Dear Beyoncé,

There’s something really beautiful about humility.

I’ve been kind of on a pop culture “fast” recently. Not by choice…

Ever since my mom had her stroke over Christmas, we literally haven’t turned on the TV. Which is crazy, considering how glued I was to the news during the election.

But for whatever reason, tonight my parents and I decided to watch the Grammy’s.

And that may or may not have been because I thought the Biebs was performing 🙂

But I digress.

Going into the night, I had obviously heard about Beyoncé‘s attention-grabbing nude pregnancy photo shoot, but to be honest, I have so many (more important) things to occupy my time right now.

But her Grammy’s performance…..daaaaaang.

I honestly had to take a moment to collect myself afterwards.

And not because I was so moved by her “brilliance.”

I needed to just get away from the sheer glorification of self we collectively had to witness.

Now, let me begin by saying this: I have nothing against the Queen Bey. I love her music. But I’ve always said, “I don’t worship at her altar.” – Kind of half-kidding.

But tonight….that was actually literally accurate, as Beyoncé was adorned and bedecked in a full on personification of a cross between a Hindu goddess and the blessed Virgin Mary, complete with a golden, saintly crown (that was eerily similar to a monstrance.)

My dad watched 30 seconds and said, “This is making a mockery of religion,” as he got up and left the room.

But that’s for another post. I’m not even going to go into that tonight.

What irked me about the performance was that she chose to portray herself as a literal deity.

Since being home with my mom, I’ve been spending, literally, every waking hour with her – from 6am until I pass out at 11pm. (That is, unless I’m up until 1am writing a post!)

But I’ve been my mom’s “wingwoman” – attending all of her bible studies and book clubs and social gatherings with her.

And Friday morning, we were at book club, and the book was The Hidden Power of Kindness.

And uncannily, the chapter they were on was on caring for the sick.

I kid you. Frickin. Not.

But there was a powerful line in the book that said, “Sickness makes people more humble.

Beyoncé’s performance tonight, it was all about motherhood, as she just announced last week that she was expecting twins.

So this performance was a celebration of womanhood and specifically, motherhood – and elevating herself to goddess-status because of her pregnancy state.

But I’m here to tell you – what I’ve learned from my own mother in this season helping her recover from her stroke, is that the most powerful “glorification of motherhood” is when she is the most meek and humble.

In fact, the best exemplification and celebration of mothers would never be the glorification and deification of self, but rather, humbling oneself and serving and loving others.

Seeing my mom, in this vulnerable state, she has never been more beautiful to me. Ever.

All her life, she has never asked to be “adored” or “worshiped” because of her status as “mother.” In fact, just the opposite. She has always sought to give of herself to others. And even now, when she can’t really do that at the moment, that humility makes her all the more beautiful and lovable.

There was just such a stark contrast between seeing Beyoncé, adorned in a golden halo crown and dressed as a deity, glorifying herself because she’s a mother and a woman; and then looking over at my beautiful mother, fighting for her life to regain her memory and her speech after her stroke. That woman, is worthy of all the praise in the world, and yet would never ask for it, nor covet it.

I’m not bashing Beyoncé. Truly, I’m not. She’s talented and I’m sure, a terrific mother to Blue, and the babies in her belly. This is not meant to be a judgment on that. It is merely an observation.

Looking at my mother tonight, on the couch, concentrating on absorbing the sights and sounds coming at her from the TV, – she was absolutely radiant, giving Beyoncé a run for her money.

There’s something really beautiful about humility.

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405 thoughts on “Dear Beyoncé,

  1. Fun glasses! They look good on you ☺️ In all seriousness, though, I agree with your dad! When I saw the picture of Beyonce, I felt nauseated. Her headpiece did look just like a monstrance! I wasn’t sure what to feel or to think, actually. I was dismayed, but I also felt pity for her and for others in similar situations. Clearly, she doesn’t know the truth about God’s love. When I’m confronted by what pretty much amounts to paganism in today’s culture/society, but could also be described as spiritual sloth, ambivalence, and ignorance, I am often at a loss, not knowing what to say or do, but I think your post is pointing me in the right direction. Humility. Leave it up to God. He is working on each individual soul, and it’s not up to me to try to figure out how/when/where/why. I’m just a bit part in this great, universal story that God is writing. Even though it feels like I am acquiescing, maybe in being humble and just living my life as best I can and following God as well as I know how, I am serving his greater purpose. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this topic! It’s a hard to grapple with all of the conflicting messages that are out there, and reading your thoughts is really helpful!


    • Hello again friend! You are on a reading roll tonight! Thank you! Yeah I was disappointed because I love her music, but the performance really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂 and thank you for saying that. And yes-you are serving His greater purpose. He is the master designer and is working all these puzzle pieces together for good, and your life is one of those puzzle pieces:) thanks for being you. You brighten my day! Big hugs xox

      Liked by 1 person

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