your body and you cherish your heart. You are free from self-judgment and self-hatred.

Just breathe and imagine that freedom.


This is life without ED. This is what you’re fighting for. And you are 100% capable of getting to this point. I believe in you.

Inhale peace. Exhale anxiety.

Inhale love. Exhale self-judgment.

Inhale courage. Exhale doubt.

Inhale Jesus. Exhale fear.


You may feel that what you’ve been imagining is impossible. You may feel that you will never get to that point. That you’re at a dead end. This is it for me.

Beautiful warrior, what may seem like a dead end is actually a launch pad. It is where you will take off from and learn to fly.


You are strong. You are a warrior. Think of how far you’ve come.

Just keep doing the next right thing.

Don’t worry about tomorrow or the next day. Just take it moment by moment. Everything is going to be okay. God will get you through this. He loves you immensely and will give you the strength to overcome this disease, and live that life you imagined.


Just keep envisioning that freedom. That’s what you’re fighting for. You’re worth that. I believe in you.


4 responses to “Read This When Times are Hard”

  1. Wow – just found your blog. So glad I read this today. I will carry your words with me this evening, because it’s been a difficult day to stay on track!

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